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The Awesome life of a Poochon

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The Great Escape

November 16th 2012 7:59 pm
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Everything is quiet suddenly when Mommy takes me outside in a flash of white I run down across the street, Finally The Great Escape hehehe! I'm running like a greyhound on a track bol! Then I run under the hedge and through the gates. Hehehe good luck finding me Mommy! Mommy stops down the block to tired to carry bol. She is trying to run but I know she can't. She might think I'm lost, she's WRONG I know every short cut all around B.C! 10 minutes later she's on her bike and passes by me... Oh biscuits, I'm in the dog house now! Right when she reaches down to grab me... SNAP! I bit her hehehe that's what she gets for not letting me explore! I'm down near Canada Way right now rushing through the traffic when suddenly I feel a hand reach down and put my leash on! How dare they? Don't they know better that bad dogs and leashes don't mix? It's like tying a cat and a dog to the same tree. I try to strangle out of the leash gasping for air in the process. Oh man oh man. Oh well... I'll strike back next time Mommy you'll see hehehe were getting even...

Your Pal who always does bad stuff,



The Things of Mommy I Have Destroyed In The Past... and- Present hehehe!

November 13th 2012 7:18 pm
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OK, pups... listen up! Just because I am now 7-years-old, it does not mean that I am now "good" and all trained and everything. Just to give a few examples, let me tell you of a few of the things of Mommy's that I, how say?, "dismantled!" heheheh!

She bought one of those new holiday candles ($35). She left it on the floor the night she brought it home.. Well, she left to go out and left me all by myself! Hmph!

So, I was looking for something to do and next thing you know, I was chewing up that new candle! When mommy came back she found me all pink and covered with candle wax bol! (The candle was pink). Oh, well! Not my fault that she left it where I could get it!

The next thing was her brand new toys for Christmas. They all fell on the ground in a heap of stuffies . She didn't realize that all the toys were left with one eye until she came into her room to find me looking suspiscious and sneaky meeting. She had "hoped" that I wouldn't find it! heheheh!

Is she kidding or what? OF COURSE I found it!! I know where everything is in this home! I know every inch and every corner and can spot something out of place lickety split! The stuffies were a bit of a challenge to take apart, but I managed.

When Mommy came home she was so worried that I had swallowed the eyes Seeing her worry was like getting a bonus on my bad deed! heheheh! You should have seen her going all around the carpet with a flashlight, looking for the eyes. She finally found it all chewed and stuffing everywhere... party was over. Sigh!

The other thing I did is That Mommy was gone and there was a loooong table cloth so I somehow managed to pull it down and I broke the vase hehehehe! She came back and found me hiding under the tablecloth. She was afraid that I might have stepped on a peace of glass and hurt my paw so she spent the next 2 hours cleaning up and checking my paws and putting aloe vera gel on them!

Next, I would crawl under the gate to go to the neighboors vegetable garden and spend hours hiding and munching on lettuce. Good thing he never found out until he moved hehehehe...

Your Pal,
Snow Poochon



November 13th 2012 6:48 pm
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Yay! I won Diary of the Day today! At home we are celebrating like crazy! I was treated like the king of the house for a day!


Lost Dog Story

November 10th 2012 8:33 pm
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Ok have I told you the Funny time when my cousins Vinny and Rocky came over and all three of us escaped! Our owners decided on giving up looking for us and they were all sad. I had taken my cousins for a little walk around to show them the whole city. About 2 hours later we came back to the front of the door and we were scratching at the door and whining because we were cold so then when our owners went out they found all three of us waiting there freezing cold. Man were they happy!


Feeling Better Everyday

November 10th 2012 8:11 pm
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Woof Woof! Hey friends guess what! My ear is much better so now I get to play with my new puppy bro Snoopy! If your a dog that is sick with ear infection say woof because I care for all the little doggies out there who are being sad because of this horrible ear infection.


Poor Me

November 10th 2012 7:55 pm
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This is horrible ):. My ear has been itching so my owner took me to the vet and guess what? I had an ear infection ):. Then the doctor put some yucky ear drops and gave me a shot for rabies and kennel cough yuck! Like I'll ever get rabies... Well I might from chasing raccoons but anyways Bye everydoggy!

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