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We're Just Two WILD & CRAZY Guys

The Beesun Brofurs' Picfurs with Santy Paws

November 27th 2012 1:26 pm
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Dear Diary,

OMD! Last week were best week evfur at the Beesun Brofur's Casa of Zoomies and Funtimes.

So much were happening.

Furst...there were a trip to see Santy Paws. Much preppermatayshuns were made for Beanie & Bacon's furst trip togethfur to see Santy. Including Mama buying some specially festive ho ho ho and Santy with Rudoff belly bands, as the Beanie tinkling on Santa Paws would have ensuredid the humillyayshuns of the entire Beesun family furevfur and furevfurrer.

Well, as it turneded out, we were all humillytatered anyway. Mama took the pity on Beanie because he looked very silly with this Beanie Belly Band-aid wrapped around him. So she said he could go commando to see Santy and not get his picfur taken.

Of course, when the Beesun brofurs go anyplaces there is quite a hubbubs, as we is Minor Celebrateases. Bacon DID win the Halloween Photo contest in 2011 at the Westonka Annymull Hospitull you know. Bacon don't know if you knowed this, but he are kinda a big deal.

Anyways, the big giant Elfy lady said, "OHHHHHH, what if I holded the Bean for the picfur, while Bacon sits on Santy's lap?" Mama says, "ohhhhhh, that are a good idea. Beanie likes the ladies."

So she handed the Bean ovfur to the giant green and red Elfy lady, and oh Beans did not like that one bit. No Sirree. "Hurry, Hurry! Get in your positions!" Mama yelled frantickley.

But it were no use.

Beanie were Heck Bent on getting away and his first line of attacks is always the tinkle maker. So right there in front of Santy and evfurrybody, Beanie let loose with a stream of tinkle that made a giant arc of almost 4 feet, practickley hitting the photo lady's camera right in the eye.

Oh the morterfication!!!

The good news were that none of the Beanie tinkle got on Elfy's Elfy uniforms. But we imagine the othfur boy doggies had troubles concentrating the rest of the night when Beanie left pee-mail all ovfur the place.

Beanie still did get a picfur though. You can see it on our page. He looks completely terrierfied. Oh Brofur!

After that Mama rushed us out of there so fast, we didn't get to ask for no bully sticks or nuthing. But Santa sent Bacon one early prezent! His SNOW!!!!! OMD! SNOW are the bestest!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! You better believe Bacon made some good snow zoomies this week.

Wuff to all our furriends,

The B. Boys


Howliday Funtimes

December 27th 2012 12:04 pm
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Dear Diary,

It were a most wonderfur howliday time at the Beesuns!

Mama and Papa stayed home with us for FOUR LOOOOOOOONG days, except for FOUR LOOOOOOONG hours when thems went to see the moofie about Les Mizzerabull. Who would wanna leave happy happy joy joy funtimes with the Beesun Brofurs to go see a moofie about a guy who are mizzerabull? But we digresses.

During the Chrissymess times, our furriends come to visit us and play in our big zoomie track full of snow, varmints and birdie foods to eat. OMD! All four of us doggies, Bacon, Beanie, Gavin, & Doug, enjoyed fresh snows on Chrissymess Eve. Mama also filled up the sue-it feeders for us doggies, so we could all take turns jumping up on the bench and eating sue-it! Yum! Yum! Yum!

Santa brought Bean-Bean a Major Trouble Camelflahge Hoodzie and a Lump of Coal. Bacon got him's favorite bully stickses.

Plus we had some eggie weggz on Chrissymess morning. Cousin Boo didn't knowed how to eat the eggie weggz on a paper plate, so Bacon eated Boo's eggies, too!

What a wonderfur howliday!

We was gonna go with Mama and Papa to see our Scottie furriends Flannigan, Derringer, Ellie & Gus, but then Mama got nerfuss that six doggies might be too much for ovfurnight guestses and Beanie tinkles when he are nerfuss and he won't let Mama pet othfur doggies. So NOW Bacon gotsa stay home, too! But Mama are very excited to see all the Scottie pubbies!

Happy New Yearses, Evfurryfur!


B & B


Abandonded & The Most Horrorbull Day Evfur

January 7th 2013 12:30 pm
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Dear Diary,

Our Pawrental Units has basically abandonded us since the howliday times.

Furst, Mama left for South Dakota. The big traitor went to visit othfur doggies. Four big hindered Scotties. Ernie George's furriends. They drived all the way from Callyforneeya to South Dakota to visit their Gramma. Mama posted some picfurs in our album.

We had to stay home, evfun though we was invited. Mama said Bakey gets carsick. And Beanie will not let let othfur pups give Mama kisses, or sit on her lap, so we both had to stay home. Auntie Traci was very disappointered, on account of us Beesun Brofurs are so charming and delightful.

Then as soon as Mama came home, the horrorbull day where the fireworks are shooted off happened. Bakey hates that day.

After that our Papa left to go on a snowmobeeler trip to the Why OH Ming?! That means no morning walkies. Beanie only makes doodies during the walkies. So Beanie has had to improvizes and make doodies in the kitchen, the dining room, the couch and the entryway. So much improverzayshunalizing is exhausting.

Bakey are extremely concerned that Mama will leave forevfur, so I has not letted her out of my sight for one moment. Except for on Saturday when my best furriend Doug came to play.

On Friday...we had the most horrorbull day evfur. While Mama was gone at the worky times, our house came under the attacks and the screaming air raid sirens went off for only Dog Knows How Long...Bacon were climbing up the walls. It were so LOUD. It MUTERLAYTED our eardrumses.

When Mama got home, she furreaked out. She feelded so bad for us. She quick let us out in the yard...and rippeded the air raid alarms from the ceilings. She yanked and twisted and pulled, but still the blaring. She got them to stop for a minute, then had to clean up the doodie, and take the torn down alarms out to the garage. Bacon weren't being left alone, NO HOW, so I sneakeded past her and RAN AS FAST AND AS FAR AS I COULD.

Mama had to chase me 2 blocks in the freezing cold with no hat or coat or mittens and carry me home. When we got home, the sirens was blaring again. So Mama took the siren and smashed it smithereens on the floor of the garage.

Then she calleded the HUNKY fire man guyses and they came ovfur and inspecteded our house from top to bottom with special x-ray space man gunses. Me & Beanie were locked up eating peanut butter bones, but Mama telled us about them.

After that Mama were too dis-trot to make us go to the vet on Satterday, so we stayed home and eated treats. Mama boughted us a chicken to eat.

Boy, we sure hope Papa comes home soon. We are stresseded out.


Bacon & Beanie's Big Beegully Bacayshun

February 21st 2013 12:51 pm
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Dear Diary,

Mama's favorite new furrays is "Feel the Fear, but do it Anyway."

That means that the B Boys got to go on our furst evfur road trip last weekend.

It's also the furst time Mama & Papa had any kind of getaways togethfur in ovfur two years, since Bacon & Beanie became Beesuns.

Fryday afternoons, Mama gave Bacon some dramameans in the cheesez, loaded up Papa's new truck, with the big hoooge trailer full of snowmobeelers, and off we wented to the the Wisconnysin.

Bacon did not throw up once the whole way there. Or back. Howevfur, Bacon did trembull like I were freezering the entire ride home on Sunnyday.

We went to a big humongerous house in the woods of the Wisconnysin, where three Beegulls lived, Baxter, Brennan, and the terrierfying beegull girl Winter, who wore the terrierfying cone of doom that scareded the bejeepers out of Bacon. Furst she were a GIRL Doggie. Bacon does not like the girl doggies. I has nevfur knoweded any before. But the CONE. OMD. I has nevfur seended one of them things. She were like a wild cat, that Winter, with the enermageezez of 10,000 Bacons, on the crackers.

HOLY COWS! Bacon stayed on the nice leather sofa by him's Mama where he were safe, most of the time.

Beanie founded his best furriend evfur, the mellow red beegull, who Beanie decided liked to dance, so Beanie kept trying to do the conga dance with Brennan, and Beanie were the caboose. Beanie were relentless. Evfurryone wondered when Beanie's personalimateases came in.

Beanie tinkled on the Beegull's peepoles about elebenty millyun times on account of he gets nerfuss. Mama said, "Don't touch him," but they furgetted because Beanie would jump on them for love, but then get ascared because they are not HIS MAMA. He still tinkles on Papa sometimes after 2 years.

Baxter the old beegull got into lotsa trubbles and eated all the garbages in the bathroom when Mama furgot to close the door, he eated all our foodzes when Mama let him come in our night night room, and he tore through all our suitcases looking for fudz. He were very funny.

On Sattermaday, Winter's Mama took the evfull cone of doom off Winter because Winter were sad that Bacon would not play. Bacon & Winter became bestest of furriends, making indoor super speedway zoomie tracks, and Winter launching off the high back of the sofa. We playeded and playeded until we was all poopered out.

Mama gave us lotsa treats. When Mama and all the othfur hoomans left us to go snowmobeelering, Beanie got very nerfuss. He barked and barked and barked. Then when she got back, he got so excited he made the projectile vomits all ovfur Mama's pantses, and she had to take her pantses off right away, and all the Beegulls saw my Mama's underwares! OMD! Bacon were hoomillytatered.

That are what Bacon and Beanie did on them's trip to Wisconnysin to see the Beegulls.

p.s. Today Winter's Papa called our Papa and said Winter's brofur, who are a famous show doggie, are looking for a home, and we could adopt him if we wanted to. Guess what Papa said? BOL! BOL! BOL! Thank goodness he didn't call our Mama furst. BOL!


Bunnykins are coming!

February 27th 2013 1:55 pm
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Dear Diary,

Did you know that we has a big fat sooper dooper ginormous bunny rabbit that lives in our backyard that are bigger than Beanie?

Mama thought she were just sooper fat on account of all the birdie seed she eats in our yard. But guess what?

Papa thinks she are sooper fat with big bunny buns cause she are gonna have baby bunnykins.

Bacon waits and waits for the bunny to come out from under the shed, so she can play with him. But she are very shy.

I cannot waits until the baby bunnies get borneded. Although Bacon are very worried how the tiny babies will sleep with Beanie barking at them all the times.

Also, Bacon's backyard doggie park of funtimes and merrimental-makings are probably NOT the smartest place for baby bunnies to get borneded and live forevfur. Espeshully if Gavin & Doug come ovfur to play. Four Terrierizers are too many for one GINORMOUS Baby Bunny Mama to handles.

p.s. Mama and Papa says Bacon & Beanie need to learn the diffurences between the doggie kibbles and the little piles of bunny egg treatses all ovfur the yard. Or else NO MORE KISSES on them's moufs! WHAT????



March 1st 2013 9:34 am
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Dear Diary,

Who knowed? Who knowed when Bakey & Beans waked up this morning that it were going to be such a pawtackylar day?

Well, kinda we knew it were gonna be a speshull day, on account of it are Fryday, and that are one day before the two days when Mama & Papa don't go to work times, and they stays home and plays with Beanie & Bacon, and we does stuff as a family, or goes on trips in the Ernie George Magic Explorer Bus.

Also, it are Mom's BONE-US day. So we knew that meant we both get an extra hoomungusss bully stick. And also, it was the day after we had sketti for dinner, so we were still sooper happy about that.

And also, it were snowing just a little bit, so that made me, the Bacon, extra sooper fantasticklely happy, because the snow are Bakey's MOST FAVORITEST!

And it were also a good day because Mama found her grey pants in hers closet and she have been accuserating Papa of hiding them to driver her crazy for about a week. (OMD...Hooman Peepoles and the stuff they makes arguments over! Sheesh)

But WE HAD NO IDEA WHATSOEVFUR that Bacon & Beanie were going to be honored with the Dogster Diary of the Day Award for Exempulllarryness in K-9 Litteratures and Commoomificayshuns. This is just too good to be true!!!!!

Thank you to the Howlywood Foreign Presses, the Academy of Moshun Picfurs, our producer, Mama, and all the othfur peepoles who helped to make this happen. And Bacon would also like to send a big shout out to Craft Serfices. He wuffs cookies!

Thanks to our furriends for the ribbons and treatses you sended to us. We wuff you. Hope you have a PAWESOME weekend.

Check your backyards for bunny treats.


Bacon & Beanie


The Beesun Fambly Vacayshun

July 17th 2013 8:44 am
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Dear Diary,

Since we got the new fambly truckster in Joon, it were only right that our furst big vacayshun as a fambly togethfur, be a ROAD TRIP!!!!

Oh BOY! It were the best time evfur.

Beanie was born to wander. He is nevfur happier than when he's hitting the open road. So he were in heaven. So much to see. So much to do.

Bacon...well, I don't like deeveeayshuns from rooteens. Loud noises scare the bejeepers out of me. I do not like windows opening on highways, or windshield wipers. Or sun roofs. So I took a lot of dramameans and I did a lot of shaking, on the driving porshuns. I liked the slow driving on winding roads on the Needles Highway, and in the Custer National Park Wildlife Loop.

Bakey LOVED hiking in the Spearfish Canyon Forest, where Brofur Beanie (aka Tiny Satan) got to swim in the Devil's Bathtub. Brrrrr...that mountain water are cold. But Bacon could cross those raging waters and jump from rock to rock, no problem. Mama said my Scottish Ancestors would be so proud of me. Bakey is a true Cairn Terrier.

Beanie saw a drunken bride lady in the parking lot of the Budget Inn in Wall, at midnight on our first night at the Motel 6. He gave her the what for. The things you sees on the vacayshuns. Beanie's a tee-totaler, Mama says.

One of our favoritest things on the vacayshuns were the Buffalo chips. STINK PIES the size of Beanie! DEEEEELITEFUL.

Beanie got into a lot of fights in South Dakota. He thinks he's Beanie the Kid, toughest bandit in the Badlands. Furst he tried to pull outta his collar to go exploring in those enormous canyons by himself, then he wore a harness for the rest of the vacayshun. Then he picked fights with sevfural prairie dogs. And one time he went nose-to-nose with a BUFFALO. All 15 pounds of him. Until the Buffalo backed down.

One time, our truckster was completely surrounded with Buffalos, in a slow-moving sunset stampede, and Mama stood up out the sunroof and took photos of them.

Mama was giving all our treats away to chippermonks and burrito dogs. You know the kind that saw heehaw? We saw Antelopes, deerses, curly-horned goatses, mountain sheeps, you name it.

We stayed in lots of motels for dogs. Only one was really stinky, and Mama and Papa had to sleep with their headses under the pillows.

One day we went to a doggie park without a fence where the grass was taller than Beanie and you could run as far as your little legs could take you. It were a beautiful thing. Bacon collected lots of new ticks for him's collecshun.

It were the best vacayshun evfur. OMD! We posted lots of photos for you to see. Hope your summers are all going fantabulous too, pals. Mama has been really busy doing work stuff. She is working on our furriends George & Bella's Dogster pages, too. You should check them out!!!

Also, who sended us the Golden Bone? We are it Zoe from Heidi HO?


The New Bolt Brofurs...Eat Your Heart Out Usain

August 1st 2013 6:53 am
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Dear Diary,

Bacon demands more food! Like Rocky BalBow-Wow!

One dozen eggies, scrambled all up, with toasts.

Me & Beanie are in training.

Mama, too!

We are signed up for a 5K in Septembers. That do not stand for 5Kitties, neithfur.

Bacon asked.

Beanie likes the long distance walkies. He's a traveling man.

Bacon's more of a stop and smell the weewee kind of dog.

Training is tough. Especially when you are roly poly Olie, as Mama calls me.

More foods!!! Stat!


Beesun's Snowmobile Trip to the Hills of Blackness & Snowy- Fun Times

January 14th 2014 8:02 am
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Dear Diary,

Bacon & Beanie just returneded from intrepid advenchurs to all parts of the globeses, and the Black Hills of South Dakota.

We was accompakneed by the naughtiest Beagles in the whole worlds.

Some of the thingses that the Beags ate while on vacaysun were a tube of caramel apple chapstick, a half box of lemon jello that Baxter removed from the lazy susan and strewed across the kitchen floors, an entire bottle of antibiotics (which required a stomach pumping,) a Hershey bar, a pesto chicken breast wrapped in tin foil, and much more.

They also opened Mama's Louis Vuitton purse and got the contentses all across the room, went through Mama's suitcase, and sewing box. They basically got into evfurrything they could get their pawses on and schnooters in.

Beanie was having none of its. The Bean got into minor kerfuffles with both Winter and Baxter, which Mama quickly broke up by distracting the Beags with food and yelling.

Bacon throwed up in the cars, shook whenevfur the windows were rolled down, or the windshield wipers were turned on, but ate some dramameaners and then things were better during the 10 hours of car riding each way.

We got to stay in a fancy hotel with Sweetses. And then in a big cabin in the woodses, with the most fabuluss snow in the whole wide universe. Mama took us hiking in the woodses and for long walks. Her and the othfur hoomans went skiitering and snomobeelering.

Bacon was attacked by a big yellow lab who were running loose, while he were on the leashes. He made big baby cries, until Beanie and Mama saved him. It were a good thing Mama held all 13 lbs of ferooooshus Beanie back, cause Beanie is a scrapper and he were ready to bite that naughty dog's behind.

As you can see, it were a very eventful trip to the Hills of the Blackness in the South Dakota.

Bacon are soooooo happy to be home. But we must say, it were a pleasant escape from the Polar Vortexicals, and the most beeyoooooteeful place we evfur seened.

Hope evfurrybody is staying warm and having fun in the new years of 2014.

Much wuff & stuff,

The Beesun Brofurs of Mound, Minnesnowdah

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