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I Get It

June 24th 2012 7:19 pm
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Mommy loves the wine country. It looks like I'll be making lots of visits up there, which is fine with me! Yesfurday we went again, but we went a different way. And the furst place we stopped wasn't a winery or shop or cafe at all. It was a house where some hoomans live with their doggy. I heard him barkbarkbarking befure we even got to the door. When we went inside we hadn't sniffed each other furry long at all befure he started snarling and snapping at me! So his hu-brother picked him up, and then Hershey and I started checking out all the pieces of treats and toys and bullies and stuff he has all ovfur his house! Hershey got more, because daddy let him off his leash. Mommy wouldn't let me off mine. Mommy's kind of a kill-joy that way.

When we left, the doggy's hu-brother came with us! Not the doggy, though. And that's when our day in the wine country began. We stopped at a place I've been befure, where evfurryone seems to know Hershey and they make a big fuss ovfur us. Next we went to a place where the hoomans got food. Mommy made Hershey and me sit on the funny little chairs and took our photo. We also met some other doggies and hooman puppies there! One of them even had her pawrents take our photos on the funny little chairs!

We went to two other places and sat around fur awhile and let people pet us, but to tell you the truth I was pretty much done by then. I slept all the way home. It was a long day, but a fun one! This morning daddy and his friend got up early and went bye-bye. Mommy and Hershey and I are still resting up from yesfurday, BOL!!


Adopt 2012 Contest

June 18th 2012 1:17 pm
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I'm letting mommy write this entry fur me:

We saw Winkie's story on the news in February. My husband had been making noises about getting a second cocker for awhile. I was NOT sold on the idea. Where would I find time to brush two cocker spaniels every day? How do you even walk two dogs at once? Where would we feed another dog? Where would he sleep? And on and on. But when I saw this story, something in me would not rest until I had at least made the call: (click on) KTVU Story

I called on the last day that applications were being accepted. It was a Friday, we both work and couldn't get there, but the foster mom sensed something and prevailed on the shelter to extend the deadline until Sunday. On that day, we gathered up Hershey and the camera, and went across the bridge to meet Winkie. It was love at first sight.

We thought we were only submitting an application, and we knew we were were not the only applicants. But after chatting for awhile and letting the dogs get acquainted, the foster family and the shelter director excused themselves, and came back with adoption papers for us to sign. Winkie was ours! (click on) Adopted!

I had never had a "special needs" animal before. Winkie isn't totally deaf, but hard of hearing following ear canal ablation surgery to eradicate his severe ear infections. No one knows what happened to his eye. His jaws are not strong. He can't play tug. He prefers small balls, apple and banana slices and soft treats. He can't jump, but he's good at crawling up on the furniture. (He totally took over my big comfy reading chair. Now we have an "arrangement," like a timeshare!) He doesn't like being alone. If he awakens in a room by himself he has a howl that can rattle windows!

What had we gotten ourselves into? I was all over Dogster asking for guidance! The best advice we got was to take a breath, and treat him as a normal dog. We are careful not to come up from behind and startle him, something even humans who are hard-of-hearing can appreciate. He's learned hand signals for Sit and Stay. Of course, he has to be on leash if we're outdoors. For the most part, though, he doesn't realize anything is amiss!

He's very attached to his brofur Hershey, following him wherever he goes. He can hear Hershey bark, so he knows when the mail arrives or someone comes to the door. Like Hershey, the highlight of his day is when daddy comes home! He also loves to ride in the car. That was a must for us! We're introducing him to our favorite doggy destinations, like the beach and the wine country, and he's just had his first ferry boat ride. Oh, how he loved the wind in his fur! He's understandably nose-driven, interested in everything, and especially attracted to other dogs. We love taking him to fenced-in areas where he can safely run off-leash!

Now, we can't imagine our home without Winkie. We feel so grateful to the unknown person who found him, to Oakland Animal Services for the care they lavished on him, and to his foster family who loved him back to health for almost a year. We are just the recipients of all their good work. I'm still learning how to manage two curious cockers on two leashes, but Winkie is teaching us that nothing is impossible!


Ferry Adventure!

June 12th 2012 9:15 pm
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Today Hershey and I got our brushings early, and we did not do a bye-bye daddy. I know what that means now: an adventure!! We got in the car again, and we didn't go furry far at all. We got out at a place where there was a lot of water but no sand. We were still in the city. Right on the edge, where the city ends and it's all water.

We walked along the edge fur a little way, and came to a place where lots of people were going in and out of places mommy called "shops." We went into one, and Hershey and I got some yummy treats! It smelled doggy in there, but we didn't see any other furs. Then daddy or mommy went into a few more shops, but we had to wait outside. Once we went around a corner and saw a lot of fishy-smelling, doggy-looking animals sleeping out on beds that were floating on the water! Mommy called them sea lions. I think she got that wrong. They didn't look anything like lions. Evfurrywhere we went, people kept wanting to say hello and pet me and Hershey. They were furry nice.

The next thing that happened, we walked along a narrow kind of sidewalk thing that felt sort of loose underfoot. It led to one of those funny-looking cars on the water that mommy calls "boats." She said this one was a "ferry." It was big! We went inside, and we climbed some stairs, and then we climbed some more stairs and we were outside again but way on top of the boat! It felt funny, rolling this way and that, and then I felt a big rumble and we started moving! I could tell, because the wind was blowing in my face! So I did what I do on car rides: I laid down and took a nap.

It was a furry short nap. The ferry stopped, and we went back down all the stairs and out the door and up another narrow walk, and we were in a new place. I could smell lots of yummy people food, and lots of doggies, and that salty smell that big water has. We walked around a little, and then mommy and daddy found some tables outside and tied me and Hershey up while people brought them food. Daddy gave us special treats!

After we ate, we all walked around a little more. Mommy or daddy would go into a shop while the rest of us waited outside. People would stop to pet us and take our pictures! Finally we went back to the ferry. We got back on, and it rumbled, and I took another nap, and then we got off and we were back where we started. Some more walking and we found our car, got in and came home.

So I learned that a boat is different than a car. It's way bigger. If you want, you can walk around on it! It takes you places, but it goes on the water, instead of the road. It makes the wind blow in your fur. And you can meet lots of nice people! I like boats!


They call it the O-shun!!

June 10th 2012 7:47 pm
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Today we went on an amazing adventure! The sun was shining, and it was furry warm outside. That hardly evfur happens at my house. Daddy said it was too nice a day to waste, so we all piled into the car and off we went.

We didn't drive furry far at all, and when we got out we went down some stairs and at the bottom was a kind of place I've nevfur seen in my whole life. Instead of grass there was sand. I've seen sand befure, at Fort Fun. But here there was a LOT of it, and if you kept going across it there was a lot of water! I mean a LOT. All the way I could see in both directions! And the water was alive!! It would come at me, and then it would back off, and then it would come again!! Hershey and mommy would run away when the water came in, but not daddy and me! We stood there and let it get us! It was cold and salty! OMD, I LOVED it!!!

We walked along by the water as fur as we could, and then we turned around and walked back again. If I got wet, we walked in the warm sand until I got dry again. Sand does that. It was pawsome. And, there were lots and lots of other doggies there, too!

Next we went to a place where we sat out on a deck and looked at some more of the o-shun (that's what mommy and daddy called it), and there were a lot of doggies there, too. I especially liked Rudy, a little white doggy with furry long fur and furry short leggies! His mommy said he's a Coton de Tulear. We kept trying to play, but we were both on our leashes.

Next we went to a place fur mommy and daddy to get their din-din. Some places they can eat outside, so Hershey and I can sit with them. This one was full of wonderful, salty fishy smells! I didn't get any of that, but daddy gave us some yummy treats. There were lots of doggies there, too! If you looked across the street, you saw a lot of funny-looking cars parked on the water. Mommy called them fishing boats.

We didn't get much to eat when we got home, because of all the treats. But I don't care. I'm going to sleep and dream about the o-shun! I hope we go back there again!


A big surprise!

May 26th 2012 7:38 pm
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I'm beginning to get the hang of this. If mommy brushes us right after breakfast, and if daddy doesn't go bye-bye on his own, that means we're going on an adventure! It happened again today. We all piled into the car, almost like yesfurday, only this time mommy was up in her seat and Hershey and I were in the back. We drove across the bridge that isn't orange, and then we drove and drove some more, and then things started to smell somehow...familiar.

When we stopped and got out of the car I knew I had been on this street befure. And then we all walked up to a house, and went inside, and there was my foster Mommy Kay and Daddy Alex and Unfur-sis Savannah and brofur Kilo, who all took such good care of me until I went to my furever home!! OMD!!! I sniffed and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed them!! I wagged my tail until my wagger was sore!!

There were lots of other hoomans around, big ones and little ones, and OMD lots and lots of food smells!! It was Savannah's birthday and they were having a big pawty! We went through the house and out back, and all the little hoomans were running around and there was a big Bouncy House right in the back yard where I used to graze and play! We had to stay on our leashes, but I explored here and there and evfurrywhere. I knew lots of the people from befure, and they all told me and my pawrents how good I'm looking. They liked Hershey, too, BOL!!

Hershey and I tried our best, but no one gave us any people food. Even the little hoomans hardly dropped any! Well, we probably would have done better off-leash. After awhile we got tired and it was time to go home and get our din-din. We all sniffed and hugged and kissed and said bye-bye until next time! Then we jumped in the car and I didn't even sleep all the way home!

That was a furry nice surprise!


A fun day!

May 25th 2012 11:19 pm
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This morning mommy gave us our brushings right after breakfast. And daddy was still home. That's unusual. I knew something must be up. Next, a lady came into our house! Hershey was furry excited, and the lady was furry happy to see us. I liked her a lot! I guess mommy and daddy liked her, too, because we all got in the car togefur! The lady sat in mommy's seat, and mommy sat in back with me and Hershey. Hershey was hogging mommy's lap, so I just went to sleep.

When we stopped, I recognized the smells. We were in the same town we went to on our last adventure, where some of the trees aren't trees but vines. The hoomans ate, and we walked around meeting people and doggies until it was time to head back home. That's a furry nice place. I wonder why we don't just live there?


My furst adventure!

May 12th 2012 10:31 pm
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I thought I had the routine at my new home pretty well figured out. Most days, we get up early and send daddy off to work (whatevfur that is) and hang out all day with mommy until he gets home. Some days daddy doesn't go to work, and we might nap all day or we might go to Fort Fun if the weather is nice. That's about it.

But today was way different! We all got up early, but daddy didn't go to work. Instead he took a bunch of stuff out of a closet and loaded it in the car. Some of it smelled yummy!! Then Hershey and I got buckled in our harnesses and mommy and daddy both got in the car and we took off! I figured it might be a long ride, so I curled up fur a nap.

When I woke up we were not in the city anymore. I saw lots of big trees, and lots and lots of little trees. Mommy said those little ones aren't trees at all, they're grape vines. I don't know, but the air in that place smells furry sweet! We went to a place with lots of tables and chairs and lots of furry friendly people. Hershey and I got some water and some treats and lots of attention. Nice place!

Then we got back in the car and I napped again until we stopped. We were at another place with tables and chairs outside. More friendly people wanted to say hello and pet us! It was warm out, and mommy said she could stay there furever, but finally we moved on.

This time we just took a short ride into a town. Mommy and Hershey and I found a bench, and daddy went shopping. We met more people and a few other doggies, and then daddy came back with a bag that smelled REALLY good!! And then we took another short ride. Wen we got out there were tables and benches again, and big trees and those little trees that grow grapes. Mommy and daddy picked out a table and daddy laid out all the food he had bought fur them. They had a picnic, mommy said. Hershey and I had a picnic, too. Daddy had more treats fur us, and someone had also left some food in the grass around the table fur us! I like picnics!

When we were all done eating, mommy took some pictures and then it was time to head fur home. We were all tired, but I think I'm the only one who napped until we got there! When I woke up, it wasn't warm and blue anymore at all, but foggy and cold and drippy. I knew we were home then!


The best-laid plans...

April 28th 2012 10:25 am
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Today was supposed to be furry special. My Furst Big Adventure, mommy said. All week long she's been telling me about it. We were going on a Big Car Ride! I love riding in the car!! We were going up to the place where the wine doggies live! I don't know them, but she says it's furry nice up there. She says it smells sweet, and the people love doggies and we would have a picnic! I don't know what a picnic is, but she promised I'd like it. She bought me a special water bottle fur traveling, and a special leash fur sitting at tables with mommy and daddy while they eat. Outdoors!! She got out the Doggie Travel Bag that has the special treats in it. I can smell them!! She said we'd all be getting up early fur breakfast and brushings, and then we'd GO!!

Mommy got up early. Daddy said his throat hurt. Mommy took her shower, and daddy fed us and took us out. Then daddy plopped on the couch.

Mommy said "Are we going?" Daddy said *grunt*. Daddy said *sniff*. Daddy said *grumble*.

It's a spectacular day, sunny and blue and warm. I have a new leash and a new water bottle, and I'm all brushed up and packed and ready to go!

Daddy and Hershey are snoring on the couch.



Report card

April 22nd 2012 9:50 pm
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Have I told you about the Wag Hotel? It's a place where mommies and daddies take their doggies to play. The people there are furry nice, but the best part is meeting all the other furs. I've been there twice now! This time I got a Report Card:

"Winkie is a great dog! He roamed around during Playgroups, making sure to say hi to everyone. He made a couple of buddies in Kai and Hershey the Samoyed. We hope Winkie and Hershey come back again soon!"

That's right, I met a big white doggie with the same name as my brofur! BOL!!


My Furst Barkday

April 18th 2012 8:41 pm
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"Did you have fun on your birthday, Winkie-dink?"

"What barkday, mommy?"

"You remember, Winks, it was just last weekend!"

"Last weekend? Mommy, I'm a dog! I can barely remember the last place I scratched!"

"C'mon, Sweetie, your friends want to hear about your big day."

*sniff* Okay, mommy, but after this we need to write stuff down RIGHT AWAY.

My Barkday was on Saturday. Saturdays are different. On Saturday the pawrents sleep later, and we don't have to say bye-bye daddy after breakfast. But last Saturday, we all went bye-bye! Me and Hershey and mommy and daddy all got in the car, and we went all the way across town. Then we stopped and got out at a place that smelled all doggy. Hershey still doesn't really talk to me, but I could tell he was furry excited! We went inside, and there were furry nice people who pet us and loved on us and got all excited with us! Then we went this way and mommy and daddy went that way. The next thing I knew I was off-leash in a big room full of other doggies to PLAY WITH!!! So I played and sniffed and sniffed and played and chased and ran around and then I found Hershey (who mostly lounges!), and I crashed!

Later mommy and daddy came to get us, and then we all went to the doggy store and I got to pick out a new toy! Of course I got a squeaky, BOL!! Hershey got a new toy, too, and we both got big cookies that looked like ice cream cones! We got to eat them when we got home, and they were SO GOOD! Then I got my toy and I went squeak-squeak-squeak all ovfur the place, and mommy and daddy played with me until I just dropped, BOL!!

I should probably say that even though I'm a grown-up dog, this was my furst actual barkday. Nobody knows when or where I was acfurrily born. But the vet dogtor looked at my toofies and said I might be four or five. I play like a puppy, so mommy and daddy decided I'll be four. I was turned in to the animal shelter last year on April 14, so they decided that would be my barkday! I liked it a lot!! I wanna do it again!!

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