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All in a dog's life!

That Cheena drives me crazy!!!!!!!

April 14th 2005 9:58 pm
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Dear Diary-
This new puppy Cheena is driving me crazy! I go to MY Mom to get pet and loved and that stupid Cheena knocks me out of the way. She was alright when she first came to live with us, but now she is bigger that me and thinks she runs thing around here. Well! thats the wrong anser. The only 3 women I will listen to is Mom, Aislynn(the other girl dog that lives with us) and the cat that lives with us, Mina. Why did Dad want to bring Cheena home? I think I could be a good hunting dog but Mom says she doesn't want me in the woods because she doesn't want my fur to be filled with burrs. I'm a boy! Why can't she let me be a boy? Oh well Mom does spoil me and let me do almost anything I want plus I go with her all over the place. She Doesn't Take Cheena or Aislynn or River. Only ME!!! ( of course Aislynn and river hate car rides and leaving home) And Dad takes Cheena with him. Aislynn says I deserve what I get because I used to drive her crazy too! She says I used to jump all over her and bite her tail. (Mom called it tail envy, Aislynn called it annoying)
Maybe Cheena will grow up and and be more like me. Maybe if I 'm patient She'll settle down and and just not play so rough. She is kinda cute. Well I guess life isn't to bad. I just have to realize she is a baby and now that I'm almost 11 months old I have to learn to be a good big brother and be patient. Thats my new plan I learn to be the best big brother There ever was and teach her to be more like me. That will make Mom so proud.
Well Moms calling me for dinner gotta go-

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