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Gilly's Great Days

Story Part 13

October 3rd 2012 7:05 pm
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The winter wind was unceasing. It seeped through the burrow tunnels, and sent cold shivers to there bones. So to stay warmer they all began sleeping in the food storage room. They moved all the food into the main room so they could all fit. It was a tight fit but that meant warmer rabbits and another day survived. It was January and the snow had filled the exit holes entrance so nobody could use it. They only went outside to relieve themselves, but the winds and bearing snow was keeping them inside. They snow that melted in the burrow formed a nice water puddle next to he entrance. It got bigger every time the snow got close enough in the entrance to melt from the change in temperature. And the spring grasses and skies were going be a sight to see after march and April sometimes even May rolled around. But for now they were just thinking about surviving. The food was still a nice pile. It would last probably till March. But Landon was continuously thinking about Scarletta, he had found her after the third blizzard. At first he thought she was sleeping. He went to wake her so they could go get some water, he approached her and found that her body was still and cold. Her eyes were finally clear for the first time, she could finally see. And that was all he could ask of his dear friend.

January came and went followed by February. March was half way through when a female rabbit rolled into the territory. Her name was Destiny, she was a caramel color, with a white chest and white paws. She had the pink nose and lovely brown eyes. Rikky took a liking to her almost immediately.
She did too, and before they knew it she was staying in the burrow, and providing her own life story. She was from about 20 miles away. She had left after her dear old grandmother had passed away from age. She wanted to move on and find a new path in life. And you could tell when she looked at Rikky she saw her future. Penny and Landon were excited to find out she was pregnant. It wasn't unexpected but unusual to have another female around. And eventually Rikky and Destiny would move on without Penny or Landon. But they wouldn't be far, possibly across the pond or on the other side of the meadow. Close enough to be there when somebody needed help or for a nice gathering. But Landon was also pressured to find his soul mate as well. Penny didn't need to, but she had wanted children her whole life and eventually find her Buck.( A buck is another name for a male rabbit).
Spring came and the leaves grew and the grasses sprouted. The ice was broken in the pond and they could drink from it once more. By May, Rikky and Destiny had moved out, they found a burrow that could be expanded, it was about a half mile from the home burrow. It was nice but the dirt was crumbly, and it had once been a home to a fox family. They had to clean bones out of it, and faded urine scent was still present. But they all helped expand into three rooms. All fairly good size being nearly three feet across in all of them. By June Destiny had her babies, there was five girls and three boys. It was MADNESS! Once their eyes were open and they could walk they went everywhere. The three boys, ( Taber, Lyric, and Toby). And FIVE girls ( Lucy, Macie, Clover, Symphony, and Tallie). But it made Landon and Penny love them even more. Destiny was tired all the time and Rikky was always gathering food and taking them to get some water which led to peeing in the middle of the night, the most dangerous time to be out. But it was their life and they loved every second of it. Till Raven and Bengal came back.


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