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From Kityra, with Love

To the coast and back...

August 20th 2012 6:49 pm
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... which isn't really far. 10 minute drive to get there?

I just love the beach. Well, not so much the salty water part... more the DOGS. There are all kinds of friendly faces there! I'm thinking walks on the coast is where all the socially savvy pooches are at. Everydog is very polite; I rarely get growls or rowdy ones. Best place for a knowledgeable dog like myself to stroll and have fun. Go figure!

Naturally, I made a new friend. Sheltie again (I just adore that breed... perfect for my size, and a shepherd face just the way I like it) and 7 years old named Argo. We had a pleasant sniffing time and took a liking to one another pretty quick.

So continues my love for the beach...


Diary of the Day and Vaccines.

August 19th 2012 3:41 pm
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I'm flattered to have Diary of the Day! Much blessings for the pups who sent gifts and messages of congrats. :)

Today also happens to be the day I receive my Parvo vaccination. Last week it was a horrific shot to the lower lip. No idea what the woman was thinking there. Has she seen my deadly fangs?

Kudos to the pups who get through it alive... including me.


Kitty's questionnaire! Free to be stolen!

August 18th 2012 4:59 pm
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Stolen from Jackson Tan's profile. :>

Name: Kityra.. but I turn into Kitty when I'm being loved.

Age (in human years): 2 and a half

Age (in dog years): 20's

Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd

Fur color: Black tri!

Size: Smallish... almost "medium"!

Weight: 19 lbs

Neutered/Spayed: yes

Where are you now: lounging on the couch

How many brothers/sisters did/do you have: Four siblings. I was the smallest one.

Do you have any strange markings: The fur on the pads of my hind feet is black. :)

Were you adopted from a pound: Nope



Food: Pretty much anything I haven't tasted before! ... Then after a few times.... mehhhh.

Sleeping spot: Kind of anywhere! Best spot is on my dad's dirty socks though.

Walking place: The neighborhood and the beach, mostly.

Bone: Bone? What about SHREDDING ROPES???

Treat: This needs to be super delicious, or I hardly consider it a treat worth a fur clump. Maybe HOT DOG.

Animal to chase: Hm? I'm alright with most other species.

Toy: Tennis balls and... SHREDDING ROPE.


-Have you ever-

Been to the beach: I practically live on the shoreline. :)

Seen snow: Doesn't snow where I live.

Traveled out of your town: Pretty much wherever my family goes, I go! So yes! Road trips and all.

Bitten a person: The nerve! Why is this question even asked?!

Been bit BY a person: I'm pretty sure mom used to bite my muzzle when I was a pup. Hmmmm...

Ate a frog: What's afrog? Sounds like a kind of troll.

Broke a leg or paw: Nope, I'm all hip and well.



Most annoying a human can do: ... you know what? Strangers that think I'm cute and start squealing. Then it's all growls for them.

Most awesome thing a human can do: Bring me to the happiest place on earth... THE BEACH. ... did you want me to say Disneyland?

Boyfriend/girlfriend: What about BEST FRIEND? :D An ole female Sheltie down the street. She's so fun to tumble with!

Do you wear a collar: Only on walks. I hardly need a tagged collar; who would run away from their families?

If so, what color: A pink one with flower prints on it


Human Toes

August 18th 2012 12:35 pm
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I brought my mom to the beach park today. Needless to say, it was a bad decision on my part. She ended up running too fast and snapping her toenail. Why can't humans have sturdy ole paws like us? I tried to help the wound recover by licking it, but she told me off. The nerve!

I knew I should have left her at home.


My name is Calm and Collected Kityra of the Raging Amount of- All-Seriousness

August 17th 2012 9:41 pm
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First entry for a dog-obsessed-related facebook forum ranting site? My voice will be heard.

Aka, what-does-this-have-to-do-with-my-daily-doggy-life dignified endeavor of a lifetime.

I demand order for all societies of pups both large and small. My name is Calm and Collected Kityra of the Raging Amount of All-Seriousness... located in the perfect, chilly coast of Southern California.

There are those in the world who take what they're given and do what they're told; but hear this: I'm ready to give an actual kitten's right paw to how much I apply into that category. Meaning, none at all.

That's right, lady-hounds and old gents. Why do you have to take life-threatening eardrops when your blessed ears are working fine? Why do you need to sleep in a tough crate while the human basks in their personally glorified cuddly mattress of suspiciously elevated height? Why is the kibble ever dry and crusty? Why does the bacon linger at said elevated height constantly and then resolve devoured by said humans?

Young pups, are you able to view yourself from the outside and make your own justified decisions?

Get this: I do.

Our humans need us to survive. Our world revolves ever benevolently around their weakened souls. We are required and bestowed upon our two-legged families in order to protect them from... other suspicious two-legged creatures.

So it is now, brethren of squirrel-chasers, that we concur to raise our hackles at any human who WE deem suspicious of crime. Bark!

There shall be no more of blind obedience to those who need our protection. There shall be no more of blind happiness that oozes from our silly jaws when we simply see our family happy. Accurate judgement upon other humans must never be withheld. Do as your instinct commands, my brethren! You are ever correct!

No human can make peace amongst themselves. That is our job, and our job alone.
The world-shattering task is before us!

Hackles unite!

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