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Day 52, Monday, 4/30/12

May 1st 2012 9:43 am
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Am I a party animal, or what? Last night, Bob had to go back to Austin to pick up Tony at the airport. Since Tony didn’t arrive until 11:30 p.m., Bob decided to go down a bit early and socialize a bit at one of the local pubs. At first, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go with him since it was way past my bedtime, but I thought, what the heck: I’ll give it a shot. Well, the guys at the Iron Bear loved me. I was the life of the party. I didn’t care much for those flickering lights dancing across the floor—I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to chase them or something—so I took Bob downstairs, and everything there was way cool. Two different guys offered to take me home with them, and even one of the toll collectors on the highway wanted to adopt me. I thanked them but told them that Bob needed me too much to ever leave him. He would be helpless without me, poor guy.

Bob walked around the perimeter of the courts today while I ran and played. I’m glad. I need the exercise to work off all my youthful energy, but Bob needs the exercise to work off all that…well…you know.


Day 51, Sunday, 4/29/12

May 1st 2012 9:40 am
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Bob and I took Miss Laura to lunch at Backyard BBQ today to thank her for mending my vest. I wore it just to show her how good it looks on me. With my vest on, we could have gone inside, but Bob and Laura decided to eat outside on one of the picnic tables. They said it was because the weather was so nice today, but I think Bob just wanted to sit there because it’s next to the entrance and everyone who comes or goes would get a good look at me. It worked, too. Almost everybody stopped to compliment me. Sometimes being beautiful can be such a burden. Aaahhh.

Bob and Laura both ordered the Bubba Tater. It was so big, they could only eat half of it. Bob brought the rest of his home in a little white box. I thought for sure he would give it to me, but he said he would have it for supper. Phooey! Life can be so unfair sometimes.


Day 49, Friday, 4/27/12

May 1st 2012 9:38 am
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Our buddy Rick came over today to help Bob with a couple of his songs. Bob wants to enter them in a song competition, and he can’t sing worth a bowl of warm catnip, so he asked Rick to sing them while he recorded. I gave Rick a few minutes to warm up, and then I joined in. I figured he could use a little help with the harmony. I’m sure he’ll thank me later.

Rick and his partner Patrick invited me over to play with their kids, Foxey and Pablo, tonight. We had a grand time in the back yard while Bob and the guys (including Richard and Pedro) watched a movie. Later, we joined them in the living room, and all the guys fought over who would get to pet me first. I tried to jump up on the couch a couple of times, but other than that, I was a perfect little gentleman. Bob was so proud. (And I thought he behaved himself pretty well too.)


Day 48, Thursday, 4/26/12

May 1st 2012 9:38 am
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I miss Tony. Bob took him to the Austin Airport today to fly to New Jersey to see Grandma Carol and Aunt Ro. I wish I could have gone; they seem like such nice people. So, he’s only been gone a few hours, but I miss him already. Bob does too. Oh, he tries to pretend that he doesn’t—it’s that macho thing, ya know—but I know he misses Tony as much as I do.


Day 47, Wednesday, 4/25/12

May 1st 2012 9:37 am
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Well, what can I say about tonight’s class? It was the first night of our intermediate class, and Bob was…well…let’s just say that he’ll surely do better next time. It’s been a couple of weeks since he graduated from the beginning class, and now he has a new trainer who used somewhat different techniques, and…well…Bob can get a bit…uh...confused, as they say.


Day 46, Tuesday, 4/24/12

May 1st 2012 9:36 am
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Over the weekend I sent an E-mail to Dr. G, Tony and Bob’s vet…uh…er…doctor, thanking him for taking such good care of them and for letting me visit his office, and today I got a nice reply from him. See, I told you he was a good guy.

It’s springtime, and even though it’s getting warm, I like this time of year because there are lots and lots of butterflies to chase.

Today, Bob said he was very pleased with me because when we were out walking, the AC compressor kicked on just was we passed by, and I didn’t even flinch. I didn’t think it was any big deal, but if it impresses Bob enough to give me treats or compliments, who am I to complain?


Day 45, Monday, 4/23/12

May 1st 2012 9:35 am
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Ya know, sometimes I just don’t understand Bob. He’s always yelling at me not to dig into the sand at the volleyball court, but today when we got there, I found a hole that someone else had dug, and when I started to fill it back in, Bob laughed at me.

Later, after he brushed me, Bob spent more time brushing the hairs off his clothes than he had spent brushing me. Yesterday, he bought Tony a lint brush to clean his clothes before he goes to work. Tony dresses much better than Bob. Bob says it’s ‘cuz Tony has to dress up to go to work and he doesn’t, but I think it’s just ‘cuz Tony has more style than Bob.

After our morning exercise, I took Bob back to PetSmart. Wendy, the woman who will be teaching Bob and Tony in the intermediate class, helped us pick out a new leash. It’s red, like the old one, but it’s thicker, so we’ll see….


Day 44, Sunday, 4/22/12

May 1st 2012 9:34 am
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Apparently, I did Bob a favor today. I saw Fred, my new buddy, and when I ran to say hello, my leash snapped right off the collar. Bob says it scared the bejeebies out of him. Well, I don’t know what bejeebies are, but they don’t sound like anything anybody would want, so I guess it’s a good thing that I scared them out of him. He’s lucky that he has me to look after him.

Bob spent a lot of time tonight talking to that little black box of his. He said he was talking to Alicia from the Psychiatric Service Animal Society. She must be awfully tiny to fit inside that little black box. Anyway, Bob said later that he got lots of good information from Alicia. I’ll write all about it when I learn more.


Day 43, Saturday, 4/21/12

May 1st 2012 9:32 am
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Hee, hee, hee. I decided to show Bob today that I’m just as creative as he is. He went to his Weight Watchers meeting this morning, and when he came home, he found me crossing the street on my way back to our apartment complex. Bob freaked out that I had gotten out of the apartment. I think he was actually a bit scared, but I introduced him to a couple of our neighbors, Fred and Roger. Fred is one of us, a Canine, and Roger is his servant, a human. Roger’s nice, though; he kept saying how gorgeous I am. While Bob and Roger chatted, I played with Fred. So, anyway, when Bob and I got back to our apartment, I showed him how I had pushed the screen out and gotten out of the apartment through the window. For some strange reason, he didn’t seem too impressed with my creativity. I wonder why. Today, at least, Bob doesn’t have to take me to the courts; I’ve already had my exercise for the day. Of course, if he wants to take me to the courts, that’s fine with me.

Wow! I’m on a roll today. This weekend is the annual Bloomin’ Temple Festival downtown, and Bob took me down there. His friends Rick and Pat were manning the Unity Church’s information booth, so we went to visit them. At the entrance, a girl tried to stop me. “No dogs allowed,” she barked, but I just showed her my Service Animal vest and flashed my baby blue-and-brown eyes at her, and the boss man said to let me in. As Bob and I walked past all the booths looking for Rick and Pat, we had to stop every few seconds to let people come up and pet me. When we finally got to the Unity booth, I drew a huge crowd for them. You might say I was their carnival “barker.” Arrf arrf!

Rick and Pat were getting ready to take their lunch break, so we went down to the Chipotle Grill. Rick said that would be a good choice because they had outside seating. When we got there, though, the manager saw my vest and said it would be OK for me to go inside. We found a table in the corner, and I just lay down and made myself at home while the guys ate. Rick and Pat were very impressed. Pat even took my picture.
Later, Bob went to PetSmart and got me a new dog tag. Tony had gotten one for me last week, but he put the wrong phone number on it, so I had to have a new one. Bob said that after this morning’s “episode,” he didn’t want to waste any time getting me a new tag. I have absolutely no idea what he was referring to.


Day 43, Friday, 4/20/12

May 1st 2012 9:29 am
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What makes Bob think he’s so special? I mean, Tony and I are up early, so what makes Bob think that he can sleep ‘til noon—or even ‘til dawn? I go up to the bed every morning and stick my nose in his face, and he just rolls over and tries to ignore me. This morning, I even jumped up on the bed and tried to push him out. I finally gave up and just lay beside him for a few minutes, but when Tony had to leave for work, I put my paw down and demanded that Bob get his you-know-what out of bed. Now that he’s up, I think I’ll go back to my kennel and take a nap.

I finally got to meet Bob’s vet today. Uh…well…I guess humans call them “doctors.” Anyway, you may recall that I wrote previously in my diary that the doctor had told Bob he could bring me to the office, but Bob was concerned that I wasn’t disciplined enough at the time. Well, I guess I showed him who’s disciplined and who’s not. I was a perfect little angel in the doctor’s office. OK, maybe not perfect, but 99%. The doctor was very nice, and he seemed pretty smart too. I wonder why he became a doctor instead of a vet. Maybe his grades weren’t good enough to get into veterinary school.

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