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April 14th 2012 4:53 pm
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I hurt my leg...probably fence playing with the dog down the street while on my walk with Mom. Almost pulled Mom off her feet!! Hahahahahahaha!!
When Mom came home from work last night, Grammy told her I was crying a bit when I got up off the floor, or when I wanted to get on the sofa and chill. It hurt!!
Mom watched me for a while and determined it could not wait till Monday. Then she got on the floor with me a cuddled for a while. It was nice...comforting.

Mom called Doc this morning and left a message. The vet office called back and said to bring me in...I hate to brag, but I'm a favorite at the vet's office!!
We got there and waited a little bit. I got to see many of my vet friends today! It was great! Everyone smells so interesting...not just one certain smell, but lots and lots!!
Anyway, Doc checked me out really well and said she couldn't feel anything strange, but, yes, I was favoring the leg and holding it "funny", toes out. She gave Mom Rimadyl and Tramadol to give to me twice a day for 2 weeks.

As long as there is no increase in pain, swelling, or total lameness, I should be alright!

Mom gave me a dose right away when we got home and I slept like a log for 6 hours!!! I feel real tired, so I'm going to close now.

Stay tuned, you never know what I'll say (or what Mom will type). Hahahahahahahahahaha!!

See ya!



April 17th 2012 6:09 am
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What a shock!! Diary of the Day??? I only just started!!

Thanks, it's still a nice honor!!

My leg is starting to feel a bit better...of course, I'm still on meds! Mom says NO WALKS TILL NEXT WEEK!!! Woof! No doggie park until after I tolerate a "full walk" again.

I tried chasing butterflies and moths out of the yard, but Mom put an end to that as well!! In a nutshell, I'm pretty bored!

This was a nice diversion!

Stay never know...



April 19th 2012 12:16 pm
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Mom says we'll be out of this house by the middle of the summer because the landlord is such a *%#$@%%#!...or something like that! The woman has made it a perfect mess here! The landlord, not Mom!!

Anyway, we're looking and looking and looking now. Don't know quite where we'll end up, but it should be in the general area.

Mom has decided to go to school to become a certified dog trainer/behaviorist!! I'm glad...she's good. She's been doing it a long time without the cert. Now she'll be legit! GO MOM!!

We are a bit disappointed that the Flyers couldn't sweep the Penguins last night...we really got spanked! We're sure the Flyers will come out on top! Mom has been a fan for 45 seasons! Long time!!

Stay never know!



April 23rd 2012 11:04 am
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Yea! Flyers won the first round of the playoffs!!

Mom is very happy about that!

Stay never know...



April 23rd 2012 12:32 pm
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Mom found a pet food bank in the county (Chester County, PA)!!!!

She had been trying to find a place that would take all the commercial food I refused...Mom makes my kibble herself now!

The bags were, of course, opened and this was the first place to call and say they'd take it!

Mom went down alone on Saturday morning...I was still felling pretty punk! When Mom saw the set-up, she was very pleased! Next to the food bank is a "No-fleas Thrift shop!!!

Because of this place, many dogs and cats are able to stay with their people and not be abandoned or sent to the shelter or (gasp) put to sleep!

Mom went to the store to pick up a few things and ended op getting 50 more pounds of Pedigree dog food and dropping it off at the pet food bank!

Mom says she'll do everything she can, when she can for this organization!!

I'm proud of my Mom!!



April 24th 2012 4:51 am
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Joel had a mental crisis Sunday evening and had to be hospitalized! He is mentally retarded.

He was yelling and cussing and hitting, punching and spitting! He even tried to kick ME, even though I know he really does love me, it was a shock!

Anyway, it was real hard on all of us. Mom and Grammy were nursing their wounds after returning home from the ER after being gone for at least 5 hours! My other skin-bro, Josh, stayed with me for a couple of hours...that was MOST welcome!

Please understand that Mom can't do as much on the 'puter as usual because of all this new drama!


Stay never know...



April 27th 2012 7:23 pm
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Mom went to a 302 hearing today at the hospital. They talked and talked about Joel and how he was doing and decided he should stay in the hospital a little bit longer.

They say he's starting to feel better...I hope so, I really miss him!

Mom also went to look at another group home for Joel and really likes this place!! When Joel is out of the hospital, he can start dinner visits! We think he'll like it alot!

Stay never know...



April 28th 2012 4:30 am
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Mom was called late last night and told Joel was being transferred to the medical part of the hospital due to severe diarrhea and vomiting...Mom thought maybe he caught a stomach bug.

Mom went to work at #am and when she came home this morning, she called the room number and was told Joel was in the ICU!!!!

Turns out, he was vomiting coffee-ground substance, his hemaglobin was VERY low and his BP dropped like a rock!!! Sounds like a bleed, right?? They won't say till all the results are in!!

Anyhow, Mom is a wreck!! They are keeping Joel sedated...wish they'd do the same for Mom!!

Prayers, please, for Joel...I think he REALLY needs them!!!

Stay never know...



April 29th 2012 6:08 am
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Joel has pneumonia as well now...apparently he aspirated when he was vomiting!

He may have to be intubated today...makes it hard later for his body to breathe on it's own.

This is NOT very good news.

More news later as it comes in! Please, all the prayers you all can muster for Joel!!!



May 24th 2012 12:38 pm
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Okay, so, I wake up Mom with a cold, wet nose to the face at 3 am because I have to pee. Normal! Mom gets up, throws on her water shoes and says, "Ok, lets go." We go to the kitchen, out to the garage and Mom unlocks the backdoor. She turns on the light and peers outside and says, "Shoot, the grass wasn't cut yet, I can't see a thing."She opens the door...

I see the sees that I spotted it...the bunny bolts and the chase is ON! Mom is behind me and she seems like she's trying to keep quiet, she's holding the long leash in both hands (deathgrip comes to mind), holding on for dear life, as I charge across the back yard. Mom is essentially water-skiing on the long, wet grass behind me...then she hit the bump...BOOM, down she went! Amazingly, I managed to haul her considerable bulk about another 10 or 12 feet before I had to stop! I ALMOST had the bunny before she fell, and she was mad at ME!!! How ridiculous is THAT??

Anyhow, she's over her mad, the bunny lives to be chased another night and Mom wasn't SERIOUSLY hurt!

PS: Found out it's no fun after all... at night she makes me wear the head collar! I HATE that thing!

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