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Gilly's Great Days

Story part 14

October 4th 2012 12:46 pm
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It was a lovely May afternoon, and the children were running back and forth from Landon and Penny's burrow to their burrow. They thought of it to be great fun but were soon napping in the shade of a pine tree. Its branches came all the way to the ground and the earth was covered in needles. All of a sudden Raven and Bengal came through the clearing and all of the babies scattered. Only Taber and Clover stayed. One by one Bengal and Raven caught the babies and killed them instantly. Landon saw the commotion and tore out of the burrow to save his nieces and nephews. It was a blood bath and his leg was not up to par, it was pounding and the strength of his adrenaline was the only thing to keep him going. He grabbed Symphony and pushed her under the pine tree where Taber and Clover were. Rikky finally woke from his nap and saw the destruction and came to help Landon. " So we meet again, cripple, should have got you last time, but you decided to hide!" Bengal ripped after Landon who dove into the burrow. He could see Bengal teeth right through the entrance, and in the left side there was a spot where his canine used to be. And his paws were missing a few claws, but he couldn't get in, it was impossible. But then Raven came and began digging in the exit hole's entrance. If he got in, Landon was going to be trapped, and he would surely not survive this time. But something stopped them, all of a sudden they just stopped and left. Landon waited a few moments before peeking inside, and just a few feet away a female dog was sniffing at Bengal and Raven. She was beautiful with a solid white coat, and perky, fluffy ears. She had two blue eyes, and a shiny black nose. She looked at Landon and almost as if she knew what was happening and her eyes looked over in the direction of Rikky's den. He didn't need any more prompting then that. He took off at full speed, dove into the burrow and waited. No, noise only the sound of crying and pain. Then he remembered the babies, he went into the other room and looked in. There lying on the floor were five dead babies. And the other three were in the corner alone. At the sight of Landon they ran and cuddled against him. They fell asleep crying and Landon examined the other dead babies. The victims had been, Macie,Tallie, Lyric and Toby. Lucy, Taber, Clover, and Symphony had survived. And Landon was thankful, Destiny entered the burrow and slowly examined the sleeping babies, none were severely injured the worst being a bite mark on the side. Then she slowly approached the deceased babies and looked them over. She sat in the corner and cried silently. Rikky came in a little while later and did the same, he looked over his children and went to cry. Landon left a while after and went to go find Penny. But Bengal and Raven were not gone, in fact they were on the prowl.


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