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Gilly's Great Days

Story part 9

October 2nd 2012 12:45 pm
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Landon awoke in the burrow. Was he dreaming or was he dead? Neither actually, he saw a faint ray of sunlight filtering through the entrance and heard scuffling noises outside. He tried to get up, but his leg was paralyzed with pain." Penny, Rikky?" He called in a voice that was barely audible. The noises stopped as if listening again. " Penny?" he said. And then a noise erupted through his ears " OH!!! Landon your awake! Oh how I Was so worried we thought you died! When we saw that dog with you in it's jowls we thought it had killed you! But oh Landon she is the sweetest dog ever! Did you know she was blind?" Penny hopped sprinted over to him and looked into his eyes. As she blabbed on and on about how much she worried and all about Scarletta." Oh, Landon i'm sorry, I didn't even ask is your leg ok?" She said her eyes changing from happiness to worry. " NO, I can;t even move it without seeing spots in my eyes and lightning shooting from my leg to my skull." Landon said laying back down on his side. " Well hopefully you'll get better, the bullet went straight through so it's not even in there and Rikky said it barely missed the bone. So your leg isn't broken." She said her eyes looking over to the dried, bloody mess still not washed from his fur. : I'm so hungry I could eat that whole meadow full of grain!" HE said with a growling stomach. " Oh well then I'll go get you some." She said exiting the burrow.


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