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The Chihuahua Diaries-Learning about La La

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Happy Holidays: 2014

December 28th 2014 3:46 pm
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Hello all my Dogster friends. Long time since I talked to you last. Hope you all had a GREAT holiday... My Mom made me take this picture. Happy 2015.


June 12,2014

June 12th 2014 8:09 am
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It's supposed to be Spring.... Time to stretch and get up and get moving.... but it doesn't feel like it yet in New England. I am still sleeping under my yellow blanket and wearing a sweater.... well Mom is glad she doesn't have to put the ac on for the Frenchies yet, anyway.


January 19,2014 No more Pup Pals...... AWFUL

January 19th 2014 4:52 pm
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Oh No, just as we are meeting all these fun new Dogster Buddies, and keeping in touch with old friends Mom tells me that there will be no more Dogster.... That's a shame.... How am I going to hear what is going on in New Hampshire or Australia.... And how am I going to get all my photos off Dogster and back on Mom's computer... This is NOT GOOD...
Well I can say HI to everyone now, and we can talk until the beginning of March.... Stay warm... (I am)...


December 22,2013: The rest of the story

December 22nd 2013 11:22 am
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Well, Charlie, it is not a good story, but here goes... ps. all is just fine right now.
I am a sneaky little devil, and my Mom has to tie the gate closed between the kitchen and the living room, or I will open the gate and dash madly up and down the stair. The living room has the front door that opens out to the street.
Well she was upstairs at the computer, and I came dashing up stairs to see her, wearing my snazzy little red and white striped Christmas sweater.
Pretty soon Mom hears her father downstairs calling 'La La" , she didn't know where it was coming from but thought she should run down the stairs and check out the situation. Her Dad was on the front porch calling "La La' and I had dashed down the stairs and was at the end of the driveway checking out a melting pile of snow. LUCKILY, my Mom has taught me to come when she said "cookie". So she came walking out of the front door (trying to appear calm) and said cookie. I made a dash for her and she caught me and hugged me. She didn't act stressed to me, but that is because she didn't want me to get all excited and run into the forest. That is SO scary..... all she could see is my little stripey coat way down at the end of the driveway...
Things worked out fine. My Mom's head didn't explode, and I am home safe. But the bad part is Mom has figured out that she can't rely on her father to do anything with the dogs anymore... well he is 89 and that's what happens....And she has to permanently tie the gate closed. That's it Charlie..... what's new with you. ?


December21,2013 One of the Diary Picks

December 21st 2013 6:00 am
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Yipee !!! Thanks Dogster and all my Pup Pals for making me one of the Diary picks. Mom was happy when she saw that this morning. I am eating breakfast now, and today we have to go out for a ride and pick up a Christmas Turkey.... I am sure it will be much bigger than me..
I have to write more later, because we had some excitment around here yesterday.....Mom was steaming... All is fine now.. to be continued...


December 13, 2013- Brrrr

December 13th 2013 6:26 am
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It DOES take me a long time to decide to get out of bed in the morning. Mom can open the crate door and take 100 photos before I finally decide to stretch and get out of my cuddly blanket. I think this is the way I will spend most of my winter...


September 26, 2013 Smart Dog: Not so Good

September 26th 2013 4:36 pm
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Bad news, today La La figured out how to open the latch (hook) on the gate that seperates the kitchen from the living room.. She ran all over the place several times today...upstairs and downstairs. Once after shredding a pile of tissues, she must have decided she was tired so she went back into her crate to snooze with the door open, until I found her. It's not so great having a smart dog. I like the sweet and not overly bright Frenchies... easier to clean up after. We will have to solve this gate problem or she will be in BIG trouble.


April 5, 2013 The Day after my Birthday

April 29th 2013 7:51 am
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Hi. Isn't my face beautiful after I finally got those puffy eyes fixed. Mom is relieved and thinks I look WAY better.
I was off to the vet on the day before my One Year Old birthday, some birthday present, but I came home that night. And I was just fine.
Well I didn't eat too much for a week, but now I am right back to normal. I can see better (don't have to look around those red bumps) and I can get my Mom's shoelaces and search in her pockets better. That's a good thing. Happy Spring Everybody.


Big Day- April 3,2013

April 3rd 2013 4:10 pm
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Hi eberybody ( can't spell too good today, because my Mom is exhausted from her day of dogs, dogs and more dogs- and she is doing the typing for me. She was all stressed out because I went to get my eyes fixed today and also got spayded.... And to top it all off I had two baby teeth out (they couldn't fall out on their own, right)... Mom was really worried, becuase I am so little... and she has had bad luck spaying dogs in the past. So far so good with me. I am just home and I had a little supper and a drink of water. Now it's time for me to call it a night and cuddle into my snuggley bed. And Mom can go collapse. Hope you all had a nice Easter.... Tomorrow is my birthday.


February 24, 2013

February 24th 2013 3:59 pm
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It wasn't all that snowy today, but it was raining and cold and too bad to go outside. We all can't wait for Spring, we are getting really sick of being stuck inside a lot. I was trying to play with this horsie, but it wouldn't play back.
Mom is running out of ways to keep me occupied... Now she just gave me a little fish nylabone.... yeah, this is a lot of fun. She said this was my special toy, since the Frenchies would swallow it whole.

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