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March 24th 2014 4:08 pm
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This was completely unexpected...THANK YOU DOGSTER!

Wow just wow....AND I MISSED IT!

Oh well.

But THANKS to Redford & family for the PICTURE!

And thanks for the stars and gifts!



Having some ISSUES here!

March 8th 2014 8:28 pm
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Well today I went on dogster and I decided to get ride of my chicken falling objects because people have been saying that it makes my page glitchy and slow. And it really DOES!

So I got some of those dogster-safe objects. I went into my FUN STUFF and got ride of the chickens and put in the new ones. Well now I can't get ANYTHING on my page! I don't know why!!

Because I clicked "show on page" & "save changes" but its not there and I go back to my account and then "FUN STUFF" but there is nothing in the "FUN STUFF text box thingy.

Can you help me out? :/

~Fritz the stumped spitz~


I'm a daily diary pick today!!!

March 4th 2014 7:20 pm
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Thank you dogster for electing me as a daily diary pick! :D

And thank you pals for the gifts!

On another note I threw up today. It was a great way to start off my morning. -.- NOT!

But I wasn't lethargic and my nose was wet so that's a good thing! Then when dinner rolled around my pack leaders fed me some plain kibble and I gobbled it up. But no treats. :(

I haven't gone for walk in a LONGGGGG time! I really can't wait for spring to come!!! When it's not -3 in the morning!

When is the first day of spring anyway? Is it the 20th or something? I don't know.....:/

Well see ya later! Pack leader 3 kinda wants her tablet thingy back now.

Fritz the spitz


Hello! :D

February 26th 2014 6:45 pm
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Well hello everybody!

You all know that dogster is not closing (I've known for awhile but I now decided to make a diary entry!) down in march! YAYYYYYYYYYY! :D

Pack leaders 3 & 2 were so happy!

But anyway not much has been going on lately. Well expect pack leader 3 and her friends had to make a movie for a school project and I was in it!!!! I'm a STAR!!! And in the movie with me is my friend SHADOW! In the movie we are show dogs that get kidnapped. BOL! But away way it was REALLY fun!

And today I got some belly rubs and beneiful!

And also I was on the couch with pack leader 3 and she whipped out her little device thingy and started taking SELFIES of us! Don't ask me what a selfie is but I went along with it......BOL

So I hope everyone is having a great day!!! :D

Fritz the Spitz


A extremely sad time. I WANT ALL MY PUP PALS TO READ THIS!

January 16th 2014 5:57 pm
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I hope you will all take the time to read this,

You all know by now that march 3rd, dogter community will be gone.

I joined about 2 years ago, I was 3 now I'm five. And for the past 2 years,I have grown to love dogster. I have met many amazing pals.

And you all never were told, but the reason why I wasn't on dogster, was because I was in the vets office. I was really sick. I had eaten some really greasy gravy and I was moping around the house so my pack leaders took me to the vet I could have died, but I'm thankful that I'm didn't.

And the first day I come back to dogster, I receive this news.

My pup pals have gone through happiness and sadness. I have tried to celebrate gotcha days and birthdays. I always apprenticed gifts and I was always extremely pleased when I was diary of the day and a daily diary pick. It would make me and my pack leaders happy for the rest of the day!

I would try my best to post diary entries frequently. Like when I attacked a bee, when I found all of those mice under the shed, when I became ill, and even when I climbed up part of a tree!

When I would read my pals diary entries, some would make me laugh, some would make, me smile, some would make me cry. (When wishbone went to the rainbow bridge)

So my pals I will always remember you. I will always remember my first pal request. Whisper & Dixie. I will always remember Darby, you would always make me BOL! I will remember Bailey. You were a German spitz too! I will remember Quigley. And your handsome face was gracing on my page! BOL! Cooper and you BIG family, BOL. Thank you for the pictures you made for me! You kept better track of my daily diary picks and diary of the days better than I did!! BOL! Ceeley, I loved your diary entries!! Kail I don't know why but I always loved you as my pup pal a lot! Zigi, I loved reading your entries too! Fitz cairn & Tessa thank you for the gifts! And Barry your at the rainbow bridge, but thank you too!
And trust me I would say all of your names, but I just can't. I have 100 pals!!!
I'm not saying this is the end. I will try my best to find your blogs if you get any and your facebooks too.

I'm still crying with my pack leader, which is causing me too get more eye gobbers in my fur, BOL!

But I will always remember those summer mornings me and pack leader 3 would wake up go on dogster for about 2 hours, she'd then take me for a wake, we'd come home and go on dogster.

I will miss you all, all of your story's all of your memories, all of you.

As I said this is not the end!!!!!!!!

So bye for now! :D Licks and love

Fritz the German spitz!

Thank you pals and thank you the created of dogster

Uhh I've got to stop typing!! I can't!

Ok for real know.

Fritz the German spitz :-D xoxox


I'm back!!

January 16th 2014 4:30 pm
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I'm sorry I haven't been around for a long time.

But one random day me and my pack leaders decided to go on dogter. And I found out that dogter will be get rid of the community.

To all of my pals, I will miss you!!! :(

From your pal,

Fritz the spitz


Where did summer go?????????????????????????????????????

September 1st 2013 10:44 am
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Its September 1st. WHY!!!!

Pack leader 3 will be going back to school in a few days. I'll be alone more. Soon it will be fall. Less time with my new friend shadow. Less time outside.

Less BBQs! Which means less CHICKEN!

How will I ever survive?

Fritz :(


I'm a social pup!!!

August 23rd 2013 6:24 am
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Yesterday Pack leader 3 came in the house in the middle of the day and said "Can I take fritz for a walk?" Well pack leaders 1&2 said yes. But here friend was out there with her DOG. Did they think we would walk TOGETHER!? At first the fur was a flyin, teeth were bared, pack leaders were scared. But after a little while we clamed down and got to know each other. His name is shadow. We were playing with each other!!!!!! Which I NEVER play with other dogs. Shadow and I got lots of little chicken treats on the walk. It was a very great day!


I was a daily diary pick.........WOO HOO!!!

August 11th 2013 7:46 am
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Thank you dogster!!! And thank you Redford and family for my picture! And thank you Tessa and Fitzcairn for my rosettes. And thanks to Zaidie, smiley, and Hershey for the comments! THANKS TO EVERYBODY!!!

Also yesterday was when my pack leaders came home for there vacation from Lancaster, Hershey, and Gettysburg, PA (DON'T ask me what those places are because I have NO idea).

Pack leader 3 brought me home some homemade liver dog treats! Mmmmmmmmmm! She says there from the Lancaster pet bakery.

I'm out of wet dog food so they're gonna go shopping today.

Yesterday my alternate pack leaders feed me some CAT food that was in the way back of the shelf. Pack leader 1 says its very high in protein. But theres one thing....I'M NOT A CAT!!!!! Maybe its the ears.......

Anyway, I had a very great day!

Catch ya later, Fritz, who is NOT a cat!!!! BOL


new technology

August 6th 2013 6:37 pm
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My pack leaders took a kindle with then on vacation so they can keep up on my dogster satus. But I have one question...

What's a KINDLE?!

Anyway I only have a few more days till they come home.

Can't wait!!!!

Fritzy the spitzy.

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