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Gilly's Great Days

Story Part 10

October 2nd 2012 5:45 pm
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It had been three days and all Landon had done was lay in the burrow, paralyzed with pain. Rikky had told him that the wound was beginning to get a yellow tinge to it. Infection was one of the worst ways to die but he had endured enough pain, why not a little more. Scarletta was still around she provided protection and good advice. She had told Landon to try and do leg movements that would help regain strength but all it had done for him was provide him with a headache and even more pass out. So he had given up on the idea. Penny was by his side nearly all day, she only left to get him food and water, and to stretch her own legs. But Landon began to feel like a burden, Rikky no longer spoke to him, only when he had to and Penny made him sleep outside to give Landon a more comfy space. But Rikky was his brother and nothing not even a gun shot would tear them apart.
( 3 weeks later)
The infection settled in his leg with vengeance. It roared through his wound with all it's might. He was passed out more than awake. He wouldn't eat and it was not getting better only worse. (this is what Penny is talking about earlier in the book about him being ill). He would wake up and the ravenous pain was taking over. Flies had began to settle, and Vultures were flying over head wondering where the carcass was. Then maggots hatched, but after awhile even though disgusting they were eating the rotting flesh and saving the good stuff. And before he knew it the wound was scabbing over! It was a miracle and the most disgusting thing on Earth had saved his life. But even though it was scabbed over his leg still was screaming in pain. But he managed to squat- stand for about 2 seconds before collapsing in agony. But each day the leg got stronger and the pain was lessening. But all he could think about was revenge on Bengal and Raven. He wanted to show them what he had gone through in this month and a half. Living in pain and misery. Penny had told him about the witnessing of the dogs and the shooter a while after he had disappeared. So he pushed the thoughts into the closet and tried standing again.


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