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Gilly's Great Days

Story Part 6

September 30th 2012 3:36 pm
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Landon's heart raced a million times a minute, he could hear as the dog's steps got closer as their brains were set into kill mode. His adrenaline was pumping through him, and the crevice he was in could not hold them off for long. Oh how he wished he would have just gotten the berries and brought them back to the burrow. But then he thought, if he had done that Penny or Rikky might have heard it and gotten either killed by the bullet or killed by the blood- thirsty dogs. He was thankful but the ride wasn't over yet, a dog had caught his scent and was headed straight for him. The dog was a bloodhound that went by the name of Bengal, he had one eye, and part of his left ear was ripped of from an encounter with a cougar. He was mean and showed no mercy, Landon and Rikky saw him once when getting water one evening. The pond was quiet and peaceful when Bengal and his partner Raven ripped through the trees with a dead rabbit in their jowls. They ripped the rabbit apart, a bloody mess they watched, then the dogs left and all that was left was the foot prints to show they had been there. But Landon had to think of the way to survive and make it back to his family. So he thought, since Bengal obviously had a blind spot in his vision from his missing eye, if he could escape past him and high- tail it back to the burrow he would be alright for then. But wherever Bengal was Raven was never far behind. So Raven was Bengal's extra set of eyes. Landon didn't have much time in escaping so he thought about where he was, he knew he was far enough away from the burrow that the dogs didn't catch his scent, but he also knew there was a tree trunk not far from where he was. The trunk was knarled and had a dip in it so that it was the perfect spot from predators, Landon had used it before to escape from a coyote one evening. But this was no time to think of the past he had to think of now. So he peeked out and saw Bengal about 50 feet from where he was. So he slowly ever so slowly creeped out of the crevice and ran for it. But he didn't go unseen, Raven spotted him almost immediately and howled a mean horrible snarl that put even a bear or cougar in his place. Bengal turned and began powering after Landon, lessening the space between them with each stride. Landon could see the trunk about 100 yards away, he just had to make it there and he would be safe, he ran with his last bit of energy and dove straight into the hole. He pressed against the hard back roots that made a force field from the dog's strong jaws and razor teeth. But he blacked out before he could even see the light seeping through the hole. TO BE CONTINUED...


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