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New home new sisters

October 29th 2012 7:56 pm
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OMD my life has been turned upside down!

A little background - I was born in Texas and emigrated to Canada when I was 3 months old; I was with the same family for 7 years (they bred and raised poodles), I thought I would always live there, but one day these people came to visit and brought two strange looking dogs with them (former mom would later explain they were 'schnauzers').

Anyway, these people and their strange dogs visited with us for some time and talked to me and some of my sibs. The strange dogs were very polite, and I was a bit nervous 'cause they are bigger than me, but they sniffed me and some of the others and then just sat down and ignored us. After a while the people seemed to be looking more at me than my sibs and talked to me a little more too. Well next thing I know I am living at the schnauzer house!

I wasn't sure about those schnauzers, after all they were bigger than me, so I decided to be very quiet, and if they barked I would run into another room and hide. Pretty soon though I realized they bark at everything, that's just their way, that's what they do!! so you know what, after a few days I started barking too, and now after a month here, I can out bark them!! I really think they respect me for that, cause when I bark they always back me up !!

I might be little but don't underestimate me !! BOL BOL BOL


I need pup pals

October 29th 2012 8:25 pm
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hi every fur, if you're reading this, I'm new on here and I need some pals, some poodle pals would be good too !! won't you be my pal !!



December 21st 2012 4:37 pm
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I've discovered that walks are a good thing! Before I moved here I never went for a walk, heck never heard of them. I had a big yard to run around in and didn't know there was more beyond those fences. But here, well we walk every day when the weather is good. I was nervous of the leash at first, but it only took a couple days encouragement and I was walking like a pro, and it's fun, it really is !!

The whole family used to walk together but since mom tore her knee, dad has to do the honors and since there's 3 of us, the walks are staggered. Sometimes I go with Sniffers and sometimes I go with Dixie, and sometimes they go together and I don't go at all, boo hoo. I should be picked every time cause I get the most excited about it, I really do. Guess I'm trying to make up for lost time..

Walk on !!


Tooth or consequences

February 8th 2013 10:15 am
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I've lost all my teeth now, every last one of them. I had lost about half of them last year before I adopted my current furmily and we thought I would be good to go for a while, but no :(

It all started a couple of weeks ago when mom noticed my breath was not-very-nice-for-a-cute-little-girl. One dogtor looked in my mouth and said I had a rotten looking tooth on one side, then another dogtor looked and said it was more like several and I really should have them attended to.

The smell was so bad mom said let's schedule it right away,and before I knew it I was at the dogtor, falling asleep with a sore stinky mouth and waking up with a sore but not stinky mouth! well sore in a different way - who wouldn't be after several teeth were removed and gums were sutured, ouch ! I've been running my tongue around my mouth, feeling what's different.

All my nasty broken teeth were put in an envelope and given to mom - what's she gonna do with them, make a necklace?!! Not! what about the tooth fairy - I should get quite a big reward for a bunch of teeth don't you think! A lot of soft food maybe !!


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