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The Awesome life of a Poochon

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What is my little brother up to?

July 24th 2013 7:52 pm
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I promised Mommy I'd watch Snoopy moments before I crossed the bridge. But I'm starting to think I'm wasting my time... He is CRAZIER THAN ME!!! He runs around in circles, spends all night howling, is obsessed with MEATZ™ and there's WAAAAY more I don't even know about him! Even as a puppy he's like this! I wanted him to be real naughty but he is sooooo well behaved!! I think so well behaved Mommy misses the sound of something breaking! And the garbage can doesn't even have a scratch since I crossed the bridge! Gotta go, I STILL love to take my naps!



Miss you!

March 27th 2013 7:53 pm
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Snow, I remember the day we brought you home. You were so happy and filled with energy. You would be with us for 7 years. You were more that a friend Snow, you were family and dogs are the family we choose for ourselves. Seven years later you got your bad leg. Your last night was so hard. I felt so bad to see you struggling to get up. My choice was hard but that night I hugged you and cried so hard becuase I knew what was coming. The next day we had to put you down. But it's ok Snow we know you are safe at the bridge now flying free with no pain in your legs. Snow, you are the best dog I could ever have. I just wanna tell you the reasons I miss you:

1. I miss your soft curly fur and when you would cuddle with me on cold nights

2. Whenever I felt sad you would always cheer me up.

3. I miss your naughtiness like your over-night trash raids

4. I miss your sweet face and big round eyes

5. I miss your long baths and getting all soaked when you shook your fur.

6. I miss when you would beg for food and jump up our knees

7. I miss how happy you would get when I came home. I remember you got your pinched nerve when you ran up to me

8. I miss YOU! And everything about you Snowy.

Love, Mommy


March 22nd 2013 12:07 pm
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I call it The Bridge Phone! That way you can talk to your friends on earth! It's pretty cool, let me try it out!

Me: Snoopy! It's me I'm calling from the bridge!

Snoopy: Hu r dis?

Me: It's me, Snow!!

Snoopy: SNOW?! OMD! It r so nice tu see yu... well, I can't see you but It r nice tu hear yu! How is eberyfing!

Me: Great Snoopy! I am still waiting for my wings!

Snoopy: Duz yur leg still hurt?

Me: Nope, my nasty old nerve is ALL better!

Snoopy: Dats gud! So r yu still naughty?

Me: Oh Snoopy, I'll ALWAYS be naughty heheheheh!

Snoopy: BOL! Yu know I wuz just messing wid yu!

Me: Oh got to go! I need to help another angel! See ya! Er, I mean on the phone!

Snoopy: Bye-Bye!


Being an angel is super fun!

March 4th 2013 4:04 pm
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I'm new to the bridge and I'm already having soooooo much fun! I got to meet the big guy himself and my friend Leo, Max's brother! It's really fun to play with the angel furs! Yesterday I got invited to JR Angel's birthday party! It was a blast! Mom is happy for me because I'm not suffering anymore. It's a good thing cause now I'm bouncing all over the place at top speed!!! I did'nt like to have a yucky pinched nerve and I bet you would'nt either! Now that I'm an angel does'nt mean that I'm not the naughty litle rascal I used to be! I run all day chasing squirells and stealing snacks! I also raid the Heaven's trash can in search for the leftover steak from the birthday party! Plus, now that I'm at the bridge Mommy won't tell me off for being a naughty pooch! I still miss my fur family! Snoopy says that even though we only met 5 months ago they have been the best 5 months of his life! I tell Snoopy to be naughty for Mommy but he's still getting the concept. See, he's a Puppy School graduate but I'm gonna train him to be a Snow's Naughty School graduate! He's learning fast but he still doesn't get how raid the trash... Hope you have a good day!


Snow the Awesome Angel!


Snow crossed the bridge today

March 2nd 2013 9:58 pm
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Snow was showing making no progress or signs of recovery and he could'nt even poop. We took him to the vet and he said the only option would be to put him down. I had already decided and said to put him down because he was suffering so much and it would be hard for him to carry on in life. I did what was best for him. I said goodbye and let him lick my face like he would always do. The vet gave him a shot and he slowly went to sleep. That night I said a pawrayer:

Thank you lord for Snow and for those wonderful 7 years we had with him. Please help us to cope with his passing lord and that we know that he is ok and now with you.


I will always cherish you in my heart my Handsome little Angel


I have an owie!

February 25th 2013 3:22 pm
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Owwww! My legs are paralyzed, I can't walk at all! I have a pinched nerve, ouchie! The worst part is that I have to stay at the dogtor for 2 days, BOR-ING! Another thing that worried Mom is that only some dogs will be able to walk after their treatment, other will be still paralyzed... No more nice bed and warm fire now I'll be in a tight kennel being checked on and fed every once in a while. I also have a fever so I have to get some antibiotics. Please pawray for me and send me some POP. I sure hope I'll be alright.


Today's The BEST DAY EVER!!!!

January 11th 2013 12:55 pm
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Today Mommy didn't have class so it was just the three of us!!! Over in BC the sun is shining pretty bright too. And best of all Mom got us these chicken treats that you put in the fridge! Also Puppy School is going great for Snoopy, he's learning new tricks. Today we spent most of our morning being lazy and just having fun!!! But I still kinda miss the snow from our last snowfall because it's either melted or it turned to little chunks of black ice. Also today we might go to Spanish Banks (AKA Dog Beach!)Too bad Snoopy has to stay out of the water because he's too little. I love to chase the ducks and because Beagles are hunting dogs it's gonna be hard to control his instincts to chase the ducks BOL! We might go out for ice cream too. Mommy says I'm gonna get to try a vanilla cone, yum! And to top that off Mommy got me a new bed too! Snoopy shredded up my old bed with his needle-sharp puppy teeth and boy did I get angry when I saw what he did to it! Snoopy has been getting in trouble a lot recently (I'm so proud of him!) But I'm free to walk around the house plus, Snoopy has to stay in his pen for a few minutes after he eats. Plus, Mommy has been feeling bad for me because I'm kinda, maybe, just a little bit jealous because of Snoopy so she got me some Ceaser wet dog food! Life is good... Well anyways, we hope you have a good day!

With Love and Bichon licks,



Happy Holidays Wooooof! A Little Holiday Poem

January 7th 2013 7:12 pm
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Liver, bones, and treats galore
Every puppy has love in store

Black nose greets red in perfect delight
A canine greeting for Santa tonight
Every dog knows that this night of all
Means happiness for humans, and puppies all

Here he comes the man in red
He knows the children will all be in bed
Calling to the dogs "Come out!" he'll say
He pulls out a rubber ball "It's time to play!"

Treats and liver are fine, and tasty too
But a dog really wants to just play with you
Santa Claus knows this and sees it done
Because playing with dogs is just too much fun!

"Good heavens!" after a while he cries
"Look at the clock; look at how time flies!
I must be off, I have many things to do
But YOU will see me to play tomorrow too!"

For the humans it seems to be once a year
That Santa comes with his little reindeer
But the dogs, oh the dogs, get him every night?
You know, that seems to be just about right!

They all know the real truth you see
The dogs know much more than you or me
They know how to love, and to bring good cheer
And they know how to do it every night of the year.


Umm... Are you alright???

January 5th 2013 12:49 pm
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I have been waiting for Mom for a few hours bored to death and finally she comes hurray!!! She told me she was at the dentist but I almost could'nt hear her good because she said they had put an anesthetic shot in her cheeks so she would'nt feel a thing. It sounded like the dentist was a horrible place, possibly even worse than the vet. So why would she be there for 2 hours? I know she would rather be taking me through the woods or to the stream, hmmf! I could'nt even figure out what she was saying but all I heard was Shnoe, Shnoe! Hi Shnoe, hi Sshnoopy! What the Mom? You sound worse than a rabid dog!


An Interview With Snow

January 1st 2013 4:31 pm
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Today I told Mommy to ask me questions so here is a list of the questions she asked and my answers:

1. What color is your collar?
Green and Grey camouflaged

2. What kind of food do you eat?
Purina, Anything I can Snatch of Mommy's Plate heheheh!

3. What are your favorite treats?

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other??
Ummmmmm, get back to ya on that hehehe!
5. Do you get Table Scraps?
YES,YES and YES!!! I beg sooo much Mommy HAS to give me some!

6. What is your favorite toy?
I don't play with toys... I'd rather spend my day destroying the house!

7. When is your Birthday?...
FOURTH OF JULY!!! July,4,2004

8. How many times a day do you get to eat?
Well, Mommy serves me 3 meals a day but I usually save it for the night and eat it then.

9. Do you have a favorite color?
Yes, Blue,Grey,Yellow,Green and purple because dogs can only see in those colors!

10. What's Your Favourite Activity?
Duh, Destroying Stuff!!! I also ♥ to Sleep! (grr leave me alone)

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