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Mom Smells

April 5th 2005 4:04 pm
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Everyday for over a year now Mom comes home smellin'. Unlike Hud who hangs out on the couch in the living room, I greet Mom at the door everyday when she gets home from wherever it is she goes. Sometimes Mom stands in the threshold and allows me to sniff her legs, arms, chest, shoes, etc. Sometimes she walks right in forcing me to walk on my hind legs backwards sniffin away as she enters the kitchen. I will jump on her, but only gently as my 70 pound frame has and can knock Mom down, so I am always careful.
Mom brings home smells of hundreds of dogs everyday. She has said she works for the Animal Protection Society of Durham ( but almost everyday as she enters I think she has been out at the dog park or the like; giving other dogs what she generally gives us. Hud and I follow her into her room as she takes off her smelly clothes and everything returns to normal the minute they hit the hamper.
Mom says she works hard to save dog's lives, just like she saved us years ago. Sometimes she comes home very happy after one or more of her favorite dogs have been adopted, sometimes though she is sad as she says she cannot save them all.
Over Four(4) MILLION dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are euthanized every year in this country because there are just not enough homes for them all. Please ask your Mom and/or Dad to have you spayed or neutered! If you don't know what that is go to Believe me, it's nothing! I didn't feel a thing AND they gave me good drugs. Plus I know now that my risk of developing ovarian cancer and other diseases has drastically been reduced. I don't get cranky and bleed every month like Mom does and I am a happier, more settled dog because of it.
Also, if your Mom and Dad are looking to get another pet, please tell them to go to their local Shelter. There will be a wonderful dog or cat waiting there for them to save their life; and believe me they will be forever grateful that you did. I'm happy my Mom saved me. She says that people pass by big black dogs every day and she has seen way too many die before someone saved them. Don't let your parents buy a dog/cat from a breeder or pet store. Until we as a nation can take care of our own unwanted, abandoned, abused and neglected pets, it is irresponsible to buy into an industry that is only contributing to the problem humans have created.
Whoa, that got heavy! I think I'll put my soapbox away now and go lie on the couch and massage my snout. Thanks for listening though!


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