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Will I ever be able to fill Katana's big paw prints?

havent been working much lately

November 9th 2013 8:39 pm
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Since we moved mom and dad,Bella and I havent been going out much. Mom has been trying to go back to school and a lot of things have been against her. Mom's dad passed away a few weeks ago and she has been having a lot of hard issues with that.Because of that and the fact that the mechanic is being a major pain in the rear and not fixing mom's ride we cant work because we have only a truck and since its turning off cold mom and dad dont want us going to work with them because even in our crates with a blanket over them and a tarp too its too cold to take us out. There is good news though we finally got a new ride but now mom and dad have to get a barrier to put up so that we stay where we belong and dont try to get up in their laps. Because mom says that at 60+ and 80+ pounds we arent lap dogs anymore and we cant drive cause we dont have our doggie drivers licenses.


Its been a while but I am back now

March 27th 2013 10:57 am
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Ok so its been a while since I have updated my journal but I have been really busy. I almost had to give up my dream of being dads Service Dog thanks to our ex-roommate who decided to hit me for barking. But I am doing good again. Mom and dad have been working with me to get me settled back down again. Mom says its a good thing that I have a brain and a good memory because I am remembering how to behave and am doing good. I am getting bigger than I was a few months ago and dad thinks I am around 90 to 100 pounds now. I am not sure about that but I love working with dad. Since the roommate messed things up I havent been out much vested because I needed time to get settled down again. Mom is surprised that I dont have fear issues thanks to the ex-roommate.


Yesterday was my birthday

January 9th 2013 2:15 pm
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I am a year old now. I dont feel any different just feel like I did a few days ago. Mom says she cant believe how much I have grown. I weighed 70 pounds a month ago. Hmmm let me see what all else I can say. Oh I got to meet some guys that mom and dad are friends with that wrestle for a living. They have a wrestling show every month in one of the big towns near us and I got to go New Years Eve. We had fun mom was so proud of me. So far I have been to church and wrestling and a couple other places and everyone thinks I am farther along in my training than I really am. I loved the wrestling show though. They gave me a hot dog YUMMY.


Training and squirrels

September 12th 2012 6:01 am
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My dad's human partner and I went to the park the other day. Ok I guess I should call her mom, well anyway we went to the local park for some training. I had so much fun learning what I needed to learn that day. I was laying on the ground by mom's feet on my red crate pad when this crazy squirrel came right up close to us. I stood up and watched it really close and was thinking 'come on mr. Bushytail. Get close to my mom and watch if I dont show you who is boss.' Mom just said my name and I looked at her and laid down. I got a dog cookie for that. Mom has good treats.My brother Mojo came for a visit that was supposed to be just a day but ended up being a week. He went home the other day but I heard his owner tell mom that he is coming back in a few days. I cant wait to see my little bro again.


Trying to become a Service Dog for my daddy

September 4th 2012 9:55 pm
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The name is Tank Abrams Tank and I am almost 8 months old. My mom is a German Shepherd and my dad is a Labrador. My human dad is training me to be his new service dog because his other one Katana the doberman died suddenly not long ago. Believe me those paw prints of Katana's are mighty big but I am learning very fast. I have a lot of things that I have to learn and I like learning. Mom and dad are going to take my brother and I and get us a set of backpacks then mom wants to order patches for me so that I can start my going into store training soon, I do go into pet friendly places right now but not the walmart store or the collage book store.

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