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Big Adventures of a Miniaturized Dog

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Love the skin you're in, or get a new harness

March 22nd 2013 11:03 am
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My mom bought me a new harness. She decided I would do better with a harness rather than a collar. My tags bang against the water bowl and scare me when I try to drink, and my neck is really tiny...go figure. So, this new harness scared me at first because it didn't go on like my coats and sweaters. I had to put my feet in first and then it buckles behind my head at my shoulders. Then, it velcroes behind the buckle around my rib cage! I almost went into an anxiety attack the first time it was put on me. It's been 2 weeks now, and I can wear it without any panic now. It is soft like a coat, and I know that I will be going somewhere when it goes on. I've had to wear it everyday this week because I've been going to work with mom at the vet office. I love going with mom, but I've been sick. Mom said she's worried because I haven't gained any weight, and my hair isn't growing back. I've been diagnosed with pancreatitis with no improvement. While at work, I had an accident in my kennel. I never go poo in the kennel, but there it was for the world to see. And there were drops of blood. The doctor said I had IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) and I needed prednisone for the inflammation. He also tested my thyroid and it's low. So, I'm on 2 medicines for 2 conditions, and a prescription diet for 2 other conditions. Did I mention I need a dental badly? Mom's been putting that off until I get better, but I just keep adding to the list. The good news is that everyone loves my harness! I guess if you're gonna be health-challenged, you should do it with class and style.


Another problem...

February 22nd 2013 4:22 pm
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So, mom has been really good at keeping my early stage kidney disease under control. I've been healthy eating a renal diet for some time now. Although, I've been having some intestinal issues lately. I'll spare the gruesome details, but I haven't been so regular, if you catch my drift. I've also had some knarly burps, bordering on tasting something from down below. Mom was really busy with Zane's illness, so I just kept my burps to myself, and let her attend to Zane. I gobbled up my food as normal, had my anxiety episodes, you know, kept things unsuspicious. But, Zane passed away, and mom began to notice that I was feeling a bit on the thin side myself. I was also getting bitey when my tummy was touched. Mom took me in and had her friends poke me with needles to get my blood. She thought maybe my kidney disease was progressing. I had to have a muzzle this time because I've been "snippy and acting painful." Of all the indignities! She weighed me and her jaw dropped. I am only 4.6 pounds. The blood test showed that my kidneys are ok, but one of my proteins is low. So, 12 hour fast, more blood for a GI panel, and a test called TLI was off the charts high! I have full-blown pancreatitis. Mom has to give me pancreatic enzymes everyday, which has helped my poops, but my burping and stomach gurgling still persist. Last night was extra tough. I threw up on the bed. Mom seemed upset at first, but cleaned it and gave me a hug. She kept me close all night and was happy that I was feeling better this morning. I don't know what I'd do without my mom. She loves me.


Christmas shopping

December 15th 2012 11:17 am
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Mom went Christmas shopping yesterday and I got to go along. Of course, I had to stay in the car while she was inside the stores, but I made sure I kept my eye on everything. Mom would get out of the car and return with bags in her hands. I made sure that I watched vigilantly until she returned. I stood on the armrest and my head would be in the driver's side window without fail. Alot of people saw me and wanted me to look at them, but I was looking for one person, Mom. They were enchanted by my sweater, and my fluffy hair, but don't let the fluff fool you! There is 100% watchdog under this cute exterior. I did score lots of treats, like the girl at the little coffee booth who said she's never seen such a fluffy dog before, and the kid at the gas station. And best of all, Mom bought stockings! One with a dog on it, and one with a cat. Mom said Santa might bring treats for us dogs and cats, and leave them in our stocking! Now I won't have to beg off the human's stockings. This is turning out to be the best Christmas ever. And, I got to watch out for Mom during her shopping, because she needs me and counts on me to protect her. I might not be as big and scary looking as Zane, but I'm just as important. Mom says so. And she told Santa so!


Thanksgiving dinner

November 24th 2012 9:53 am
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Well, Thanksgiving dinner was something this year. My humans all went to Granny's house, and since I'm so small, I got to go!! I ran around and was greeted by Grampa, who always gives me treats. Their dachsund doesn't really like me too much, she is old and stayed on the chair. I walked around a bit, looking for morsels of food as the house smelled like heaven. The humans sat in the living area, chatting. Mom's sister came, and brought her pug. It was a gathering of humans and dogs! The pug stayed close to her human, but we smelled each other out of polite greeting etiquette. Granny got dinner all set out, the humans ate and talked, the dogs were stationed under the table in case food dropped. Then, the humans went to the living room and talked more. The pug ran between the couch and coffee table, grabbed the lamp cord in the curl of her tail, pulled the lamp to the floor, broke the ceramic piece in 2. Granny got mad and talked of buying metal lamps. Grampa said he could glue it. Somehow religion was brought up and a heated debate was born between Grampa and a grandson. The night never truly recovered after that. Granny served pumpkin pie and a piece was dropped, the dogs were all over it. Mom pulled me away saying something about diarrhea, I wasn't listening because of the adrenaline/sugar rush combination brewing in my 5 pound body. The humans watched some tv, had some laughs, and then started packing up leftovers. It was dark outside and had been a long day. Mom said her stomach hurt from eating too much. In my opinion, too much food is nothing to complain about. At home, the humans watched Home For The Holidays and I slept on mom's chest. I was worn out. Mom got sad from the movie because she missed her brother and went to bed. I licked her face and we drifted off to sleep. Not a perfect Thanksgiving, but at the end of the day, we all know we love each other. Happy Thanksgiving.


Eyes are the window to the soul

September 14th 2012 5:49 pm
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It's been a month since my hot summer shave down, and my hair is growing back nicely. My mom's fears have been put at ease. Yet, it would be unlike me to keep mom worry-free for too long. I was squinting and itching my eye for a while, she didn't seem to notice. Then, I stopped her in her tracks one fine day. I must have looked close to frankenstein because she said, "What on earth happened to you?" I cocked my head to the side and pricked my ears forward, wondering what she meant. "Your eye is full of pus!" she told me bluntly. I'm not sure what that meant, but she didn't make it sound good. She put me on her lap and, there I was, in a headlock! Seriously! Then she picked at my eye with the fingernails of death, short but deadly. It kindof felt good because of the itching, but I'm not telling. She had the nerve to squeeze ointment into my eye. She's been doing it for two weeks, and she is still picking pus out of the corners with the fingernails and tissue paper. She looks worried, so at least I have the decency to lick her face after the torture has subsided. Afterall, she is my best friend. She works hard to help my kidney disease, and feeds me tasty canned food, so I'll give her the eye. And she'll give me chest rubs. She has the window to my soul, but I have the key to her heart.


It's hot outside!

August 16th 2012 8:10 pm
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The temperatures have been really hot lately. Mom is so delighted with my new hair growth, but I had a difficult time with the heatwave. I, afterall, am a snowbreed. I may be miniaturized, but I still have the coat to survive a Nordic winter. I can't take the heat. At night, even with the fan going, I couldn't sleep. I moved endlessly all night, panting. Mom could not sleep, I kept her up all night. She was so proud of my healthy hair, but she was sadly forced to shave it. It was for my own good, so I wouldn't get heatstroke. I slept soundly that night, and so did Mom. My hair will grow back, but for now, I'm happy and cooler, and chics dig me.



July 13th 2012 8:26 am
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Mom took me to work with her. I guess I caused it, I sort-of lifted my leg in the kitchen, right in front of her. It was a bad idea, I know, but I just have to wee alot and I couldn't help myself. This time, mom meant business. Not only did I have to pee in a tray again, but they took blood from me too. I don't mind the tray, I'm always happy to accomodate mom for a potty break. The blood draws are what I hate, I don't like the needles. But I love riding in the car and going to work with mom no matter what. I went 3 days in a row this week. Mom was real happy to see my bloodwork showed improvement. The only thing on the downside is that my urine is more dilute. This happens with kidney disease and its why I wee so much. My topcoat is really growing in nicely. I'm a redhead again. It's sad for mom to look at my page photos to see me with only my woolly undercoat. She is going to be taking my picture soon, but I don't hold still very long. I'm glad mom is happy that I'm doing better.



June 29th 2012 11:17 am
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Mom is beginning to worry about me again. I started doing better, my red hair is even growing back and I'm soft again, not woolly like a sheep. She noticed last night that I was moving around alot, not sleeping well. She figured I was just hot, probably from all this new healthy hair growth. Yet, this morning, I'm still up and down. Choosing lap, then moving to the couch next to lap, then back to lap, then couch, then lap. On and on it goes. This is not like me. I like to stay in one place on her lap. She is worried about my inability to get comfortable. I hope I will be able to tell her why soon. I don't want her to worry. When she worries, I usually have to go to work with her and pee in a tray, or worse, get poked with needles until blood fills these wierd tubes. She has a few days off. Maybe she will not be worried by then. Maybe I can get comfortable again.


Good signs

June 11th 2012 9:08 am
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Last week, I got to go to work with Mom. For the first time she didn't make me pee in a tray! She always makes me do that. She keeps telling me that I'm looking better. I guess my hair is starting to grow again. The wooly undercoat grows, but the soft overcoat has not been growing for about a year. Kidney disease causes hairloss and bad coats. She has switched my diet and now my soft red hair is sprouting again. It makes my mom feel really happy to see me doing better.


Not feeling good

May 13th 2012 9:28 am
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It's Mother's Day today, and I really wanted it to be nice, but I'm just not feeling very good today. Mom said I was acting strange last night. I insisted on chewing an old toy that was de-stuffed. "Where did you find that thing?" she said with surprise. I never chew or play with toys, so I could understand her confusion. Not to mention her protest at the smell of it, although I kind of liked it. She wouldn't allow me to come to bed with it, so I finally conceded and came to bed emptyhanded. I woke her up from a dead sleep, though. I hate to admit it, but I threw up on her pajama sleeve. She didn't react harshly though, sleep deprivation can do that in humans. She was glad that nothing got on the bed. When we got up this morning for breakfast, my eyes were red and swollen again. "You are a hot mess," she said. Eyedrops and lots of kisses on Mother's Day morning! "You take good care of me," I thought as I licked her hand.

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