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My life from the start... to the present

The Shelter Life

October 7th 2012 11:36 am
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The man took me into a building... as we went inside, I heard dogs barking and cats meowing. I saw rabbits for show and people everywhere! Saw people with carriers, and over excited puppies. I was scared! I didn't know why I was here. He walked up to the front desk and said, "This is Bean dip, I would like to er.. I want your shelter to take her in. The lady at the desk asked him a billion questions. All had the 5 W's! Like, Why did you drop her off? When did you decided to drop her off? and how? What is her personality? Who caused this? Where does she feel most comfortable? The man said that he didn't know much bout' me, but he did answer some. Then, the lady called someone with a fancy phone and another women, looking like a collage student, came and got me. My tail was way under my belly, and for say, I was SCARED! I didn't know where I was, what was gonna happen to me, who these people were, and much more thoughts whizzing in my head. The woman took me to a room that had a sign that said, DOG ROOM 6. She took me inside and at the very end of the room, was a cage. I remember my days with cages. Every night I would spoil their carpet, they would put me in a small cage, and yell at me. I didn't know better! unlike other cages, this one had no dog in it. there was a dog on the other side, but they never took it up. She pushed me inside and said, Come on yo' Mutt, get inside, I don't get paid for nothin'! I went inside, just because I was tired and wanted to get the day over with. once I heard the cage door shut, I knew I was trapped and started whining and pawing at the door! I was scared as a wet cat! I finally went in the back of the cage, with shiny eyes, scared, and shy. I fell asleep...


My Doggy Life... Part 2

September 30th 2012 7:23 am
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The next day, I noticed I fell asleep in the dog house. I got up, stretched my legs, and went to find my mom. I lived this life for many months after my birth. Without my siblings, and all I got to do was play with my mom. But over the months she got weaker. I layed next to her one day and noticed I was almost the size of her! but not quite. I was 6 months old, was born in January. I was always with my mom. Right now I was medium sized. Sleek and quick and very playful. The head of the household man picked me up (Which was weird since I was 6 months old and gotten bigger, feels weird when strong people hold me) and said, say goodbye to yer' mama! I didn't understand. I was loosing my brothers and sister, and now my MOM? oh no.. no you ain't! I was squirming around his arms and then he said, if you are gonna be that way, I guess you don't need to see your mom. I howled and barked but he clipped on the leash and we went into the moving box that smells like pollution. We drove far away. far far away. I got tired but he warned me to wake up. I yawned and stretched. We halted at a stop as he clipped on my leash and we walked into a building.


My Doggy Life... Part 1

September 30th 2012 7:02 am
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Hello! I am Coox, as you can plainly see :P I will get on about my present eventually, but first we have to talk about.. Wait for it... My... PAST! yeah that's right, my past! Also, I will make it look like I was writing it in the past even though I'm writing it right now.... lets get started!
I was playing and jumping around my brothers and sister. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister today. Today, also, I went to the trash and found the man's newspaper. I took it out with my teeth and found out that a week ago, they putted us in the paper. It said, FOR SALE! but I didn't know what that meant. I was just so happy he putted me in the paper! I was gonna be famous!
Later today, people started coming to our house. "Eh, Bean-dip here is a girl, and she is such a sweetie!" the woman said, as she shifted me in her hands. I couldn't understand what was going on, but these people seemed scary! I hopped out of her hands, which was at low level to the floor, I then tugged and nibbled at one of the people's pants. This man that was in my house was the scariest of the people. He had tattoos and smelled weird. "oh uh.. I SO sorry! she gets protective of her home!" she picked me and gave me the "Get away" signal. I sighed as I went to the backyard. An hour later, i went inside and saw the people were gone! YEAH! i thought as I ran around barking. But then i noticed my brothers and sister wasn't running around barking with joy with me. I went to my mum. "Mommy, Where is everyone?" I asked her. "Well, Bean-dip, They uh, got adopted" my mom told me. "What? what does adopted mean?" I asked, scared. "It means they were taken to a new home. Luckily, Shadow and Maggie got adopted together! Blaze was better with an older dog as a model for his behaviour, so he went with a nice man with an older flat coated retriever. The other man went home cause he didn't find a dog he wanted." She told me. I went back in the backyard and layed down in the dog house, sad. I missed my brothers and sister, but I didn't want to stay with these fools who let my brothers and sister go away!

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