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Gilly's Great Days

Story part 8

October 1st 2012 3:14 pm
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(Back at the burrow), where was Landon? Penny and Rikky waited for him and waited a little more. It had been three days. They had woken up to him gone from the burrow thinking he would be back. But he didn't, they had both gone to search for him but without prevail. Then a hunter passed through with two dogs that looked like they had been through the wringer. The big brown and black one (Bengal) had a missing tooth, and was limping on his front right paw. The black one with white legs was limping on his front feet and had scratches on his face. They both looked horrifying to any creature smaller than them. But they passed on with dead eyes and defeated expressions. Their owner was a skinny man, no taller than five feet ten inches. He had on camouflage clothing, and a rifle in his cracked, dry hands. He looked like he hadn't slept all night, and his face was growing a beard. They passed on and somehow dead or alive, Landon was tied to the injuries on those dogs.
( Landon's location) It had been nearly a day and a half by the time Landon made it to the meadow about a quarter mile from the burrow. But he didn't have the strength to call for Penny or Rikky. He had passed out several times from exhaustion and hunger. His stomach was empty and growling non-stop. But he knew he had to keep going to get to the rabbits that mattered most. He slept in the open with no cover, barely caring if a coyote came and gobbled him up, or a hawk came and snatched him from the ground. But nothing came and he woke every few hours to start crawling again. But one afternoon was different, he was inching on towards the pond, when a dog came through the clearing and stopped to stare at him. Landon pretended he was dead, and barely breathed as it came closer and sniffed him all around. Then it spoke, and to his surprise it was a female, she was what looked to be a giant. But she was a great Dane, she had a rusty brown coat with very blue eyes. " I know your alive rabbit." She spoke softly. " And no I will not hurt you, I am Scarletta. I am here to help you." She added. " Landon cracked his eyes, and looked into her blue eyes. " There we are now that you can see me why don't you tell me what you look like and your name?" Scarletta said. " Shouldn't you already know what I look like?" Landon said in a voice scarcely above a whisper. " Well If you haven't noticed Rabbit my eyes do not see, I have never been able to see the green grass or the blue sky, or the mud after a rain." She spoke as if it didn't affect her one bit. " oh, I am sorry" Landon spoke a little more confidently. " It's all right, I am used to it, my hearing and smell are my eyes." She said pointing her head to the sky. " Now please tell me your name and what you look like rabbit." " Well my name is Landon, and I am tan with silver in my fur, and I have been shot and need to get to my family, if I shall die I want to be with them. They don't even know where I am." HE said with pain and sadness. " Well then we shall find your home for you then." Scarletta said and picked him up by the scruff of the neck and started to walk in the direction of the pond.


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