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My new life

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SNOW snow.......snow......SNOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

December 21st 2012 1:56 pm
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Woohooo! Tons and tons and tons of snow today....and it just keeps coming!
And there is a huge snow bank in our yard and I dug a big hole in's great cause it's the one time a year when I can dig a hole without getting in trouble! And I have this thing where I stick my butt up in the air and slide my face through the snow, so | was doing that today and my head kept getting buried in it!! But it was great fun! My walk tonight is gunna be even more fun!!! Wish me luck!



December 20th 2012 2:42 pm
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Well the puppy (Lexus) has her scent all over MY yard now, but thats alright cause everywhere I smell her pee i pee over there! Ah she's not so bad though, i'm still jealous but it's getting a bit better. But life is still good, I get lots of mummy time so i'm good, thats all for now.



December 18th 2012 6:01 am
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I am getting along with Lexus the new puppy o.k now. Mom still takes alone time with me which I really appreciate. My most favorite time of the day is walk time and we still still do it alone....thank goodness!!! I like to play with the young pup but I dont like her near me when i am eating so mom feeds us in different corners. But other then that she is not as annoying as I thought she would be, so all is far.
Oh and the best part, she does know that I am the boss!!! BOL



December 16th 2012 7:59 pm
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Woohoo I was one of the daily diary picks today!
It always feels great to see your name and pic up on dogster like that!
So mom brought home the new puppy today.....she's funny looking! And....and.....she smells weird!....O.k no she doesn't but i'm not sure about this. Although mom has been giving me lots of love i still dont like to much when she is petting the pup.....her name is Lexus, she seems alright I guess except when i try and play I like to put my paws on other dogs heads alot and every time I do it with her she whines like i hurt her or something....sheesh! She doesn't knowto much yet, but mom says I can help teach her, so we will see how that goes other then that the weather has been crazy, and I really like the winter time and the cold but it has been freezing rain here for 2 days and you can't even walk down the side walk because you just slip all over the place. There is ice everywhere. I hope it melts so I can run around normally and get my exercise soon!!!
Anyways, i guess Lexus isn't all that bad, she doesn't bug me as much as I thought a little puppy would but we will see!


Wish me luck!!

December 14th 2012 10:01 am
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So tomorrow is the day. We go pick up the newest addition to the family. The puppy...I still dont even think mom has a name for her. Well all I know is the pup better soon learn who's boss! (that would be me) well at least when moms not here!

Anyways Mom said Santa got me some really nice things for Christmas. Now I can't wait!!! The only part i'm not so fond of this holiday is mom keeps trying to sit me down all pretty like with rest of the family to get a nice Christmas picture....I dont mind the picture part so much cause she likes to show them off and it makes me feel good...but the staying still part is not so much for me.....she has yet to get a nice picture hehehehe



December 11th 2012 12:15 pm
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Well.....usually I would be writing about the new fallen snow that came after a storm a couple days ago, and how much fun I had playing in on my walk and in my yard......AND how much my mom laughed at me when i stuck my face in the snow and my butt in the air and slid along the snow with my face buried in snow...but today i need to vent about the newest decision in the house. A new puppy. Mom is always on these shelter sites online and apparently a few husky puppies were brought in to a shelter and she wants to help one of them by bringing them here...well i do like playing with with dogs once and a while but i hope mom can keep her from chewing my ears and my bones and stuff!! I'm sure she will, she is very good at telling when i am getting annoyed....My mini human is 2 years old and she knows if the baby is crying for a while and i dont so much want to listen to it at that point in time she will give me a treat in the other room or take me out for a play. So I think it will all work out....wish me luck dogster pups!!!!


Play date

December 6th 2012 7:14 pm
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Well I had my first ever play date yesterday. I had a lot of fun. I am used to playing with the dogs at the park and everything but I have never had a friend over to my house! Her name is Angel, I lovvvvve to play with her. I see her all the time on my walks so her mom decided to stop over so we could play some more. It was so much fun and I now star in a video of us playing together.......although my mom kinda sounds like a dork in the video she has uploaded it to my page......oh wait a sec..."what did you say mom??" "oh hahaha*bark*hahaha*bark*hahahaha my mom wants me to tell anyone who watches the video to turn the sound off...teehee:) Anyways I watched my little humans decorate the Christmas tree this evening. They looked so happy, it was nice to see. I love Christmas and I can't wait to see what my family buys for me,hmmmm what could I get for them though.....maybe my smiling face bright and early Christmas morning with big kisses hehehe



December 3rd 2012 8:41 pm
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So i discovered something today.....all the snow that i was so happy to all gone, i thought maybe it just melted in my yard but there might be some at the park.........sadly no, there isn't. I hope it comes back soon! Theres nothing I love more then pulling my mini human through the snow and bouncing through the snowbanks!!! Oh and dont forget about the ice breaking FANTASTIC......I consider myself a smart Husky but man I just can't keep out of that mom calls me a dork cause i bounce on it with my front legs until it's just so fun I could do it for hours.!!!!!

Mom is going to take me for a quick walk before bed now...goodnight everypuppy!!!



December 1st 2012 8:10 pm
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Well not much to write about today. We were gunna go to the dog park today but it rained so we will try tomorrow weather permitting. Other then that it's been a pretty boring weekend. Not much goin on. Moms been trying to find something for Christmas for me she said she might take me to the pet store tomorrow so we can look at some stuff but not buy it with me there because then it wont be a surprise.....oh well. Anyways I will let you all know how the dog park trip goes tomorrow....:)



November 29th 2012 5:59 am
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Wow, first i was Dog of the day then yesterday diary of the day!!! All the attention feels wonderful, and i have learned something to. I would always see the others pups being DOTD but never thought to message them to congratulate them :( and now i feel bad, i just never thought of it?!! But when i was dog of the day i had so many warm wishes and congrats from people, and i know how good it felt getting all that paw mail, so now beware dog of the day dogs (lol) you will be receiving a message of congrats from me and i'm sorry to others i have missed!!

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