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October 26th 2012 8:13 am
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My brofur Hershey tells me that back in the Olden Dayz on Dogster, pups used to Tag each othfur in their diaries. It was a way to get better acquainted and make pals with your pals' pals and stuff.

Nobody's evfur tagged me, but my pal Lola (who is a Daily Diary Pick today!) got tagged by one of HER pals, and she said we could copy the questions into our own diaries and answer them!

1. What color is your collar? - My main one is red. I also have one from a winery that says Mumm on it. I ought to have black and orange Giants one like Hershey's, but mommy can't find one anywhere!

2. What kind of food do you eat? - We eat Eukanuba, because that's what Hershey's breeder fed him.

3. What are your favorite treats? I like apple slices and grass!

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other? - No, mommy doesn't let us date.

5. Do you get table scraps? Never. My pawrents are stingy like that.

6. What is your favorite toy? My little ball that squeaks! I'll chase it all day long if someone will toss it!

7. When is your Birthday? - We don't really know, but mommy and daddy picked April 14.

8. How many times a day do you get to eat? - Twice

9. Do you have a favorite color? - not really

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary? That would be way cool!!


On the Waterfront

October 6th 2012 5:31 pm
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Yesfurday we went on a home-town adventure. Mommy and daddy said we were going to see some blue angels! So we all got in the car, and we got out at the place where all the boats are tied up. There were a lot of people there! Sometimes there were furry loud noises! I could hear some of them, and some I could feel in my feets! The people kept looking Up, but I couldn't smell anything up there. I was nosing around looking fur dropped food, but there wasn't any. So I started to nap, and then the day got exciting! A little hooman (who had more sense than to keep looking at the sky) came ovfur to make friends! She was furry nice, and we liked each other a LOT. I wanted her to cuddle me, and I gave her lots of kissies. She didn't look blue to me, but I guess she was the angel!

Then her mommy came and we had to say bye-bye. We went back to our car, but we didn't go home. Hershey and I spent the evening at the Wag Hotel.



September 14th 2012 9:20 am
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I just got this pawmail frm my pal Sunny: (That's a link, you can click on it!)

"Hi Van Winkle,

"Your diary seems to get sooo much more attention than mine :( so mom was hoping that maybe you could post about my animal shelter who is in a really competitive contest right now. If any of our pals pawrents are on Facebook, could they vote for my shelter by clicking this link:
The Humane Society of Lackawanna County

"They sure could use the help!! Thanks so much.


So if you can, I hope you will go to that link and vote! And then pawlease go read Sunny's diary! She's really a furry nice doggie!!


Road Trip!

September 1st 2012 9:55 pm
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Three sleeps ago, mommy and daddy both got up early. They started taking things out of the house and putting them into the car. Then mommy gave us our brushing early, right after breakfast! The last time this happened, we all got in the car and got out in a whole different place. Sure enough, it happened again. I woke up a couple of times, and we'd be in a new place. So I peed and poohed and sniffed around, and then we'd get back in the car again. Finally we stopped fur real. Mommy and daddy took my bed and other stuff inside, so I knew this was our new home. I sniffed doggie biscuits! Mommy saw them furst, and put them up high out of my reach, but that didn't stop me from trying! I climbed right up on the bed, then on a table with my paws on the wall! But the biscuits were up on a high window sill, and mommy said Down! So loud, even I could hear her! I didn't try that again. We went fur another ride and came back. Then mommy and daddy sat outside and had some treats, and Hersey and I got to have our treats, too. YUM!! Then it was night-night time. I decided to sleep on the big bed instead of my little one.

The next morning we went fur another car ride, and after mommy and daddy ate their breakfast we met a lot of other people and a couple of other doggies, and we climbed some big stairs into a funny long room with two rows of big soft seats. Mommy called it a "train." We chose our seats, and pretty soon the whole room started moving! So I stretched out on my seat and took a snooze.

When I woke up we got off the train and we were in a forest and someone was burning MEATZ™! It all smelled furrific, but we didn't get any. We walked around and sniffed and peed and pooped, and then we got back on the train. This time there was no roof, and I had to sleep on a hard floor. When I woke up again, we were back where we started. So we walked around letting mommy shop fur awhile. Then mommy and daddy had dinner at a place that smelled like fishies. Hershey and I didn't get our din-din until we got back to our bed-place. And then we went night-night again. This time I slept in my own bed.

The next morning I saw two big doggies through our back door! (The door was made of glass, you could see right through it!) Mommy said they were deer, not doggies, and I could NOT go say Woof! Hershey nevfur even saw them, BOL!!

We got brushed and mommy and daddy packed up the car again. Then we went into town. Mommy and daddy had breakfast, then mommy went shopping some more. Mommy LOVES to shop. This was a nice town, they let doggies go into the shops! So there were lots of new smells to discover.

Around lunchtime we all got back in the car. When I woke up again we were at a winery, and there were one, two, three, four, FIVE other doggies and lots of furry nice hoomans who kept giving me kissies. (Hoomans always want to give me kissies on my nosie!) Then we got back in the car again, and when I woke up we were home!

Today we all got up early again! Hershey and I got early brushings, and then we all got back in the car. But this time we only went as fur as the Wag Hotel. Hershey and I spent the whole day there, playing. Here's our Report Card:

"Hershey and Winkie had a great time in All Day Play! They stuck together most of the day, but made their own pals, too. Hershey really liked to share toys with Oscar the Havanese, while Winkie liked to wrestle with Sophie the poodle. They both enjoyed lounging about with Murphy and getting lots of TLC from staff!"

I wonder what tomorrow will bring!


I Won My Division!! OMD!!!

August 22nd 2012 9:22 am
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I just got a p-mail from my pal River, and he says I won the Special Needs Category in the 2012 Adopt/Rescue Contest!!! OMD, we're so excited!!! I want to thank the Academy...*oh wait, wrong speech* I want to thank all the judges! It must have been an impossible task, because mommy read me all the stories and she kept saying, "I'm glad I'm not a judge!"

I also want to condogulate the other winners! If you haven't read their stories, you should go to their pages and find them in their diaries. (Click on their names and it will take you to their pages.) Tell your mommy she'll want a big box of tissues. Maybe you can even help her shred them!

Grand Prize winner is our pal Todd!!!!

2nd prize goes to Idgie!!!

3rd Prize goes to Angel Captain!!

Conner won the Rainbow Angel division!

Houndy won the Senior division!

And Honorable Mentions went to Beanie, Natasha, Pogo, Risa and Zoey!!!

Acfurrily, after you read all the stories I think you'll agree that evfurry single contestant is a winner! Because we all have the bestest mommies and daddies and furevfur homes in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!


Uninvited guests!

July 30th 2012 6:02 pm
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We had a fun weekend! Two sleeps ago we went to a place even mommy and daddy have nevfur been to befure! Mommy called it a flea market. WHAT????!! Why would anyone want to buy fleas??! Furtunately, we nevfur found the flea stall, but there was a lot of Stuff there mommy and daddy had fun looking at. There were also lots of other doggies, and lots of hoomans who like doggies! So Hershey and I had a great time, too.

Yesfurday we just chilled and watched the Olympics, then we went to bed.

But then, way befure the sun was ready to come up, Hershey and I sniffed intruders!! BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK! Daddy kept saying HUSH! Daddy kept telling us what time it was. (4 a.m., like we cared!) NO!! We have intruders!! BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK!

Finally mommy came downstairs and went where we told her, to the furnace vent. Our furnace sits sort of in the middle of the house, in a closet with a door on the kitchen side and a vent in the living room. And inside that closet, mommy figured there must be a raccoon! They have come in befure, Hershey says, through an outside vent that was supposed to have been fixed.

When it was time fur mommy and daddy to leave fur the office, the raccoon was still in there! I TOLD them so!! But they left anyway.

Then mommy came home, and called somebody, and FINALLY he came. He helped mommy move things out of the way and opened the furnace door and he showed mommy--not one, but TWO raccoons sitting there behind a grate looking scared. He said he was going to do this, and he said then he would do that, and when it gets dark and quiet tonight they should pack up and leave. I hope so!! Hershey has lost interest, but mommy can hear them wiggling around in there, right behind her chair! And I can smell them!! BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK!


Do you eat grass?

July 17th 2012 8:19 am
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I do. Some days not at all, and some days just a nibble. But some days I NEED to go out and eat grass, and I need to do it RIGHT NOW!! I cough, I gag, I whine and howl, I pace! When mommy or daddy FINALLY get my leash on and open the door, I FLY out there and dive into the grass up to my topknot. Then I chompchompchompchompchompchompchompchomp!! And we move on down the street and I chompchompchompchompchomp some more, and so we go, all the way around the block. Daddy makes me "C'mon, Winkie!" Mommy looks at her watch. Hershey (who comes along because he will NOT be left behind!), just sits there and watches the neighborhood.

Finally I have enough, and we go back home. Most of the time I feel better. Sometimes I don't, and I pace around and can't get comfy, and I hackhackhack and finally urka my salad. THEN I'm fine.

Until next time.

I've always been like this, at least as fur as anyone knows. At my foster home I had my own yard, so I could graze whenevfur I wanted. I had a little privacy. Here, I have to be on leash every time I go out, so you know the hoomans are all into all my business.

Now mommy wants to know if there's something she can feed me so I won't need to eat grass. Because a grass feast takes a long time. And because it doesn't always stay down. And because Hershey and I are gonna be staying at the Wag Hotel fur a few nights in a month or a year or something, and there is NO GRASS there! That is not good. So if you or your pawrents have any ideas, we'd like to hear them!


They Call It Carmel

July 2nd 2012 7:24 pm
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I'm late writing this, but you'll understand.

It was three sleeps ago that we all woke up early. When we looked outside, the whole world had disappeared! Mommy says it was foggy, but I've seen foggy and this was way thicker. The world was gone, I tell you!

I guess that's why mommy and daddy decided to start packing the car, so we could go find the world again. They even packed my bed, and Hershey's whole crate! We got in the car and all buckled up, and I curled up fur a long ride. We stopped once, and mommy and daddy ate. We were getting closer to the world again. I could see boats and smell water. Then we drove and drove, and I dozed. When we stopped again, there was the world!

Only, it wasn't my world. It smelled a little like mine, but the sea smell was stronger, and there were LOTS more doggie smells! And food smells! Mommy and daddy took their stuff, and my bed and Hershey's crate, into a house that was way smaller than ours. In fact it wasn't a house at all, just a room and a bathroom. I figured we were moving.

Outside, this place had lots of shops. I know about shops. Mommy goes in, and daddy stays outside with us. Or sometimes daddy goes in. But in this town, ALL of us went in! Shops are wonderfur places!! They're full of Stuff, like shoes, and books, and things on hangers, and hats and baskets and boxes! Some of them are full of paintings on the walls, and you just walk around and sniff. And there are treats and water bowls evfurrywhere, and people to pet you and take your picture. And other doggies!! OMD, we saw doggies evfurrywhere! Big ones and little ones and all colors and breeds and mixes! We sniffed and sniffed!

The best shop of all is called Diggidy Dog. Have you evfur been to PetCo? Maybe PetSmart? You've nevfur seen a shop like this! They have the BEST TREATS in the WHOLE WORLD, and they put them out in big barrels where we can reach them and try them out and let mommy and daddy know what we like! They have so many toys I couldn't even pick one out! They have all the furry best collars and leashes and beds, and doggy things especially fur the pawrents. Doggy art. Doggy books. OMD, my nose got so tired, and my neck was sore from twisting around to look at evfurrything. Best of all, lots and lots of doggies to sniff! Daddy bought us a big bag of treats, and Hershey swiped a big, long bully on the way out! BOL!!

When it was time fur din-din, mommy and daddy picked a restaurant with table outside where they allow doggies. Hershey and I got our own water bowls, and daddy gave us furevfur treats to keep us busy. I was so tired, I let Hershey finish mine. Then we went to more of the picture places (mommy calls them "galleries"). Finally we went back to our room. We all climbed up on the big bed and I was out in a wink! BOL!!

In the morning mommy and daddy packed all our stuff back in the car. We all got in, but we only drove down the road a little bit to the beach. Even though it was early there were--guess what?--lots and lots of doggies there with their pawrents. Most of them got to be off-leash, including Hershey. I have to keep my leash on, but daddy took me, so we could run around and play a little and get our feets wet! We went all the way to one end, and back again! It was F-U-N!!!!

After all that, mommy still had some shopping in her, so we went back up into the town. Shop and shop and shop, and a gallery or two, and lots more doggies, and then it was lunch time. We went to a place where they have a patio and a whole separate menu just fur doggies!! Hershey and I each ordered a bowl of grilled chicken strips! Mommy and daddy got something, too, but we didn't care!

After lunch we got one more big drink, and then it was back in the car fur the ride back to our real house. I just slept.

And guess what? When we got home, our world was still all hidden in fog. But now I know, even if we can't see it, there is a whole bigger world out there, full of amazing things!

I could have slept fur a week. But guess what? The furry next morning, we all got back in the car again, and Hershey and I got dropped off at the Wag Hotel! We were in the All Day Play group, but to tell you the truth, we didn't do much, BOL!! When mommy and daddy picked us up and took us home, we just kept on napping.

And that's why I didn't write in my diary until tonight.


I Get It

June 24th 2012 7:19 pm
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Mommy loves the wine country. It looks like I'll be making lots of visits up there, which is fine with me! Yesfurday we went again, but we went a different way. And the furst place we stopped wasn't a winery or shop or cafe at all. It was a house where some hoomans live with their doggy. I heard him barkbarkbarking befure we even got to the door. When we went inside we hadn't sniffed each other furry long at all befure he started snarling and snapping at me! So his hu-brother picked him up, and then Hershey and I started checking out all the pieces of treats and toys and bullies and stuff he has all ovfur his house! Hershey got more, because daddy let him off his leash. Mommy wouldn't let me off mine. Mommy's kind of a kill-joy that way.

When we left, the doggy's hu-brother came with us! Not the doggy, though. And that's when our day in the wine country began. We stopped at a place I've been befure, where evfurryone seems to know Hershey and they make a big fuss ovfur us. Next we went to a place where the hoomans got food. Mommy made Hershey and me sit on the funny little chairs and took our photo. We also met some other doggies and hooman puppies there! One of them even had her pawrents take our photos on the funny little chairs!

We went to two other places and sat around fur awhile and let people pet us, but to tell you the truth I was pretty much done by then. I slept all the way home. It was a long day, but a fun one! This morning daddy and his friend got up early and went bye-bye. Mommy and Hershey and I are still resting up from yesfurday, BOL!!


Adopt 2012 Contest

June 18th 2012 1:17 pm
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I'm letting mommy write this entry fur me:

We saw Winkie's story on the news in February. My husband had been making noises about getting a second cocker for awhile. I was NOT sold on the idea. Where would I find time to brush two cocker spaniels every day? How do you even walk two dogs at once? Where would we feed another dog? Where would he sleep? And on and on. But when I saw this story, something in me would not rest until I had at least made the call: (click on) KTVU Story

I called on the last day that applications were being accepted. It was a Friday, we both work and couldn't get there, but the foster mom sensed something and prevailed on the shelter to extend the deadline until Sunday. On that day, we gathered up Hershey and the camera, and went across the bridge to meet Winkie. It was love at first sight.

We thought we were only submitting an application, and we knew we were were not the only applicants. But after chatting for awhile and letting the dogs get acquainted, the foster family and the shelter director excused themselves, and came back with adoption papers for us to sign. Winkie was ours! (click on) Adopted!

I had never had a "special needs" animal before. Winkie isn't totally deaf, but hard of hearing following ear canal ablation surgery to eradicate his severe ear infections. No one knows what happened to his eye. His jaws are not strong. He can't play tug. He prefers small balls, apple and banana slices and soft treats. He can't jump, but he's good at crawling up on the furniture. (He totally took over my big comfy reading chair. Now we have an "arrangement," like a timeshare!) He doesn't like being alone. If he awakens in a room by himself he has a howl that can rattle windows!

What had we gotten ourselves into? I was all over Dogster asking for guidance! The best advice we got was to take a breath, and treat him as a normal dog. We are careful not to come up from behind and startle him, something even humans who are hard-of-hearing can appreciate. He's learned hand signals for Sit and Stay. Of course, he has to be on leash if we're outdoors. For the most part, though, he doesn't realize anything is amiss!

He's very attached to his brofur Hershey, following him wherever he goes. He can hear Hershey bark, so he knows when the mail arrives or someone comes to the door. Like Hershey, the highlight of his day is when daddy comes home! He also loves to ride in the car. That was a must for us! We're introducing him to our favorite doggy destinations, like the beach and the wine country, and he's just had his first ferry boat ride. Oh, how he loved the wind in his fur! He's understandably nose-driven, interested in everything, and especially attracted to other dogs. We love taking him to fenced-in areas where he can safely run off-leash!

Now, we can't imagine our home without Winkie. We feel so grateful to the unknown person who found him, to Oakland Animal Services for the care they lavished on him, and to his foster family who loved him back to health for almost a year. We are just the recipients of all their good work. I'm still learning how to manage two curious cockers on two leashes, but Winkie is teaching us that nothing is impossible!

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