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Snow Day

February 14th 2013 11:53 am
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Mom and I are having a snow day today. We got so much snow yesterday that mom has given up trying to keep the drive clean and has phoned the rural municipality to come with the grader and open the drive. It isn't real cold here today (-11C) but there is just so much snow that all of the school buses were cancelled today and lots of people are staying home because the highway is ice covered and snow packed.

We went for a good long snowshoe walk this morning and now we are taking it easy inside.

I gave mom a scare yesterday. I had bad diarrhea and then I started vomiting. All was better after I barfed up the mitt I had swallowed! I am much better today!

Almost forgot to tell my pals, that I now have free run of the house when the peeps are not home. My crate no longer is used to block off parts of the house they want to keep me out of, but I never seem to stray too far from my bed upstairs when they are out of the house.

Wishing all my pals a Happy Valentine's Day! xoxoxox


Thank you Dogster

February 12th 2013 12:03 pm
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I appear to be a Diary Pick of the Day today! Thank you so much Dogster for this honor and thank you to my pals that sent rosettes and pawmails. Hugs to all!

It appears my pet porcupine has finally moved on. Mom and I saw it leave our property, head across the road and into the neighbor's field shortly before lunch today. About half an hour later we saw it in the other neighbor's field. Mom says I will still be on the leash today, but hopefully it will be long gone by tomorrow and then I can run around again.

Thanks again to Dogster and all my pals that have made my day special!


My Morning Walk

February 9th 2013 5:50 am
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Mom and I always go for a morning walk and yesterday was no exception. We live in the country, so mom lets me run free but she always has my leash in her pocket. Yesterday I am happily sniffing and digging in the snow in the ditch when I get my leash suddenly put on me. Mom then proceeds to drag me a short distance from where I had been. Ok she didn't drag me, but she made me move quick!

I see mom looking away from me and then I spy something! Mom says it was a porcupine and I need to leave those alone. She told me about Angel Abby's two encounters with porcupines and I guess they weren't fun.

She took a picture of it walking away from us and I will have her post it on my page soon.



February 5th 2013 7:35 pm
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I must have an admirer because I got an anonymous heart rosette today. It said "Wags and licks to one cute pup!". Yeah, somebody thinks I'm cute!

Now I wonder who this pup might be!



January 31st 2013 7:29 am
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Mom says I have to stay in today and when I go out, she is taking me out on the leash so I don't dilly dally. I love the snow and don't understand why she is being so mean!

What's that mom? Oh, it is -47 C or (-52.6F) with the windchill today. Well I guess that is good reason to stay inside.

Stay warm everybody!


Dogster Fleas?

January 28th 2013 12:17 pm
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I am wondering if anybody else is having this problem. I notice a bunch of my pals adding new pictures, but all I can see is a white box. I cannot see my pals happy faces. Is anybody else having this problem when someone posts new pictures? Maybe I should fire off a memo to HQ!

Not much happening around here. We have been getting so much snow lately, and then it warms up and we get freezing rain, and then cools off and more snow and round, round we go! We are sure looking forward to spring.

I have been happily destuffing and shredding most of my toys. If anyone has suggestions for durable toys, please pass them along. I have even shredded Kong toys and mom thought that wasn't possible! I haven't, however, done anything to the furniture or baseboards or anything else in the house as of late.

Hope all of my pals are doing well!



January 18th 2013 8:13 am
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The following story is sad in a way, but it grossed out mom so I like it.

Mom was shovelling off the deck yesterday when she looked over at the BBQ cover. There was a very funny bulge in it. She went to feel the bulge and thought she felt feet!

She went to the garage and got a bucket and put a garbage bag into it. She went back to the deck and put the bucket under the bulge on the BBQ cover and then loosened the cover. There was a frozen crash in the bucket. Mom wasn't sure if she wanted to look or not. She decided to look and there was a very frozen squirrel. Don't ask her how it got there or why it got there. She thinks it wanted shelter under the BBQ cover and then froze.

Anywoodle, I looked into the bucket. Now I like anything frozen and just before this I was happily eating an icicle. Before mom knew what I was doing, I reached into the bucket, took out the squirrel, and laid down with it. When I realized mom was gonna take it away from, I quickly bit off a piece and went running with it. Mom disposed of the remainder and she figures I probably ate the piece I bit off.

The only thing better than frozen squirrelsicles is frozen poopsicles from the neighbors horses. Now those are yummy!

In other news, mom is thinking of renaming. Current suggestions are Shadow or Shadoe, Velcro, UnderFoot, or TooClose. What can I say. I need to be where the momma is!


Making The Momma Smile

January 11th 2013 11:41 am
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Pups the momma was feeling a little down today, so we decided to go on an epic walk. My leg is much better, so we headed down to the river. We took one path and I sniffed all around, found a rabbit warren and enjoyed rolling in there and eating the raisins they left behind.

We then headed back up the trail and went to the other side path. I was again sniffing everywhere and then we decided to take a short cut up to our yard.

Now pups we have had a lot of snow recently and a lot of blowing snow. The top of the side path was really drifted over. It was a very solid drift and very vertical. I tried and tried to get up but kept sliding down. Mom decided to go ahead and make a trail up by kicking places to put her toes. I somehow got ahead of her and kept sliding down. But this time when I slid down, mom got a face full of my butt. She thought this was so funny that she accidently let go of the tree she was hanging onto and slid down the snowbank. I decided to slide on top of her. So then we tried going up again and the same thing happened. Eventually mom got up the drift and reached over and dragged me up with the help of my collar.

I think she is feeling a little better after our adventure. Tomorrow would have been Angel Abby's 12th birthday, so I know she is feeling a little down about that.

After I type this I will chase my tail because that always makes her smile!


On Restricted Duty

January 7th 2013 4:59 am
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Well pups, I think the momma is over-reacting but I am on restricted duty for a few days.

Yesterday daddy and I went for an epic walk down by the river. I was happily running along the shore when I slipped on some ice and down I went. I stayed down for a while, got up, tried to walk and then sat down again. I did this a couple of times before I shook it off. This put a quick end to our walk as daddy took me straight home.

I seem to be walking fine on leash but when I try to run I limp so mom says I am on leash walks for a few days.

By the way, this weekend I was nice to the peeps and let them sleep in until 7:45 a.m. one morning!


The Epic Walk

January 4th 2013 9:05 am
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Yesterday mom decided she needed to tire me out and she took me on an epic walk. I think she decided I needed to be played out because around 3:00 a.m. yesterday morning I decided to wake her up. No, I didn't have to go outside, I just decided everyone should be up at that hour!

She straps on her snowshoes and off we trek through the neighbor's field. Mom made sure she walked through the deepest snow she could find. Sometimes I had trouble keeping up to her. I decided that trying to walk on the snowshoes was fun because this would make her fall into the deep snow and then I would jump all over mom.

An hour and 15 minutes later we arrived back home. I quickly ate everything in my food dish and drank all my water and then slumped to the floor in an exhausted sleep!

Guess what? I decided to wake her up again around 3 or was it 4 this morning? We have already been on one epic walk this morning and I hear there is another coming later today!

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