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Getting a bit older, 3 months old now, Dec 16th, 2012

December 17th 2012 8:53 am
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My first "real" snow. Run in it, bury my face in it and go totally nuts in the white stuff...I do not know why but, Dad does not seem to like the powder as much as I do LOL. Oh, you have to shovel it, how strange.Just drive in it Dad.
Ok Maiyah, have fun, run and frolic and I'll worry about the rest.
I should become a clown according to Dad. I had fun and love being outdoors.
Who is this guy I heard about, Santa something???
Anyway, that's all furr now folks.


The Groomer.

December 21st 2012 6:05 pm
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Monda, Dec 24th for nails and paws,just a touch up. Maiyah will meet with Jenna's groomer.
The lady, after Jenna, had decided not to do large dogs. When told about Maiyah, her age, she said Ok. Then, when I called back for cost, she said:I decided that Maiyah will be my sole large pooch.Let start her now, a bit at the time so she may not get scared by the blower.She has always done an excellent job with Jenna. According to breed, not just trimming.Anyways, we shall see. Her price is quite good and we like the result. Clean and proper. Do not worry, we will not go to fast with this.
Snow, snow and more snow. Now, warmer and raining.
Erick and Sim just got back from Jamaica at 28C and we are at 2C. No matter what, it is a big diff,



December 25th 2012 6:34 pm
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For a3 months old puppy, this is a very special occasion.Tearing beautiful paper to search for surprises???Anyways, I did get very nice play thing,a great big chew-bone, ouch my jaws...LOL I was wearing a funny re collar with bells on it and a Santa tuque furr fun and not for long.Dad says that ......not a plaything. I did realize that Mom and Dad still miss Jenna a lot and will never stop but, I also see that they love me without condition, they do their best for me and I will do my best furr them,
Love to all,
Regards from Angel Jenna


4 months old and, its cold here

January 20th 2013 5:29 pm
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Well, we ran to the doggy park and wow, it was cold. The wind was blowing me across the snow (LOL)But, we stayed what we could (Dad dont want to take chances till my full fur coat is grown)
A few new pictures and, voila for today.


Rawhide and a certain big mouth, no comment...

February 4th 2013 6:14 pm
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Well guess I needed this done, my claws (nails)were cut. Have to say, I look much better and feel safer.Now Dad took that not so flatering pic of me and,"I dont like it" thats it.
I guess I do not have a choice if I want respect from the boys LOL
Went to the park twice and played with a adult Rot .This girl was big...but gentle...
Thats it furr now,


Montezuma's Revenge

February 18th 2013 5:00 pm
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Feb 14, Valentine, and I had to have "The Runs"....No need tosay that we had a s.....y week-end.Mondsy, now, started to come out of my situation. Dad ran around town for me to make sure.....I love my "Daddy".Mommy is in a peak time at work so she offers moral support and hugs me and Dad like mad...
This tired me so much but I feel better, I think.Vet told me to have "bran"as a form of fiber but Dad said that Auntie had told him about pumpkin...
I will be changing my name.
Dad says that this one should suit me better...
Hugs all,
Love U all,


A very serious Maiyah, at 6 months (almost)

March 3rd 2013 5:42 pm
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Just to say that I posted a couple new pics. Do I look older or what.Learning new tricks and behaving (a bit) better. Slowly, I'll get there,
Maiyah, to all


Easter 2013, going on 7 months...

March 31st 2013 5:50 pm
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Easter surprise,
Mom decided to try to leave Maiyah free of her crate last nite. So, we went to bed to end up 3....Maiyah is getting a tad big for sharing the bed. After a while , Dad decided that he needed to sleep and gided Maiyah to a second pillow in the room (she has one on the main floor)Around 5h30, time where she may start whining to get out. Today, she just shifted place while Dad went to ......Came back to bed to finally get up at 6h36 (Mom). For us, that was great.Eat, go for an hour walk, get back home,sleep some more and Mom made one breakfast...
A meal for a day.


Another month, another tiny Birthday

April 15th 2013 5:32 pm
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Hi everybody,
April 16 2013 and, I just turned 7 months old.Mom and Dad did get Jenna (rescue)at 7 months of age and in April also... Strange.
Mom and Dad are investing their energies in me and I must say,I feel lucky.No need to go further.
Thanks to all my friends her at Dogster and Auntie, a very special Lady.
Huggs to furrsssss and Hoomans,
Maiyah and Family and lets not forget Jenna on the Bridge.


Time flies

June 3rd 2013 6:25 pm
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Two weeks ago, Maiyah was spayed. Doing great and cant wait to go back to the dog park. Our long walks do not seem to be enough. Her coat it shaping up to adult appearance, beautiful color(s).Mom and I wish we could have 2 Goldens is such that for now, Maiyah is a handful, a great handful.Be back later

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