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Back from the Vet

October 25th 2012 3:46 pm
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Well, mom was right, she did in fact see blood on the snow yesterday when I was peeing. She got several samples from me and she took them to the vet appointment. Whereas my urine was clear just last Friday, today they found blood, and elevated nitrates and pH in all of them. That still points to an infection somewhere.

First off the vet checked my prostate. I did not like that one little bit. Oh the dogmanity of it all! Then I got sedated and had my bladder x-rayed and then I was catheterized and a sample was taken. Oh, I also had my anal glands expressed! The horror!!

Luckily the x-rayed showed that I didn't have any kidney or bladder stones, but my bladder does look swollen so I still have an infection in there. Everything else look good on the x-ray. Tee hee, even the mouse I ate this morning showed up on the x-ray! Yeah me!!

The urine sample will be sent for a culture and sensitivity and hopefully then we can get to bottom of things. It might just mean I need to be on antibiotics longer, or I need a different antibiotic all together or I might even have a fungal infection.

Tonight I start yet another round of antibiotics, but we feel we are finally getting a handle on this infection.



October 24th 2012 1:04 pm
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So there I am having a pee outside and mom notices something while I am peeing. She puts my leash on me and takes me for a walk into a clean patch of snow and tells me to pee. I do and she notices blood droplets on the snow. I have a vet appointment tomorrow and mom once again gets to collect some samples from me.

I just wish I could get over this infection. Mom thinks it might be time to do an x-ray and see what is going on in there.


Hoping it is gone forever

October 19th 2012 11:29 am
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We are hopeful my bladder infection is gone forever. I had my vet appointment this morning and I cooperated nicely and mom got a good sample from me before we went. The initial analysis showed, no white or red blood cells, no excess protein and no excess mucous. Ewww, that sounds gross! But that is actually good. They are now doing further tests to see if there might be crystals, but we really hope we don't hear back from the vet and everything is fine. I finish my last round of antibiotics on Monday and then we hope I am done those for a long time. I was also able to get my last puppy vaccination today.

I was 57 pounds today, so have slowed down a bit, that mom was assured I will probably have another growth spurt in the next few months.

For good measure today, I chewed throw my harness and the seat belt attachment that belongs to it. The comforter mom had in the back of the cab of the truck was also tempting so I started to shred that. Tee Hee! She had even given me my deer antler and another toy to chew on, but I decided to be destructive instead.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!



October 17th 2012 10:43 am
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Mom and dad got a DNA kit and a few weeks ago they swabbed my cheek and sent the swab off to get tested.

This morning mom got the results and she really wasn't surprised by them.

Would anyone like to guess what my DNA is?


Vet Visit Today

October 12th 2012 12:03 pm
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Today I had another vet visit. We were hoping I could get my final puppy vaccination today, but I am on antibiotics for another 10 days. It does look like my bladder infection is getting much better, so hopefully after this round of pills, I won't have to take any more pills for a while. Mom is still giving me yogurt and a milk thistle everyday, and maybe this is also helping.

I have to go back to the vet in one week, and get this pups, mom has try to get a urine sample before she takes me in! She told the vet she knew I would cooperate for her. Hmmm, we shall see!

I now weigh 55 pounds so I am gaining about 2 pounds a week!

Mom now has me registered for obedience classes that will start at the end of October.

We had our first light dusting of snow earlier this week, it didn't stay around long, but it was fun to play with. Speaking of playing with, mom got me two new toys early this week. My favorite is by Chuck It and it has a nice long rope attached to it so I can really swing it around and have fun with it. The other toy was sold by the CFL team in our province and mom refused to pay what they were intially asking ($14.99) for it, but when she saw it in the bargain bin at $1.00, she thought why not! I destroyed it quicker than you can blink your eye. Heh, heh!!

Take care everyone!

Big Woofs


My Last Puppy Club meeting

October 5th 2012 8:01 pm
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Yesterday was my last puppy club meeting. The club is for pups between 10 weeks and 6 months, and I just turned 6 months so I guess I just graduated. I am a little bummed about it, but my pal Willow graduated last week, so I guess us pups are growing up!

Mom had to phone the vet about me again today. I finished my antibiotics on Wednesday and this morning I has having problems peeing. The vet now wants to wait 7 days and due a culture and sensitivity on my pee. We have to wait that long due to the fact I just finished antibiotics and the results of the sensitivity test will surely be negative. The vet did give mom an emergency supply of pills for 5 days (it is the Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada) in case it got really bad, and unfortunately mom has already had to start those. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of my bladder problems soon.

Mom finally needs to update my weight, as I weighed 51.4 pounds yesterday at puppy club!

Wishing all of my Canadian friends a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.


Thank you

October 1st 2012 11:31 am
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Wow, I was the Dogster Diary Pick on Saturday! Thank you so much to everyone for the rosettes and pawmails and pup pal requests that I received! Thank you Dogster for this honor!

I had a wonderful day on Saturday and it was because of all of you!

Big Woofs


A little more freedom

September 27th 2012 10:13 am
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Yesterday mom needed to run some errands her and dad decided that maybe I could have more freedom in the house while she was away. Mom moved my crate into the hallway, effectively blocking off most of the house. She then moved my bed into the mudroom, left me a bully stick and a kong and my food and water dishes, told me not to destroy anything and went about her business. She was gone for about five hours!

When she opened the door on her return, she was pleasantly surprised to see, that: a) I had not chewed anything other than my bully stick and my kong!; b) nothing was scratched up; c) I had not had any potty accidents! I think this means that next time she has to run errands, I get a bit more freedom in the house. Yeah! Can't wait until I have access to all the rooms while they are gone.

Mom also bought me some new toys. I got a pawsome new rope toy and a frisbee! I love them both and have been spending equal time playing with them.

Well, tonight is puppy club, so I must go and rest up before I start chasing all my pals at puppy club around.

Big Woofs


They Trust Me

September 25th 2012 6:40 am
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When I came to my furever home, I slept in a crate. It was nice and comfy, but I wanted to be where the peeps were. Sunday night was the first night the peeps let me sleep in their room at night. Mom put a nice comforter on the floor and after I had been outside and did my business, I went right into the bedroom and curled up on the comforter and slept there all night. Well, until 6:00 a.m. when I decided to investigate the closet and mom heard me do that. Mom still doesn't trust me enough to leave me out of my crate during the day when she has to be away, but that will come soon enough.

My new antibiotics seem to be helping me a lot and I have a lot more energy! I am already looking forward to Puppy Club this coming Thursday.

Big Woofs


Puppy Club

September 21st 2012 10:07 am
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Yesterday was my first puppy club and I had a great time! I was so tired that I slept all the way home.

I wasn't sure I would get to go to Puppy Club because earlier in the day I was back at the vet because of my bladder infection. It appears it came back, or was never gone in the first place, and I am on antibiotics for another two weeks. If after that time I still have the infection, I will need an x-ray of my bladder, but I am hoping it will be all better by then.

I am gaining weight well, I now weigh 49.6 pounds so mom will need to soon update my weight on my page. Everybody comments on how shiny and soft my coat is becoming and I am currently getting three more adult teeth.

Puppy club started with a lecture for the parents, and we puppies were put in the "settle down" position. This was difficult!! But then we all got to run and play and chase each other in the clinic. I am looking forward to going next week.

I also had the honor this week of being the "Rosetta Pup" in Rotties Rules! Thanks everyone for the rosettes you have left on my page, it looks ever so nice!

Big Woofs

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