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March 25th 2013 9:23 am
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Mommy entered me a contest! It was daddy's idea, and it involves FB. Mommy's not even sure what the prize is! :)):)):)) Let's all find out togefur! The voting begins March 26. I think you can vote once a day!

Click here: Vote fur Winkie!

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March 24th 2013 9:05 pm
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Mommy went to add new photos to my page, and got a message that she was at my "display limit" of 127. What's that? So she marked a bunch as "Do Not Display" and added the new ones, but then all my captions disappeared!! Anyfur else having this happen?

Not only that, but I tweaked my back again. This time it hurts down by my tail. Not as bad as last time, but daddy petted me and I yelped. I even made myself yelp with a butt-scoot. So, it was back to the Sunday vet. This time they didn't take me away from mommy and daddy. In fact I barely got poked at all. I have pills to take again, and I have to be quiet this week. That's okay. I feel like being quiet.


It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times...

March 2nd 2013 7:05 pm
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It started out on the Worst side. We all got up early this morning, even though daddy didn't have to go to his work place. Mommy and daddy were in a hurry-up, and soon we were all in the car! An adventure?

Not exactly. When we stopped about two minutes later, we were at the vet's office.

Now, I'm a good boy at the vet. I don't cry or carry on, but I don't get all excited and wag my boody all ovfur the place like Hershey does, either. When we go into the little room, I just hope it's him getting lifted up on the table, and not me.

Today it was me. I got poked and prodded, I got lights shined in my eyes, and I even got my eyelashes trimmed. (The groomer likes them long, the vet likes them short, BOL!!)

And then I got STUCK. Twice. The furst time I jumped, the second time I didn't even feel it.

Then he poked at Hershey a little, and then we left.

But we didn't go back home! We drove and drove, I dozed and dozed, and when we stopped I woke up and we were up where the wine grapes grow! We went to the place where they give us big doggie cookies, and daddy bought me a new collar! Then we stood here and sat ovfur there and tried to be still while mommy played with her new camera. She wanted pictures of us in the mustard grass, but I just wanted to eat it! BOL!!

We went to another place, where mommy and daddy had food. We got some treats, but not as many as Hershey wanted, BOL!! After that, we went inside where mommy could look at things and not buy them. We met lots of furry nice peepole who like petting doggies!

It was all pretty exhausting, and when we got back in the car I went into nap mode until we got home. Daddy gave us a half-dinner but I don't care. I'm ready to finish my nap!


My Gotcha Day!

February 25th 2013 9:39 am
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Today is my Gotcha Day!! OMD, I got so many nice pressies from my Dogster pals!! Thank you all so much!!

Bootifur ribbons from Whitley, Petey, Tinkerbelle and Natasha, Angel Whisper and Dixie, Angel Abby and Buddy, Zoe and her fambly, Charlie and Abbie and their fambly, Haro and her fambly, Austin and Doo, and Max and his fambly (Today is Max's barkday!! Happy Barkday, Max!!)

Steaks from Abby and Lucian, Duncan and Hamish, Dino, Angel Buddy and Buddy B, Romeo Beau and Shaki!

Pupcakes from Bailey and Buttercup! Bailey also made me a Gotcha Day picture fur my page!

A golden bone from Walker and his fambly, an emerald from Suzy Q and her fambly, a crown from Zaidie, gold hearts from Tango and Pepper, red hearts from Emily Elizabeth and Droopy, and footballs from Fizzy and Krickette!

Lexi and her fambly sent me a crown and made me a picfur fur my page! I got picfurs from the PDPC and CDAC groups, too!!

Flicka and her fambly sent me a crown and a squirrel to chase!!

Nelly Bell May made a fancy cake, and her fambly got me a bunch of tennis balls and squeaky toys to play with!

Daddy went to work today, even though it's such a BIG DAY!! So mommy says we'll pawty later. But after our walk she gave me my cookie and pressies so she could take photos while Hershey was napping! BOL!!


February 17th 2013 8:46 pm
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Yesfurday, we went on a fun adventure! Hershey wrote about it in his diary.

Today we went to the Wag Hotel fur All Day Play!! Know what we did all day?


Oh, except I urka'd once. Lots of treats yesfurday! BOL!!



February 2nd 2013 10:57 am
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OMD, I'm a DDP today!! Along with my pals Whitley and Mr. Cutter! Thanks, HQ!! And thanks to Zoe, Haro, Pepper, Angel Whisper and Dixie, Lexi and her fambly, Duncan and Hamish, and Anya fur the nice rosies on my page! (Zoe, that photo crackles me up!!)


Secret Admirer!

January 30th 2013 4:25 pm
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I have a Secret Admirer! OMD, who could it be?? They sent me a heart fur my page! Thanks, Secret Admirer!!


All better!

January 14th 2013 6:49 am
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Mommy says I shouldn't say that yet. I'm still taking my meds, and she wants to see how I do when I'm off of them. But we went to the vet yesfurday and he poked and pressed and pinched, and he couldn't make me yelp or even wince! He was surprised! I've been feeling great fur a week. So daddy says I'm all better! Thanks fur all the POTP!! That stuff works!!



January 8th 2013 8:53 pm
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I'm feeling much better. In fact I'm feeling furrific! But four sleeps ago, I hurt! It hurt when I walked. It hurt when I tried to look up at my mommy. It even hurt when daddy tried to pet me! I went YELP!!

So we went to the dogtor. This wasn't the same dogtor we usually see. It was a bigger office, and there were lots of dogtors and nurses there. Daddy was carrying me. Then he put me down and someone took me through a door. I couldn't see my pawrents or Hershey! The dogtor put me on a table and started feeling my back. YELP!!!

Then they took me to another place, and they made me lay this way, and they made me stand that way, and they smelled strange and I didn't like it. Then they stuck me with a needle and put me in a cage. And I was in there fur a l-o-o-o-n-g time. I felt some better, but I wondered where my fambly was. Was I moving AGAIN?!

After three of four hours or months or something, I smelled mommy and daddy and Hershey. They walked right by where I was! But they didn't see me. They just kept going, so I started YOWLING!! "I'M OVFUR H-E-E-E-R-E!!" ARRRROOOOOOOOOOWOWOWOOW!!!

Finally they came back, and soon someone came and let me out of the cage and the next thing I knew we were on our way HOME! *whew!*

I feel great now! I'm getting extra cheesy bites twice a day! (Hershey is jealous!) Mommy and daddy are carrying me up and down the stairs when I want to go there, and lifting me on and off the couch if they're quick enough to catch me!

+ Winkie's mom here. There are two possible diagnoses: either degenerative disc disease--which could require surgery down the line; or some disc extrusion--which might be relieved and even reversed with rest and anti-inflamation meds. He's getting pain meds. We're going back Sunday to talk to the vet again about courses of treatment going forward. We'll also bring our regular vet into the loop. (We went to Banfield, at PetSmart. Why do doggie emergencies always happen after the normal vet hours???) +



December 29th 2012 9:47 pm
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My brofur Hershey has barked all about the howlidays in his diary, but I have a few things to bark, too. This was my furst Christmas in my furevfur home! I already knew that hoomans bring trees inside the house at Christmas. My foster fambly did that. In this house, it meant my bed got moved! In fact a lot of furniture got moved. It was furry confoosing.

Even getting the tree was an adventure. We all got in the car, so of course I went right to sleep. When I woke up, we were in a forest, and we went on a hike! And we sniffed and looked at the trees one by one. And then we came to one we all liked, and since daddy had a saw he cut it down! That turned out to be the tree that went into our house!

Another adventure we went on was to a castle! That was a car trip, too. We stopped on the way fur cookies and to get some attention at a nice place with a lot of grapevines all around. But then we went on to the castle. I've nevfur seen anything like that befure! It was big, and all made out of stones! It had been raining, so we had to splash through some parts. There were stairs to climb up, and something called turrets, and stone passageways that led to big and small rooms, and stairs to go down again, and lots of people who really like little furry doggies with waggly tails! We even saw a ginormous rainbow in the sky!

One night mommy filled up our dining room table with cheese and MEATZ™. Then people I've nevfur smelled befure started coming inside, and eating it all up! They all wanted to pet us, but no one was sharing their food with us. I got pretty tired, but couldn't find my bed at all. There were chairs and people where it was supposed to be. I was glad when they all went away, BOL!

Another day we went downtown. When we got there we did a lot of walking. We saw lots and lots of people and got lots and lots of petting. There were lights, and the smells were amazing! Especially when we went through the Chinese part of town! After that comes the Italian part, and that smells delicious, too! Hershey and I got bullies and some spawcial Christmas treats while mommy and daddy ate at a sidewalk cafe. We were furry tired by the time we got back to the car and home again!

The next day was Christmas! Mommy and daddy opened lots of gifts, then mommy's brother and his wife came ovfur and they all opened more gifts. After they left, Hershey and I got to open gifts, too! We got new toys that squeak! I fell asleep with one in my mouth!

Since then we've mostly been resting and sticking close to home. Howlidays take a lot out of a pup!

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