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TAG-O-RAMA--(the good, the bad and the ugly)

January 25th 2009 6:44 pm
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Lots of tagging going on. I have been just horrible at responding to it all and for that I’m very sorry. I do appreciate my friends asking me to join in with them on the games. So I’m going to combine the tags in one diary entry. Is that cheating?

First, I’m suppose to tell 7 things you may not know about me (some are good, some are not so good):

1. I love eating but will refuse some foods-veggies, fruits, french fries, plain chips. I’m strictly a meat and dessert eater. So does that make me a sweet carnivore?
2. I capture lots of different critters but the only kind I ever eat are baby bunnies.
3. As much as I hate a bath, I will go into the bathroom and get in the tub on my own when mom tells me to. I’ll do almost anything for a piece of meat.
4. I do not like being petted or coddled. I’ll only tolerate it for a few seconds and then I walk away, with a very annoyed look on my face.
5. I always look bored and depressed except for when we are out walking or if there is someone eating.
6. Playing fetch is beneath me. Unless you’re willing to give up something good to eat.
7. I can go on walks without having a leash on.

Now for the 5 bad things I have done, which in my opinion are none, but since my mom is my typist, I really have no control over what she has stated. And because of this I plead not guilty until proven otherwise.

1. I have, in my puppy days, destroyed a “couple” of things - electrical cords, ballpoint pens, child’s toys, shoes - the usual things
2. I always bring the animals I have captured into the house to show them off. (and tell me why this is on the bad list and not the good list?)
3. I tend to take my time coming when my mom yells at me if there is something I’m really interested in, for example a carcass of some sort to chew on.
4. I have never bitten anyone but I have “snapped” a warning bark when a stranger has bent down and tried to pet me.
5. (this is the ugly one): One time I chased a deer into a lake that had a thin coat of ice on it, and the deer couldn’t swim very well since it had to paw thru the ice first, so I caught up to it and was biting it on the neck. Boy, I really got in big trouble for that one. I never heard my dad yelling for me, honest! And I’d do it again in a heartbeat if I had the chance! (the deer did get away and made it to the other bank, just in case you’re wondering. We watched it run away.)

And now I’m going to cheat again. Who ever reads this diary entry is “Tagged, you’re it!”.
I’m just too tired from my hiking today to tag my friends. It’s warm and snuggly inside and dark and cold outside , so I’m ready for a nice long winter’s nap. Good night all!



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