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It is me, it is me, Bella P.B.

Dynamite comes in small packages

March 29th 2012 6:30 pm
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I may be small, but I have loud bark. When mommy and daddy first brought me home I tried to nurse on Sugar, Sasha and even Max. Silly me, Max is a boy, no wonder I could not find what I was looking for. But, Max lets me climb all over him and pull his ear and tail. Sasha plays with me now too, I can actually grab her by her legs and she does not mind. I even try to bite Sir Elliot on the rear, he is scared of me and he jumps straight to the couch with a big boom! Mommy and Daddy treats me to a lot of new clothes, hair bows and even Frosty Paws ice cream by Purina. We are treated like royality here, we each have our own cradle with cute blankets. But, I am not crazy about that thing they call a bath...they wet me with that stuff I drink, then put something on me that gets white, and smells pretty. Oh, one of my pet peeves is when mommy puts those 'cute little bows' in my hair. Then she keeps telling daddy, "Sha look your cutie patootie monkey daddy.". Daddy rolls his eyes and say, "yeah". I think that means he is on my side and could care less. Sasha leaves those things in her hair, she told me mommy will only keep putting them back in and she is right, I think mommy has eyes everywhere because she notices when we pull them out.

Oh, on my trip to my new home I threw up all over daddy, but he did not mind. I have to take motion sickness meds when I ride. Daddy says I may outgrow it, I hope so because my fur around my mouth gets yucky and mommy gets sick when she cleans it up. Well, it is almost my bedtime so nighty, nighty for now and I hope I make some cool pup pals here.


My Birthday and an update on what's happening with me

September 25th 2012 10:22 am
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I recently celebrated my 1st birthday, it was so exciting! I would like to say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, it is great to know I have so many pals who think about me.

My human sister, Jayde got her another chihuahua a few days ago and we have all adjusted, including her just fine. She is quiet a bit older though and listens well. She reminded Jayde of her Scrappy that passed away in 2010.

As always I am still a spoiled rotten brat. My Daddy spoils me.

Right now my best bud is Big Elliot. Where he goes I go, I like to ride his bak, sit on his head and cuddle with him at night. He is such an awesome big brother.


Welcome to our new niece and my birthday

October 2nd 2012 2:23 pm
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Weeellll , weeellll, we have a new niece. Jayde adopted another chihuahua, a girl. She has some age on her but, she is really sweet and nice. Jayde named her Auria, her name was ChewChew but, Jayde thought she should have an appropriate girls name. She is bluish/brown with some white. She attached to Jayde really quickly. Like the rest of us she walks around outside and follows my Mommy (her Nana)or my Daddy (her Pop-pa).

I have been watch Dora the Explorer and I learned "ooooowa" (ola). I am trying to teach Saige but, she still sounds like a cat, and she is a dog. How funny is that?

Max had been mischievous for a little bit. When Mommy and Daddy leave the house Max was climbing up on the cabinets, opening them up and going after food. He was nice enough to share with us. Mommy and Daddy knows who is the climber, Max. Another funny thing he climbs like a cat but, he is a dog too. So when Mommy and Daddy leave Max has to go in his kennel now. No more treats when Mommy and Daddy are gone. They use to get me to be the look out, I can see who drives us through Jayde's window.

Now we all hang out watching out of Jayde's window.

I recently turned one. They expect me to be growing out of my puppy stages, but I like being a puppy. I am listening a little better, but I do not like sharing Daddy with my puplings, so at night when they come near him in the bed I growl at them, well not at Max because he can't see and he needs me and Daddy to help him.

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