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Gilly's Great Days

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October 5th 2012 8:33 am
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Well guys, this is the conclusion to the story. It consists of 16 parts all on the same page. All based on the same family of rabbits. If you have any reccomendations for my next story please just comment on this or send me a e-mail! Well hopefully you all enjoyed it!


Story Part 16

October 4th 2012 6:59 pm
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It had been nearly two days before Landon found his way back to the burrow. The river only brought him about three miles from the burrow, thank god. About a mile up river, Landon found Bengal dead, vultures picking his bones. He had a snapped spine and his legs were mangled and twisted. He felt sympathy for him even though he had tried to kill him three times. Sometimes you had to forgive and forget, so he did the proper blessing ceremony normally held for rabbits. Cover their bodies with earth, say the spirit blessing and contour their body with sticks and grass. It showed respect and sympathy. After that he wound his way to the burrow, finding his way slowly and surely. After finding the burrows, he went to see Penny, she was happy to see he had led away Bengal from the children and saved a few of their lives. Raven later left with the female dog, but they later found them both dead from gun shots. It was a queer thing to see, but it turns out years later their had been a man living by the burrow he was a widower meaning his wife had passed away. He was a very quiet man, with few words and that day he shot the two dogs , because they were killing rabbits, and helpless animals for nearly eight years now. It eventually turned out that Scarletta had been his dog and she had gone to him every night to sleep, and stay away all day.
But now Landon was happy to be with his family, Rikky and Destiny had served a ceremony for the deceased children. They had their closure and were going to do their best to move on and raise the now three girls and one boy the best to their abilities. Penny decided to move out and find her own place. She had been seeing a male rabbit now for two months. His name was Grey, and Rikky and Landon gave him their blessing. A few months later she gave birth to seven children. Six Boys and one girl, Penny knew how she felt living with pesky brothers her whole life. Penny still came to visit every so often with the kids.
But Landon had also found the girl of his dreams. A beautiful female named Keeley. She had a nice coat with grey and white fur, and black tipped ears. She had come around after Penny gave birth, she was Grey's sister. The fell for each other almost instantly. Eventually she gave birth to one of the three litters she would have. She gave birth to 3 girls, and 2 boys. They were all an array of colors.
Landon passed away at about 9 years old. He had a heart attack, fathered 17 children, and lived his life to the fullest. The morning his youngest daughter Lavender found him, she approached him, thinking he was sleeping but on closer examination she found that he was at peace. Landon had died with a lame leg, and a twinkle in is eyes.


Story Part 15

October 4th 2012 3:33 pm
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Landon saw the dogs right before they saw him. And in that split second of time he ran. He ran until the air had left his lungs and his legs kept going. He ran with all his might with the dogs right on his heels. And then out of nowhere the female dog shot out of the corner of his eye, lunging at Raven. But with Raven now out of the picture Bengal had only one thing to think about now, the kill. He sped up, the river was coming up and unfortunately there was only one way across. A thin tree that had fallen three years ago from a storm. Only the most careful and brave could cross it but many fell to their death in the river below. Landon sped up but once he saw the branch he slowed and climbed on top. Bengal came lunging after him and launched onto the branch. But it was too much, Landon and Bengal plunged into the 60 foot deep water, struggling for air, and being hit against rocks and water filling their noses and ears. It was torture, Bengal swam to the top only to ram into a boulder, Landon made a cycle, go to the top quick breath, tumble under, and swim back up. But then he hit the biggest boulder he had ever came across. Everything went fuzzy before going totally black.
Landon awoke on a sandy, rocky shore. It was just becoming morning with the yellow streaks of sun stretching their waking arms out into the black sky. His ribs hurt from ramming into the the boulder, and his lungs hurt from filling with water.


Story part 14

October 4th 2012 12:46 pm
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It was a lovely May afternoon, and the children were running back and forth from Landon and Penny's burrow to their burrow. They thought of it to be great fun but were soon napping in the shade of a pine tree. Its branches came all the way to the ground and the earth was covered in needles. All of a sudden Raven and Bengal came through the clearing and all of the babies scattered. Only Taber and Clover stayed. One by one Bengal and Raven caught the babies and killed them instantly. Landon saw the commotion and tore out of the burrow to save his nieces and nephews. It was a blood bath and his leg was not up to par, it was pounding and the strength of his adrenaline was the only thing to keep him going. He grabbed Symphony and pushed her under the pine tree where Taber and Clover were. Rikky finally woke from his nap and saw the destruction and came to help Landon. " So we meet again, cripple, should have got you last time, but you decided to hide!" Bengal ripped after Landon who dove into the burrow. He could see Bengal teeth right through the entrance, and in the left side there was a spot where his canine used to be. And his paws were missing a few claws, but he couldn't get in, it was impossible. But then Raven came and began digging in the exit hole's entrance. If he got in, Landon was going to be trapped, and he would surely not survive this time. But something stopped them, all of a sudden they just stopped and left. Landon waited a few moments before peeking inside, and just a few feet away a female dog was sniffing at Bengal and Raven. She was beautiful with a solid white coat, and perky, fluffy ears. She had two blue eyes, and a shiny black nose. She looked at Landon and almost as if she knew what was happening and her eyes looked over in the direction of Rikky's den. He didn't need any more prompting then that. He took off at full speed, dove into the burrow and waited. No, noise only the sound of crying and pain. Then he remembered the babies, he went into the other room and looked in. There lying on the floor were five dead babies. And the other three were in the corner alone. At the sight of Landon they ran and cuddled against him. They fell asleep crying and Landon examined the other dead babies. The victims had been, Macie,Tallie, Lyric and Toby. Lucy, Taber, Clover, and Symphony had survived. And Landon was thankful, Destiny entered the burrow and slowly examined the sleeping babies, none were severely injured the worst being a bite mark on the side. Then she slowly approached the deceased babies and looked them over. She sat in the corner and cried silently. Rikky came in a little while later and did the same, he looked over his children and went to cry. Landon left a while after and went to go find Penny. But Bengal and Raven were not gone, in fact they were on the prowl.


Story Part 13

October 3rd 2012 7:05 pm
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The winter wind was unceasing. It seeped through the burrow tunnels, and sent cold shivers to there bones. So to stay warmer they all began sleeping in the food storage room. They moved all the food into the main room so they could all fit. It was a tight fit but that meant warmer rabbits and another day survived. It was January and the snow had filled the exit holes entrance so nobody could use it. They only went outside to relieve themselves, but the winds and bearing snow was keeping them inside. They snow that melted in the burrow formed a nice water puddle next to he entrance. It got bigger every time the snow got close enough in the entrance to melt from the change in temperature. And the spring grasses and skies were going be a sight to see after march and April sometimes even May rolled around. But for now they were just thinking about surviving. The food was still a nice pile. It would last probably till March. But Landon was continuously thinking about Scarletta, he had found her after the third blizzard. At first he thought she was sleeping. He went to wake her so they could go get some water, he approached her and found that her body was still and cold. Her eyes were finally clear for the first time, she could finally see. And that was all he could ask of his dear friend.

January came and went followed by February. March was half way through when a female rabbit rolled into the territory. Her name was Destiny, she was a caramel color, with a white chest and white paws. She had the pink nose and lovely brown eyes. Rikky took a liking to her almost immediately.
She did too, and before they knew it she was staying in the burrow, and providing her own life story. She was from about 20 miles away. She had left after her dear old grandmother had passed away from age. She wanted to move on and find a new path in life. And you could tell when she looked at Rikky she saw her future. Penny and Landon were excited to find out she was pregnant. It wasn't unexpected but unusual to have another female around. And eventually Rikky and Destiny would move on without Penny or Landon. But they wouldn't be far, possibly across the pond or on the other side of the meadow. Close enough to be there when somebody needed help or for a nice gathering. But Landon was also pressured to find his soul mate as well. Penny didn't need to, but she had wanted children her whole life and eventually find her Buck.( A buck is another name for a male rabbit).
Spring came and the leaves grew and the grasses sprouted. The ice was broken in the pond and they could drink from it once more. By May, Rikky and Destiny had moved out, they found a burrow that could be expanded, it was about a half mile from the home burrow. It was nice but the dirt was crumbly, and it had once been a home to a fox family. They had to clean bones out of it, and faded urine scent was still present. But they all helped expand into three rooms. All fairly good size being nearly three feet across in all of them. By June Destiny had her babies, there was five girls and three boys. It was MADNESS! Once their eyes were open and they could walk they went everywhere. The three boys, ( Taber, Lyric, and Toby). And FIVE girls ( Lucy, Macie, Clover, Symphony, and Tallie). But it made Landon and Penny love them even more. Destiny was tired all the time and Rikky was always gathering food and taking them to get some water which led to peeing in the middle of the night, the most dangerous time to be out. But it was their life and they loved every second of it. Till Raven and Bengal came back.


Story Part 12

October 3rd 2012 11:29 am
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It had been three months since the accident and Landon was weary on how the were going to survive the fall and winter. And with it being middle of August all ready the smell of fall was in the air. They were all scavenging, collecting, and all of their winter coats were coming in. But Scarletta was his main worry. She had a thin short coat, that was not very resistant to the cold. But Scarletta had told him not to worry she had been through enough winters to know how to stay warm. Scarletta's age was all but a number she had said but Landon and Penny still wanted to know. She wasn't graying yet, and her body was not frail and weak. Landon was guessing 6-7 years old, but he never pondered on the situation because there was a bigger issue to worry about. Rikky had been at the pond, and said he had seen Raven circling a deer carcass. But Bengal was not around. Where was Bengal? Had he died, or had Raven gone rogue against his leader? But Rikky didn't wait to find out. He had high tailed it out of there.
During the next few months, they were fattening up for winter, and storing food in the newly dug out, food extension room they had put into the burrow. It was about a foot across with a tiny roof. But it saved them from facing the cold winter wind and snow when they were hungry. But Landon still didn't understand how Scarletta was going to save herself this following winter. But she said she had it all planned out. So Landon didn't question it. But he did begin to question some of her decisions when he noticed she wasn't stocking up on food, or making a nest. So he asked her one day, and all she told him is Were doing to let nature take its course. If I die, fine then my spirit will leave you and my remains will stay. But if I survive, lovely I live another year, and prepare for the next winter. But Landon didn't want Scarletta do die! HE wanted her to live and be prosperous and he still needed protection. But he couldn't influence her decision. So he went on his way. The winter months came and they all settled down,and faced the winter. Plus their birthday's had come and gone all of them a year old. Sadly though Scarletta passed away, she hadn't made it past the third storm, when they found her frozen to the ground, but with a twinkle in her cloudy eye.


Story Part 11

October 3rd 2012 9:45 am
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He had finally done it, Landon had begun to walk! It was an amazing feeling to see the sun and the sky again, Scarletta was pleased to see he had survived. Rikky was happy to finally be sleeping in the borrow once more, and Penny was over joyed that her brother had survived. But his leg was weak and he had to lay down often to help regain strength. His leg still ached and his headaches still roared every once in a while. Scarletta, although blind could put quite a scare to coyote or fox trying to sneak into the burrow and kill them. But Landon always had her by his side, she was his friend, but part of the reason she was always with him was because he was so vulnerable. If it hadn't been for Scarletta he would have been snatched by that hawk a couple days ago, or the fox the first day he went to the pond for a drink. His leg only allowed him to walk, so he couldn't sprint if he needed to. Rikky was gone most of the time, he had better things to do than hang with his crippled brother. Since Boston had died so early, Rikky was the only one he considered a real brother. But Rikky had become distant, his eyes never looked at Landon the way they did before the accident. They used to be full of life and kindness. Now all they showed was misery and sympathy to the weak rabbit. But he still smiled at Landon when he made great achievements. Like the first day Landon stumble- walked. He showed a pride in his eyes, or when they went scavenging alone he talked like a little kid at Christmas. But he also scolded and told him how worried he had made their sister. He told Landon about Bengal and Raven, and how he thought Landon was dead. But then Landon told him what could have been a possibility if he hadn't gotten shot, it could have been Rikky or Penny. So then Rikky cooled a little but he was still angered about the situation.


Story Part 10

October 2nd 2012 5:45 pm
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It had been three days and all Landon had done was lay in the burrow, paralyzed with pain. Rikky had told him that the wound was beginning to get a yellow tinge to it. Infection was one of the worst ways to die but he had endured enough pain, why not a little more. Scarletta was still around she provided protection and good advice. She had told Landon to try and do leg movements that would help regain strength but all it had done for him was provide him with a headache and even more pass out. So he had given up on the idea. Penny was by his side nearly all day, she only left to get him food and water, and to stretch her own legs. But Landon began to feel like a burden, Rikky no longer spoke to him, only when he had to and Penny made him sleep outside to give Landon a more comfy space. But Rikky was his brother and nothing not even a gun shot would tear them apart.
( 3 weeks later)
The infection settled in his leg with vengeance. It roared through his wound with all it's might. He was passed out more than awake. He wouldn't eat and it was not getting better only worse. (this is what Penny is talking about earlier in the book about him being ill). He would wake up and the ravenous pain was taking over. Flies had began to settle, and Vultures were flying over head wondering where the carcass was. Then maggots hatched, but after awhile even though disgusting they were eating the rotting flesh and saving the good stuff. And before he knew it the wound was scabbing over! It was a miracle and the most disgusting thing on Earth had saved his life. But even though it was scabbed over his leg still was screaming in pain. But he managed to squat- stand for about 2 seconds before collapsing in agony. But each day the leg got stronger and the pain was lessening. But all he could think about was revenge on Bengal and Raven. He wanted to show them what he had gone through in this month and a half. Living in pain and misery. Penny had told him about the witnessing of the dogs and the shooter a while after he had disappeared. So he pushed the thoughts into the closet and tried standing again.


Story part 9

October 2nd 2012 12:45 pm
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Landon awoke in the burrow. Was he dreaming or was he dead? Neither actually, he saw a faint ray of sunlight filtering through the entrance and heard scuffling noises outside. He tried to get up, but his leg was paralyzed with pain." Penny, Rikky?" He called in a voice that was barely audible. The noises stopped as if listening again. " Penny?" he said. And then a noise erupted through his ears " OH!!! Landon your awake! Oh how I Was so worried we thought you died! When we saw that dog with you in it's jowls we thought it had killed you! But oh Landon she is the sweetest dog ever! Did you know she was blind?" Penny hopped sprinted over to him and looked into his eyes. As she blabbed on and on about how much she worried and all about Scarletta." Oh, Landon i'm sorry, I didn't even ask is your leg ok?" She said her eyes changing from happiness to worry. " NO, I can;t even move it without seeing spots in my eyes and lightning shooting from my leg to my skull." Landon said laying back down on his side. " Well hopefully you'll get better, the bullet went straight through so it's not even in there and Rikky said it barely missed the bone. So your leg isn't broken." She said her eyes looking over to the dried, bloody mess still not washed from his fur. : I'm so hungry I could eat that whole meadow full of grain!" HE said with a growling stomach. " Oh well then I'll go get you some." She said exiting the burrow.


Story part 8

October 1st 2012 3:14 pm
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(Back at the burrow), where was Landon? Penny and Rikky waited for him and waited a little more. It had been three days. They had woken up to him gone from the burrow thinking he would be back. But he didn't, they had both gone to search for him but without prevail. Then a hunter passed through with two dogs that looked like they had been through the wringer. The big brown and black one (Bengal) had a missing tooth, and was limping on his front right paw. The black one with white legs was limping on his front feet and had scratches on his face. They both looked horrifying to any creature smaller than them. But they passed on with dead eyes and defeated expressions. Their owner was a skinny man, no taller than five feet ten inches. He had on camouflage clothing, and a rifle in his cracked, dry hands. He looked like he hadn't slept all night, and his face was growing a beard. They passed on and somehow dead or alive, Landon was tied to the injuries on those dogs.
( Landon's location) It had been nearly a day and a half by the time Landon made it to the meadow about a quarter mile from the burrow. But he didn't have the strength to call for Penny or Rikky. He had passed out several times from exhaustion and hunger. His stomach was empty and growling non-stop. But he knew he had to keep going to get to the rabbits that mattered most. He slept in the open with no cover, barely caring if a coyote came and gobbled him up, or a hawk came and snatched him from the ground. But nothing came and he woke every few hours to start crawling again. But one afternoon was different, he was inching on towards the pond, when a dog came through the clearing and stopped to stare at him. Landon pretended he was dead, and barely breathed as it came closer and sniffed him all around. Then it spoke, and to his surprise it was a female, she was what looked to be a giant. But she was a great Dane, she had a rusty brown coat with very blue eyes. " I know your alive rabbit." She spoke softly. " And no I will not hurt you, I am Scarletta. I am here to help you." She added. " Landon cracked his eyes, and looked into her blue eyes. " There we are now that you can see me why don't you tell me what you look like and your name?" Scarletta said. " Shouldn't you already know what I look like?" Landon said in a voice scarcely above a whisper. " Well If you haven't noticed Rabbit my eyes do not see, I have never been able to see the green grass or the blue sky, or the mud after a rain." She spoke as if it didn't affect her one bit. " oh, I am sorry" Landon spoke a little more confidently. " It's all right, I am used to it, my hearing and smell are my eyes." She said pointing her head to the sky. " Now please tell me your name and what you look like rabbit." " Well my name is Landon, and I am tan with silver in my fur, and I have been shot and need to get to my family, if I shall die I want to be with them. They don't even know where I am." HE said with pain and sadness. " Well then we shall find your home for you then." Scarletta said and picked him up by the scruff of the neck and started to walk in the direction of the pond.

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