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The Chihuahua Diaries-Learning about La La

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July 11, 2012 Wednesday. I protect my house

July 11th 2012 11:39 am
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Hey , Thanks Dogster for making me one of the DDP's again today. I am very happy and I got a new rosette from Angel Whisper and her family. Thanks.....
This morning I was in the bathroom and Mom noticed I was staring and staring at the toilet. She didn't see anything wrong so didn't pay much attention. Then I got in there again and watched some more. Pay attention Mom !!! The toilet was running over and water was dripping on the floor. Well that resulted in another Plumber call, good thing he lives close, and he will have to come back out tomorrow and fix it right.
I notice these little things when I am on "house patrol".. Guess Mom will have to get used to me doing my job..... The Frenchies would have just glanced and said "Oh well"... Wow, breeds are SO different.
By the way, my original cherry eye has gone away, now I just have the new one. Keep your finger's crossed, friends, and hope this one goes away too.


July 10.2013: Running with Scissors

July 10th 2012 6:39 am
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These are nosey little dogs. I got everyone up early this morning, because it was cool, and the Frenchies got a chance to go outside and enjoy the nice morning, they were amusing themselves barking at bunnies outside the fence.
La La and I had some time together while I had my coffee. Then she was off looking for something to get into.
I keep PiPi's grooming equipment in a bucket inside the bathroom closet and La La loves to go in there and swing from leads hung on hooks in the closet. Pretty soon she goes speeding out of the bathroom closet and into the kitchen. There was something about that run that said "I have something I don't want you to see".... Sure enough she was running with PiPi's grooming scissors... "Don't run with scissors !!!"... Nutty little thing. No harm done to her or the scissors. What will she find next ? I hope it's not a bee.


Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9th 2012 3:21 pm
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Hi. Thanks for the nice presents and comments. I am so happy to be one of the Dogster Diary of the Day dogs. And I am so little, it makes me feel special.
Today my Mom was amazed at me. The plumber was in and out the door all morning. Priming the water pump, checking the well and doing all kinds of repairs. I had been running around for a few hours before he came, so I just sat in my little pen and watched him go back and forth all morning. I did not bark or whine or ANYTHING.. My Mom was Shocked that I was being so good. My friend Simon, on the other hand, didn't shut up all morning. He is the problem of the family. (Mom still loves him the best).
This afternoon I got to ride down to the town hall in our little town and help pay the taxes. That was a whole bunch of fun for me, not so much for my Mom.
Now I am going to do my eveing speed around the kitchen, and then off to bed for the night.
ps. I am also learning to eat like a French Bulldog. Mom puts down my food, I chomp it up really quickly, and then she picks up my dish. I don't mess around with my food lately. I now weigh 3.31 lbs. Hmmm. I better not get too big.


Sunday July 8, 2012 No water

July 8th 2012 7:38 am
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Well the water pump down in the basement was making all kinds of no good noises on Friday night at about 10pm. Mom fiddled with it a bit and then just turned the whole thing off. We are without water here until the plumber gets here on Monday. I don't really care because I am still getting my meals on time. Four times a day now, because I am such a little girl and Mom figures I am burning off the food like crazy since I run around so much.. We are all getting water from the store and the house is getting dirtier and dirtier, but I like it like that.
I went outside to play with Robin, my French Bulldog sister, yesterday. We were both rolling on our backs next to each other, she loves me, but she is so much bigger that after a few rolls from Robin when I ended up squashed down into the grass. Mom said "That's enough, the vet's are closed today" so she took me back inside. I LOVE Robin .... and I even really like it when she rolls on me.
P.S. Mom says I am still really cute even with two cherry eyes on a black face.


July 6, 2012 I go for a visit and pop another cherry eye.- Oh No.

July 6th 2012 4:49 pm
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Last night and tonight I got to go for a short visit, to the next town over from us. My Mom's Dad is temporarily in a rehab place, and it is a great place because they let dogs come and visit. Some of the Frenchies got to visit already, and tonight and last night I visited. I was not too sure of who this man was, because he wasn't home since I came to my new family. I was a little scard the first night, but by tonight I was happy and licked him on the nose and fell asleep in his lap. My Mom was pleased...
Then while my Mom was on the phone hearing about the dog show news, she looked down at me and "WHAT" I popped out a cherry eye on the other eye. Ha Ha. Just to keep her on her toes. She says "Oh well, might as well be both eyes and just one eye"... She says I will have to get them fixed eventually, but not till I grow up a little more. Guess my Mom wasn't too happy about my eye trick.


July 4, 2012 Happy Fourth.......

July 4th 2012 2:35 pm
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This is my first fourth of July. I guess it must be something special, but so far around here things seem pretty much normal. Wake up at the same time, same kind of food to eat.... No hot dogs or hamburgs for me.
It's hot again, so all the Frenchies are snoozing.. I want to run around and bite on Mom's hands, but she doesn't like that at ALL....
Not having any barbeques or fireworks (I hope).... No parades, but we do have ice cream. Mom is going to let me watch her eat her ice cream. Big deal.... I want some too.
Mom is trying to get all of us dogs out of the kitchen at some point so she can paint the floor. She has the idea that she is going to do red squares all over the kitchen floor. That's a good idea, but everytime she gets the floor all washed and ready to paint. All us dogs have to run over it, or spill our water all over the place. Maybe she will realize it's a hopeless case, especially with ME around. The baby puppy of the group. Ha Ha......


July 3, 2012 Tuesday at the vet

July 4th 2012 2:25 pm
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Today we took little La La in for her second shot and her rabies. Our vet, who is wonderful, thought that two shots in that little chihuahua system would be too much, so we decided to wait for the rabies till next week. She was very good, if somewhat nervous about the whole experience. I tapped her on the nose while she got her shot, so she didn't even notice it. She was good about the toenails and the temperature. But... as we were going into the vet's office in the beginning I noticed a little haw showing in the corner of one eye. Sure enough "cherry eye"... I was hoping to get away with no problems with this puppy, but nope. We got drops from the vet and I am keeping my finger's crossed that maybe we will be very lucky and it will go away. There is always something, isn't there. I am glad I got some more cute pictures before this little eye thing.
After the visit we went to a KFC and got lunch and just by luck drove down to a river close by to look for some shade, and eat our lunch. There was a Lab field test going on. Very interesting. Our little chihuahua sat in her crate and didn't bark at the strange dogs. "Good girl". We watched them for a while, it was a lot of fun.


Sunday-July 1, 2012

July 2nd 2012 7:23 am
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Today was pretty hot, not so hot for a chihuahua, but really hot for French Bulldogs. We were all pretty much inside in the ac all day. I think I am teething, that's what Mom says, because she calls me a pirhana fish, and hopes I will grown out of this stage soon.
I have an old anter that was chewed down to three inches by the Frenchies and I love to play with that. Mom is going to have to find a new antler for Mario soon. He LOVES them, and it gives him something to do while the heat rages outside. Mom didn't even mow the rest of the lawn yesterday. As soon as the heat stopped, Big Thunderstorms showed up. She took me outside for a minute and we played a lot, so I wouldn't be afraid of the big noises. So far I don't care about them. Mom hopes that this will last. She has had a dog in the past who was really scared of Thunderstorms and it wasn't fun at all. Now all the Frenchies are fine with Giant Booming Thunder. Pippi can't hear the noise, and I am not scared at all.


June 30, 2012 Trying to catch up...

June 30th 2012 3:17 pm
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A lot has happened with me since I got here. My Mom is trying to catch up and from here on go with the day it actually is. I am learning all the time and seeing new things. Very tiring for a little puppy.
I went back to my ice cream store on Sunday the 17th. Mom got strawberry cheesecake ice cream, but once again I got nothing. I walked around all by myself. My sister Robin didn't go this time. Too hot for Frenchies, but I was fine.
On Wednesday I saw my Dad who has been away since I got here. He was going for some medical tests and I came along so we could meet. It ended up taking a lot LOT longer than my Mom thought it would, but finally I got to ride home with him holding me. I was a little scaredy at first, after a while I was so tired from my big day that I fell asleep in his arms. He thought I was VERY cute and tiny. By the time we got home everyone in our family was exhausted, so we all went to bed early that night. I was nice and didn't make a peep all night.
Today was one of those sweltering 90+ degree days. All of the Frenchies stayed in their air conditioning, and got really bored. I ran around the kitchen some, and dozed in bed other times. We didn't go out anywhere today. Lucky Po got to go to a church tag sale this morning before it got hot, she was the official greeter at the sale. She had a ball. But I stayed home. Mom got a new red chair for the kitchen and she has warned me that I must not taste it with my little chihuahua teeth. It is wood and she knows what can happen to wood chairs.
She thinks I am starting to loose my baby teeth, because I am getting very bity at night. That is going to have to stop .... says Mom.


June 11-16, 2012

June 28th 2012 4:44 pm
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This week we just let the puppy hang around. Nothing much but exploring the house and going out with Simon and Robin once in a while. I notice she sleeps through the morning, but around 6 pm. WATCH OUT... She starts zooming around the kitchen. Playing with every toy she can get hold of.
Guess she is a night time dog.
I did have to change the wire on the gate across the kitchen, because she was squeezing that little body through 2 by 4 inch mesh, So we had to get smaller mesh. She hasn't tried to climb that gate yet, thank goodness.
She is being amazingly good sleeping through the night. I was astounded that she didn't cry at all.
I am also going to feed her 4 times a day, rather than all the time (free feed) and see how that will work out.
Funny, she doesn't seem to like her food soaked. She wants it dry. So until she starts loosing the baby teeth, and I might have to soak it again for a while, she will get it dry.
Chihuahuas seem a LOT more mature at a younger age, than Frenchies. A LOT.

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