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The Awesome life of a Poochon

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Dogster Rocks I'm Dog of the day!

December 6th 2012 12:31 pm
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Bow to your King, Snow! Wow, Mommy just got an email from Dogster and found out they picked little old me for "Dog of the Day". What an honor. My face is on the Dogster community page all day and they gave me 25 zealies. What fun. The little Snoop is so happy for me. Sometimes I can't figure that boy out.

So thank you Dogster for making my day. Mommy just might have to give me a treat today for the honor.

I wanna thank all my friends for sending me pawesome gifts and a special thanks for everypup who helped me feel good when I was lost Monday. And, I have a super special thanks to Mick for sending me that cool pic of me!

Oops gotta run, breakfast is waiting. Nothing usually interferes with my breakfast but I got so excited this morning I just had to tell my friends.


It's That time of the Year... AGAIN!

December 9th 2012 11:10 am
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Hey pups! There's a lot of pawesome Christmas and Howliday stuff going on in Dogster! If your a Bichon like me you can join the Bichon Buddies Club December Contest Woo Hoo! I'm gonna try to convince Santa Paws to send me treats instead of coal hehehe!

Well What I want for Christmas is:

-Mommy's HUGE couch!


-A life time supply of Begg'in Strips!

- No Baths for the rest of my Life!

-Being allowed to sit at the table and eat on a plate for Christmas Dinner! (Were having turkey my fave!)

What I don't want for Christmas is:

- Coal, (eww!)


- Being called "Good Boy"

- Chocolate

- Cherry Tomatoes (they are too slippery!)

If I'm on the Naughty list I'm going to the North Pole to have a word with Santa Paws!


You've been Tagged! Hehehe!

December 9th 2012 12:39 pm
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I've been tagged by my pal Max!
Here's how you play:

When you've been tagged, you make a diary entry that includes 7 pawesome surprising facts about yourself, and a list of 7 of your pals that you are going to tag! Then, write a diary entry explaining the rules of the game, and then send each of your 7 pals a p-mail or a fun rosette telling them that they have been tagged by YOU and that they can read all about how to play in your diary!

7 fun Snow Facts:

1. I once turned pink from eating a candle!

2. I'm a Bad Dog

3. I have crooked teeth from pretending to be a beaver when I was a puppy!

4. I can survive eating a lot of chocolate

5. I got scratched on the eye from another dog when I was on a walk

6. I can Dance!

7. I used to pick up our birds in my mouth and Mommy would be looking for them BOL!

I'm going to Tag:

Reno, Shadow and Bella


Snow is Here!

December 16th 2012 8:31 pm
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This is kinda a tongue twister but try saying this 5 times fast: Snow swirls in the shiny Snow. Anyways, Yesterday was a SNOW DAY!!!!! It was sooo awesome! Snow days are a time for me to be CRAZY! I burried my nose in the Snow and took of like that! Mommy was freezing and covered in snowflakes in her slippers and pyjamas BOL! Anyways, I have to go now catch ya later pups!
Your Funny Snowy Pal,
Snow รถ


Can't I have Raw Chicken Instead? Pleeeaaase!

December 20th 2012 7:11 pm
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Today everybody at home was gone for a while without me hmmf! It was just me and the little Snoop ugh! It was a boring day because there was nothing to destroy, everything was Snow-proof, I guess they left prepared! I decided to go to my food bowl, ewwww Purina again I'd rather skip. Soon hours seemed to go by with me basically doing NOTHING. This was the first time I actually was being, (I can't belive I'm gonna say this) "good." Ugh! Just hearing the word good gives me the shivers! Finally my ears pricked up as I heard the key slowly turn and some footsteps and, a familiar voice, Mom! I sprang into action and jumped up and gave everybody a sloppy, tuna breath lick. I watched as Mommy carried a bag that smelled a lot like meat, Mhh for me Mommy? She lay the bag down on the floor for a sec to go get something. Now was the perfect time to investigate it! I smelled deep, heavenly smells that I loved. I pulled out a package of chicken in another bag. It took me a while to untie it but I managed. I'm expirianced of opening meat packages because once I ate a package of expensive top sirloin steak! Just as I was about to rip open the plastic the smallest bit and take a juicy bite, SNOW!! I nearly had a heart attack and I dropped the package out of my mouth. It was Mommy oh boy. I make I face and went down to my bed, oh well, I guess its back to doing nothing ):


Brrr, It's Cold Outside!

December 31st 2012 1:33 pm
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I was in the middle of such a good dream when suddenly, BRIIIIIIIIIIING! Mommy's alarm woke me up. I looked out the window and saw sun! I thought in my head that today it would be warm. But when Mommy picked me up to take me out (and I protested by growling and showing my teeth) I felt a frosty cold gust of wind mess up my fur. I just stood at the door cause I didn't want to go outside and I could'nt hold it so, I peed right in front of the ledge to get up. I was kinda unfocused so I hopped up the ledge and I accidently slipped! Good thing Mom was'nt watching me! It was to cold to do anything else so I just plopped down on the couch to avoid the little Snoop. Mommy was walking down the hallway when she saw some wet pawprints leading to the couch. Then, she saw the same spot were I was lying down all wet. She snatched me up before I could even growl and plopped me in the doggy bath (which is just a big sink in the laundry room) she scrubbed and scrubbed, I growled and growled. Finally we where done! It was just a short bath, but man, me being wet + the cold air = a shivering cold dog! Mommy took out an old sweater that her Granny had knit for me and put it on me. I barked, howled, bit and protested over it I realized it was soft and warm and decided to finish off my nap. Mom was busy on Dogster editing Snoopy's page when she heard a loud RRRRRRIP!! She knew that sound, that was the sound a, "I'm up to no good sound." Mommy rushed to me and saw all was left of the sweater was a looooooooong piece of yarn in my mouth. Getting things out of my mouth is tricky because, she has to corner me, then do the praying mantis on me, then she has to pry open my jaws and take out the object. She ALWAYS came out with something, just to name a few, pen cap, eraser, chess pieces, eyes from stuffed toys, raw meat, chocolate, candy wrapper, well... you get it. Now it was back to me complaining about the cold...


An Interview With Snow

January 1st 2013 4:31 pm
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Today I told Mommy to ask me questions so here is a list of the questions she asked and my answers:

1. What color is your collar?
Green and Grey camouflaged

2. What kind of food do you eat?
Purina, Anything I can Snatch of Mommy's Plate heheheh!

3. What are your favorite treats?

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other??
Ummmmmm, get back to ya on that hehehe!
5. Do you get Table Scraps?
YES,YES and YES!!! I beg sooo much Mommy HAS to give me some!

6. What is your favorite toy?
I don't play with toys... I'd rather spend my day destroying the house!

7. When is your Birthday?...
FOURTH OF JULY!!! July,4,2004

8. How many times a day do you get to eat?
Well, Mommy serves me 3 meals a day but I usually save it for the night and eat it then.

9. Do you have a favorite color?
Yes, Blue,Grey,Yellow,Green and purple because dogs can only see in those colors!

10. What's Your Favourite Activity?
Duh, Destroying Stuff!!! I also ♥ to Sleep! (grr leave me alone)


Umm... Are you alright???

January 5th 2013 12:49 pm
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I have been waiting for Mom for a few hours bored to death and finally she comes hurray!!! She told me she was at the dentist but I almost could'nt hear her good because she said they had put an anesthetic shot in her cheeks so she would'nt feel a thing. It sounded like the dentist was a horrible place, possibly even worse than the vet. So why would she be there for 2 hours? I know she would rather be taking me through the woods or to the stream, hmmf! I could'nt even figure out what she was saying but all I heard was Shnoe, Shnoe! Hi Shnoe, hi Sshnoopy! What the Mom? You sound worse than a rabid dog!


Happy Holidays Wooooof! A Little Holiday Poem

January 7th 2013 7:12 pm
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Liver, bones, and treats galore
Every puppy has love in store

Black nose greets red in perfect delight
A canine greeting for Santa tonight
Every dog knows that this night of all
Means happiness for humans, and puppies all

Here he comes the man in red
He knows the children will all be in bed
Calling to the dogs "Come out!" he'll say
He pulls out a rubber ball "It's time to play!"

Treats and liver are fine, and tasty too
But a dog really wants to just play with you
Santa Claus knows this and sees it done
Because playing with dogs is just too much fun!

"Good heavens!" after a while he cries
"Look at the clock; look at how time flies!
I must be off, I have many things to do
But YOU will see me to play tomorrow too!"

For the humans it seems to be once a year
That Santa comes with his little reindeer
But the dogs, oh the dogs, get him every night?
You know, that seems to be just about right!

They all know the real truth you see
The dogs know much more than you or me
They know how to love, and to bring good cheer
And they know how to do it every night of the year.


Today's The BEST DAY EVER!!!!

January 11th 2013 12:55 pm
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Today Mommy didn't have class so it was just the three of us!!! Over in BC the sun is shining pretty bright too. And best of all Mom got us these chicken treats that you put in the fridge! Also Puppy School is going great for Snoopy, he's learning new tricks. Today we spent most of our morning being lazy and just having fun!!! But I still kinda miss the snow from our last snowfall because it's either melted or it turned to little chunks of black ice. Also today we might go to Spanish Banks (AKA Dog Beach!)Too bad Snoopy has to stay out of the water because he's too little. I love to chase the ducks and because Beagles are hunting dogs it's gonna be hard to control his instincts to chase the ducks BOL! We might go out for ice cream too. Mommy says I'm gonna get to try a vanilla cone, yum! And to top that off Mommy got me a new bed too! Snoopy shredded up my old bed with his needle-sharp puppy teeth and boy did I get angry when I saw what he did to it! Snoopy has been getting in trouble a lot recently (I'm so proud of him!) But I'm free to walk around the house plus, Snoopy has to stay in his pen for a few minutes after he eats. Plus, Mommy has been feeling bad for me because I'm kinda, maybe, just a little bit jealous because of Snoopy so she got me some Ceaser wet dog food! Life is good... Well anyways, we hope you have a good day!

With Love and Bichon licks,


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