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Daily Walks with Mommy

Potty mess..

April 5th 2012 5:50 pm
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Yesterday Mommy tried to improvise a potty pad for me using newspapers and a cork board, until her order of commercial Potty Pad hasn't arrived yet. She just taught me how to use it yesterday and now I'm slowly getting the hang of it. Mommy gets so happy to see that I'm gradually learning to pee in the "potty mat", and I'm starting to associate making pupu on it too. I just often forget to go to it when nature calls so Mommy has to bring me to it still. Just last night, I was barking to wake Mommy up from sleep 'coz I had to go, I guess she didn't hear me, and I could only hold it long enough... It's just sad that I messed up with her bed sheets again when I peed on it and she looks so upset about it. Gotta learn learn learn!


Today I walk Mommy ;p

April 4th 2012 8:51 pm
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I'm walking mommy! Hahah! I enjoy my early morning walks with mommy, lola Pen and tita Darlene, with ate Bechay. We usually jog/walk outside at 7am when it's not yet so hot outside and very few vehicles pass by. Mommy thinks it's cute when she gets tired and I'm the one who leads by pulling her through the leash. Now I also know where our house is so when I get tired, I know exactly where to stop. :)

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