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Snow, snow glorious snow!

April 10th 2013 9:51 am
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Well pups, it is still white up here in the Great White North! Mommy took some pictures of our yard today because daddy's clients in the U.S.A. wanted to see how much snow we have left. Um, I guess you could say a lot. It is also supposed to snow for the next 4 or so days. All this snow is getting people more and more worried about flooding this spring. Hopefully the flooding won't be as bad as it was in 2011.

Mom's hands are feeling better but now her one shoulder is sore. It is probably from shoveling so much and trying to throw the snow over the tops of the banks.

Personally, I love the snow! I have dug many holes, and the other day I dug out a nest of baby mice! There are also other treasures that the snow reveals, but mom says I shouldn't eat those.

That other porcupine is still hanging around. When mom took me outside last night around 8:30 p.m. there he was sitting primly in the garden. At least he does keep moving on and hasn't taken up residence like the last one did.

Would anyone like a truckload of snow? Free!!! Just come and get it!!


Thank you everyone!

April 2nd 2013 7:08 am
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Thank you everyone that sent rosettes and pawmails and made me pictures for my very first birthday! I had a pawsome day. Went on a nice long walk, got a new toy and got a special meal!

Thanks again everyone for helping me celebrate my birthday!


Happy Birthday, Buddy!

April 2nd 2013 6:38 am
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Dearest Buddy

To the best of our knowledge, yesterday was your first birthday. We don't know the exact date, but the beginning of April seemed appropriate.

You did have a rough start to your young life. Being chained outdoors and inadequate food in your life before rescue and that serious infection you developed that at one point had the vet thinking you were in either liver or kidney failure.

You are now healthy, appear to be happy with us, have lots of energy and are making up for those months when you didn't feel well.

We love you Buddy and look forward to sharing many more birthdays with you.



Where are you spring

March 28th 2013 7:07 am
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Hard to believe it is supposedly spring as we still have so much snow. Mom posted some pictures on here late last week and she was hoping the yard would look different this week. It doesn't! She has done so much shoveling that she says she can't do any more. I was trying to help by digging holes and burying things in them, but apparently this is not helpful. Mom has given up shoveling because she says Arthur Ritis is visiting and her hands are so sore.

I think since she isn't shoveling anymore, she should be making me treats. I only had a few homemade treats left and mom had the audacity to take them to the neighbor for his dog. Ok, Ok, he did come to mom's rescue when she was stuck on the road due to the bad storm we had here last week. He dug mom out of her predicament, got her to the main road and then went back and cleaned the rest of the road and the yard. Mom took over a thank you package and she had to include everyone in the family, so there went my treats.

The weather should now be better as daddy is back from his latest trip and the weather always improves once dad is back.

Oh, guess what? For the last two evenings mom and I have seen a porcupine walking through the yard. She says until further notice, I need to be on a leash when I go out at night. He seems to disappear during the day, but does pay us a visit once it is dark outside.

Wishing all my pals a pawsome Easter.


Three weeks today

March 12th 2013 7:55 am
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It is three weeks today that I had my last dose of antibiotics. Mom is still watching me like a hawk and scrutinizing my bodily functions (how embarrassing is that!), but she thinks (touch wood, she is knocking on her head (BOL) right now!) that the nasty E.coli infection is gone once and for all. All I can say is "Good riddance"! Now I can start being a puppy again!

I have been helping mom remove snow from the deck and behind the house as spring is around the corner and we don't want water in the house. Apparently last year at this time, the snow was nearly all gone from the peeps yard, we think this year the snow might be gone by May. Well, hopefully, sooner, but we have so much. The way I am helping is I dig a big hole in the snow and hide in it and then bark at mom when she gets close to where I am hiding! Fun for me, not so much for the momma!

I was doing my business the other day when I heard a noise, so I quickly finished up and went to investigate. There was this thing poking out from under the wood pile that made mom go "awwww" and made me want to chase it. Mom said it was a weasel and weasels are good so she pulled me away from it. I thought it looked like one of my destuffed stuffies and I wanted to play with it!

Not much else going on here. Have a great day everyone!


Things that make you go awwww!

March 11th 2013 9:56 am
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Well pups, the momma has found a pup here on Dogster that she thinks might even be cuter than me! I know, hard to believe, but this little guy is adorable! I dare you to not say "Awwwww" when you see his pictures!

This adorable pup's name is Meeko. Please stop on bye and say hello to the cute little fella!


Finished my meds

February 20th 2013 5:44 am
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I have just finished my meds that I was given to combat that nasty urinary tract infection that turned into a prostate gland infection. Apparently an infection of the prostate gland is very hard to treat so you need a long course of antibiotics to eradicate it. I was on antibiotics for 12 weeks.

Mom sure hopes that this time the infection is finally gone for good.

That E. coli infection was a very nasty one and the vet kept telling momma that if I didn't have her, I would not have made it. Thanks for looking after me mom.


Thank you once again Dogster

February 19th 2013 4:59 am
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Wow, I appear to be a Dogster Diary Pick once again today! Thank you so much Dogster and thanks to the pals that have sent rosettes and pawmails.

The porcupine is still laying siege to the shelter belt. It appears to really like the willow trees and buffalo berry bushes. Several of those branches are already denuded of bark and the smaller branches have been eaten off. Mom and I watched it fall out of a willow tree again yesterday and you can't help but laugh at it. It really rattles when it shakes itself off afterwards.

Mom has talked to another conservation place and they suggested putting a radio nearby and leaving it on. Porcupines are solitary animals so do not like noise. The problem is, this is winter in Canada and the shelter belt is a ways from the house. Batteries don't like real cold weather, it has been -32C the previous two nights, and we don't have an extension cord long enough.

Mom went outside several times yesterday and banged pots and swore at the critter. It just looked at her like she was crazy. Good thing the nearest neighbor is over 1/2 a mile away and can't watch this. Hopefully they didn't hear her little "song" she was saying to the porcupine!

Anyway, will keep you posted on the comings and hopefully goings of the porcupine! Thanks again Dogster for the honor of being a Diary Pick today.


Thank you

February 16th 2013 5:10 pm
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Thank you pals for sending me all those boxes of Valentine Candy and for the other rosettes I received on Valentine's Day. They all look so pawsome on my page and if you would all lean a little closer to the screen here comes a big hug for everyone!

Thanks again!


He's baaaaack!

February 15th 2013 12:03 pm
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This morning started early as mom was just getting her cup of coffee when she saw the grader come down our drive. She quickly got ready and went out to talk to the driver, and then he went to work opening the drive.

Mom made me stay inside while she was talking to the driver and I did not like it.

Anyway, the yard is now open! Yeah! And I have big snowbanks to crawl on! They are so much fun.

Mom and I were playing outside and she glanced over at the shelter belt. She saw something funny in the shelter belt, pulls my leash out of her pocket and snaps it on me and then we take a walk. You guessed it. My porcupine is back. If anyone has any ideas on how to make a porcupine move, please forward them on!

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