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Gilly's Great Days

Story Part 16

October 4th 2012 6:59 pm
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It had been nearly two days before Landon found his way back to the burrow. The river only brought him about three miles from the burrow, thank god. About a mile up river, Landon found Bengal dead, vultures picking his bones. He had a snapped spine and his legs were mangled and twisted. He felt sympathy for him even though he had tried to kill him three times. Sometimes you had to forgive and forget, so he did the proper blessing ceremony normally held for rabbits. Cover their bodies with earth, say the spirit blessing and contour their body with sticks and grass. It showed respect and sympathy. After that he wound his way to the burrow, finding his way slowly and surely. After finding the burrows, he went to see Penny, she was happy to see he had led away Bengal from the children and saved a few of their lives. Raven later left with the female dog, but they later found them both dead from gun shots. It was a queer thing to see, but it turns out years later their had been a man living by the burrow he was a widower meaning his wife had passed away. He was a very quiet man, with few words and that day he shot the two dogs , because they were killing rabbits, and helpless animals for nearly eight years now. It eventually turned out that Scarletta had been his dog and she had gone to him every night to sleep, and stay away all day.
But now Landon was happy to be with his family, Rikky and Destiny had served a ceremony for the deceased children. They had their closure and were going to do their best to move on and raise the now three girls and one boy the best to their abilities. Penny decided to move out and find her own place. She had been seeing a male rabbit now for two months. His name was Grey, and Rikky and Landon gave him their blessing. A few months later she gave birth to seven children. Six Boys and one girl, Penny knew how she felt living with pesky brothers her whole life. Penny still came to visit every so often with the kids.
But Landon had also found the girl of his dreams. A beautiful female named Keeley. She had a nice coat with grey and white fur, and black tipped ears. She had come around after Penny gave birth, she was Grey's sister. The fell for each other almost instantly. Eventually she gave birth to one of the three litters she would have. She gave birth to 3 girls, and 2 boys. They were all an array of colors.
Landon passed away at about 9 years old. He had a heart attack, fathered 17 children, and lived his life to the fullest. The morning his youngest daughter Lavender found him, she approached him, thinking he was sleeping but on closer examination she found that he was at peace. Landon had died with a lame leg, and a twinkle in is eyes.


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