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Mack's Diary: Terriers Rock!

RAIN DOG! It's Raining! It's Pouring! And I LOVE it!- WOOF!

May 15th 2012 6:52 am
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Morningtime! Woof! As soon as I saw my Foster Mom head for the door and reach for my leash, I knew it only meant one thing!!! WE'RE GOING OUT!!! Woo hoo!!

She hooked the leash into my collar and we were off! I tried so hard not to pull on the leash on the way to the elevator - and she was so pleased with me, that GUESS WHAT?? She gave me a treat! WOOFY!

Then, the elevator door opened! WOO HOO!! I went in and sat in the corner and looked up at her. I knew what was coming.... another TREAT!! I sat and "waited" until we got to the lobby and I got my reward...yummmmmmmmmmmmm...

Then, we were off to the OUTSIDE! She opened the door and I sniffed the air. RAIN!!! RAIN!! YEA!!!

I LOVE RAIN! I LOVE WALKING IN IT, RUNNING IN IT, I LOVE IT!! So we went for our Rainy Walk. SO FUN. All the new smells and wet everywhere!

I did all my "business" :) :) :) and we walked around some more so that I could take in more smells. Then, we went home... THEN GUESS WHAT??

My Foster Mom wrapped me in a big towel and dried me off! I love to play in the towel and be rubbed down! Then, when she let me go, I took off and looked for my Mack-sized tennis balls. YAY LET'S PLAY FETCH!

We played Fetch for a few minutes and then I got tired - Mack needs break! So, I layed down with my nylabone and stretched out.'s a great dog's life :)


Rolly Rolly Rub Rub

May 18th 2012 6:41 pm
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I have three levels of showing how much a love a toy or treat.

First level = I like it. I take it from you, play with it for a few minutes and then I'm back to my busy bone.

Second Level = I love it. I jump up and grab it almost before you've gotten the wrapper off of it. Somehow I already know what it is before you show it to me. Maybe it's in the way you say "Mackie, I have something for you!" Then,after I grab it, I put it on the floor and RUB RUB RUB my back all over it and my snout and my legs and RUB ROLL ROLL all over it. Then, I grab it again and run to a different spot in the room and start it all over again!

Third Level = THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER!!! I grab this toy or treat (usually a plastic party cup) so fast you only see a BLURRRRR of white FURRRRR and then I RUN RUN RUN all AROUND THE ROOM a million times with it in my mouth and I'm growling at it and snarfing and grrrrrrrr I'm soooo HAPPY I LOVE THIS!!

So those are my three levels WOOFY!! I prefer toys or treats that make the Third Level . . . Heh heh . . .


New TOYS?!!@!#!#!#!!!!!

May 22nd 2012 7:54 pm
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Mack is havin' a Mack Attack.


I'm jumping so high for joy.




What is THATT????!!#!??!?!? IT'S A NEW TOY!!! A chewing toy!!! A special "Orca" toy?@~!@!! WOOFY!!! I'm jumping around so much my Foster Mom calls me a Happy Kangaroo. I get all jumpy when I'm happy!!

But I'm careful not to jump on my Foster Mom - I know she doesn't like that! Woof! So, I jump and JUMP and JUMP STRAIGHT into the AIR without touching her - SEE, I'M a GOOD DOG - GIMME THAT TOY!!!

She FINALLY gave it to me.

I nearly passed out from happiness. But instead, I ran around the living room about 55 times in sheer joy while growling at my new chewy toy. It has cool little cloth strings on it too that I can grab at.

SO much to explore! Gotta go!


Joggin' Mack!

May 24th 2012 8:28 pm
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I went JOGGING today!!!

For a MILE!! I've never gone jogging before and it was AWESOME! I got to run and run as much as I wanted and my Foster Mom was so proud of me that I ran a straight line the whole time and never pulled away to sniff something. Well, I got distracted just a few times but as soon as I heard her call me, I was back to jogging!

I can't wait to do it again!

But I gotta look the part - gotta get the headband, doggie ipod, cool bouncy sneaks! Hee hee - just kidding. Mack don't need no extra coolness - Mack's a cool dog without all that stuff!

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