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The Awesome life of a Poochon

Brrr, It's Cold Outside!

December 31st 2012 1:33 pm
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I was in the middle of such a good dream when suddenly, BRIIIIIIIIIIING! Mommy's alarm woke me up. I looked out the window and saw sun! I thought in my head that today it would be warm. But when Mommy picked me up to take me out (and I protested by growling and showing my teeth) I felt a frosty cold gust of wind mess up my fur. I just stood at the door cause I didn't want to go outside and I could'nt hold it so, I peed right in front of the ledge to get up. I was kinda unfocused so I hopped up the ledge and I accidently slipped! Good thing Mom was'nt watching me! It was to cold to do anything else so I just plopped down on the couch to avoid the little Snoop. Mommy was walking down the hallway when she saw some wet pawprints leading to the couch. Then, she saw the same spot were I was lying down all wet. She snatched me up before I could even growl and plopped me in the doggy bath (which is just a big sink in the laundry room) she scrubbed and scrubbed, I growled and growled. Finally we where done! It was just a short bath, but man, me being wet + the cold air = a shivering cold dog! Mommy took out an old sweater that her Granny had knit for me and put it on me. I barked, howled, bit and protested over it I realized it was soft and warm and decided to finish off my nap. Mom was busy on Dogster editing Snoopy's page when she heard a loud RRRRRRIP!! She knew that sound, that was the sound a, "I'm up to no good sound." Mommy rushed to me and saw all was left of the sweater was a looooooooong piece of yarn in my mouth. Getting things out of my mouth is tricky because, she has to corner me, then do the praying mantis on me, then she has to pry open my jaws and take out the object. She ALWAYS came out with something, just to name a few, pen cap, eraser, chess pieces, eyes from stuffed toys, raw meat, chocolate, candy wrapper, well... you get it. Now it was back to me complaining about the cold...


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