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My name is Sherman, and I love you!

Wow! Dog of the Day!!

October 16th 2013 7:03 am
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OMD, Mom was so excited when she read that I'm Dog of the Day! Thanks Dogster!

We just recently moved into a condo-me, Mom, Dad, and my kitty brother Frosty Paws. It's been pretty exciting because we have lots more room to play now, and we have a downstairs to play in now too. The best part is that I am no longer crated when Mom and Dad go to work! I've been trying to be especially good so that it stays that way! Frosty seems to really enjoy having me out so that I can keep him company. Funny to think of now, being that he sure didn't like me when I moved in!

I want to wish all my Dogster friends and family a very Happy Fall and say Love you guys!!!!


Gotcha Day tomorrow!

February 14th 2013 9:49 am
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I'm very excited that tomorrow is my official Gotcha Day, and I have been with my new family for a whole year! It really has flown by.

This past year I graduated from 3 levels of Petsmart training, and Mom is very proud.

Me and my kitty brother Frosty are getting along fine, and he even sometimes tries to get me to chase him. And of course I wouldn't want to disappoint him;) He'll stand in the hallway and call for me, and I go running after him. He even sits on the edge of the couch so that he can see me to keep me company whileI'm in my crate when Mom and Dad are at work. When Dad takes me out for my walks, he cries! Can you believe that? Who would have thought!

I have found that I totally love toys and chewing on bones. I can chew and chew and chew. I love my stuffy toys because I love to suck on them:) Mom looked it up online, and found that it could mean that I was weaned from my mom and taken from my littermates too early. But I'm ok, as long as I have a few freshly laundered "friends" to keep me company I'm good to go. If not, I'll be happy to ball up and suck on whatever towel or blanket they have laying nearby --hee-hee!

I've learned that I really love to steal things so that Mom and Dad come chase me. Socks, underwear, shorts, shirts, shoes, scrunchies, you name it. It's a great game! And I am very fast. Just ask Dad!

I did have a not so great experience Tuesday night when Dad was walking me. We came across a neighbor that was walking 2 dogs. We were all barking at each other, and one of the dogs slipped his collar and ended up biting me before Dad could get me out of the way. I went to the vet yesterday and got 2 staples for a puncture would in my chest. Yuck! The worst part was the trimmer to shave my fur. Hated that! I do not like noises like that! Took 3 people to wrangle me. But all is good. Got lots of treats and just have to get the staples out in 10 days.

I'm just happy that I finally have my very own furever family, and that they will be here for me no matter what. This is the first of many Gotcha Days to come!


Who me? Strange?

June 13th 2012 10:41 am
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Mom says I'm a little strange, but I just call it unique:) When Mom and Dad first got me, they left me out of a crate the first few days while they at work, and they found that I only bothered a couple of their shoes. They found them laying in the middle of the floor. Since then, I am crated during the day, but they find that I do really like to pick up their shoes. Occasionally I chew the laces a little, or gnaw on the shoe (not too much), but usually they just find me laying with the shoe. Hugging it really. Now they put all their shoes either in closets or up off the floor, which I don't understand what the problem really is.

When I want attention and feel I'm not getting it, especially in the morning after Dad leaves for work and Mom's getting ready for work, I find I need some comfort. Instead of getting one of my stuffies or bones or other toys, I select things from the house. Yesterday I had Mom's fold up umbrella with me up on the loveseat. I was all curled up, just hugging it. Earlier that morning I had a pack of AA batteries sitting with me on my bed. Another day I was hugging an empty Gladware container. The one that made Mom laugh the most though was the big, plastic watering can. I had brought it up on the couch with me and was laying there with it. There's also been sunglasses, my leash (which I love to chew leashes!!), bills that need paid, and a gardening gnome statue. Mom says I have strange taste in woobies! I think she's being a little judgemental--who says a watering can doesn't make a good woobie??????


My new family

June 11th 2012 8:12 am
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Hi everypup! I'm Sherman, and I was adopted from an Ohio rescue in February. They got me on 2/15, so Mom and Dad will consider that to be my birthday since we're not sure when it really is. When Mom and Dad talked to the rescue lady, they pointed out that I have a big scar on my side near my ribs. They aren't sure what it's from, and I'm not telling! At my first vet appt., they said that I looked to be about 2 years old from the looks of my teeth. They said my scar could have been from some kind of surgery--like maybe a car accident. One of my back legs doesn't bend normally when I walk either, so it could have been from an accident and that's the way it healed. I can run like crazy though, I just run like a bunny!

I only knew the sit command when I first came home, but since then, I've gone through a beginner and intermediate training class, and I'm in the advance class now. I'm in college!! I can sit, lay down, stay, come, crawl, leave it, go to my bed, shake, give other paw, high five, touch with my nose, stand, and spin. I'll do anything for a treat! But I like commands much better with the treats, and not always without--hee-hee! Hey, I don't do all that hard work for free!

I love my new people! I follow Dad around like crazy. I usually hang out with him on the couch in the living room. But I do make sure to check on Mom who's usually hanging out in the other room. If Dad's not home, I follow her around too! We normally do training everyday at 7:00 (training o'clock), and I make sure to come remind her at about 6:30, and about every other minute after that to make sure she doesn't forget me!

Me and my kitty brother Frosty are getting along much better now that we've had time to adjust. I still chase him sometimes, but it's fun! Other times I just walk by him. Mom said he cries when I go out for walks with Dad, so I think he likes me ok, he just doesn't want to admit it!

I'll update more later! I look forward to talking to everypup!

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