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The Life Of A Princess.....

What A Year!!

February 11th 2012 2:28 pm
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It's been a cwazy year with a lot of ups and downs, A lot of
fun and some not soo much.

My Momma took me and my fambly off of Dogster/Catster because she needed a break fwom everything.

She re-added me to Dogster because she missed doing my page
and habing all my pictures up.

I am the only one that will stay on Dogster and hopefully can
weconnect wif some of my old fwiends and make some
new fwiends.

We still lub Dogster, Totally Rocks!!!
Gotta Bounce!! ~ SophiaHope


Mommy Got A new Grandbaby!

October 31st 2012 3:52 am
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Guess what?? I met Mommy's gwand baby a couple of days ago!! She has a new gwand son, He is 2 months old and the cutest!He smiles at me when I gib him kissies, I like to lick his paws bol

Mommy will post pictures when we go see them again today..
Yiippiieeee goin to see the skin kid taday!!
Lub that kid, He is soo much fun!

Alwighty gotta bounce and go see what mommy is doin!
Later!~ SophiaHope


My Update!

November 11th 2012 3:38 am
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A lot has happened since I was on taken off of Dogster the last time.
My pup cousins Josh and Rennie passed away before the Summer,
It was really rough on my family especially my Aunts
They are doing okay though.My sisfur Summer lives with my Aunt now
(Josh's Mom)Brian lives with my other Aunt now( Rennie's Mom)

Me, My brofur Eddie and my mom moved out of state after
my mom got divorced,It's not so bad. I really like it here in the country, It's where I really feel at home.

So Mom said she was just going to put Eddie back on Catster
which she did and I so habby!

As fowr our Angels she only added Somora on Catster.
Mom is going to add Zack back because she misses him
and doing his page.
Gotta bounce, Peace out! ~ SophiaHope


My Brudder!!

November 20th 2012 12:46 pm
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My hubrother came home from NorthCarolina lastnight, Yiippiieee!!
I soo excited!! I not seen him since last Febwuary, But him home now
and I go see him tommorrow and my cousin Jenna!!

He lives with his Daddy and me and Mommy are going to go
pick him up and go see the skinbaby, My skinsister,Jenna it's going to be a fantablish day!!

I just love them sooo much!!
Ooops Mommy is calling me...Gotta Bounce, Peace!!!



December 1st 2012 3:33 am
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Mommy has been weally, Weally busy these days, Hewr is
writing a book and her is letting me help hewr!!

Me is soo excited, I am going to be in it!!

Gotta bounce, Mommy needs to do some mowre writing!
Peace~ SophiaHope



December 3rd 2012 2:46 am
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Today I was chosen to be a Daily Diary Pick!! We are wicked surpwised
and wicked happy about it!

That is the start of a weally gweat day!
Fank you Dogster,Fank you to All of ouwr furiends!! We lub being on Dogster!!

Sooo Pawsome!!!

~ Muah!!~ SophiaHope


Chwistmas Season

December 9th 2012 5:10 pm
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I can't bewieve it is almost Chwistmas alweady!
Where does the time go?
I can tell you this I know....
I am lucky to hab such fantabulous fwiends who I adore :)

I am gwateful to hab the fambly I hab
Life held some twoubled times fowr me
and my fambly has always been there fowr me

I am such a grateful girl who just lubing life!
Mommy saids that is cawlled.. The warm Fuzzies...
The warm what?! Bol

Chwistas season bwings out the best in most of us
I bewieve it makes most to appeciate mowre in life

Anyhoo, I just wanted to write in my diawy and share with awll
of my fwiends xxxxxxxx

Mewwy Chwistmas~ SophiaHope~



January 1st 2013 3:48 am
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Yesterday I was Dog Of The Day!!
I want to say what an honor it truly is :)
Me and my mom were weally weally surpwised!

I have some spwecial fank yous to my fwiends
fowr the pwessies, pmails, pictures made.....

Fank you to Dogstewr fowr picking me, Such an honor!!!!

Fank you to my spwecial fwiend Riley Fielder
You are pawsome and totally wock!!

Fank you to the Fielder Fambly
I weally lub you guys

Fank you George, Mewwy and the Dog House
Fank you Tessa and Fitz

Fank you The Bush Furs
Fank you:
The Family of Sammy Jo, Forever in Our Heart, Toby Jo, Cory Jo, Joey Jo (Jo Jo), Sarge

Fank you Romeo and MommyJennifer

The Family of Walker , Alexandria, Molly, Pookah , Edwina(Eddy) DG#1, Emily


Fank you Forrest

If I left anyone names out I am so so sowwy.....IT"S MY SILLY MOM, BLAME HEWR!!! Bol

Fank you evewyone fowr making my day so spwecial! xxxxxxx "Muah!!" ~SophiaHope~


Thanking 9/11 pups

June 28th 2013 10:07 pm
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Mommy just tode me that a search and rescue pup
Named " Porkchop" has passed on to rainbow bridge.

He was 1 year ode when he aided the search and rescue
at ground zero.

Porkchop was the ONLY remaining 9/11 search dog, Although
we did not know him personally
he will be sadly missed by all.

Thank you Porkchop and all search and rescue pups for
their heroic efforts

A true hero
Run free at the bridge Porkchop



My brofur Eddie

May 3rd 2014 6:27 pm
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I am so sad today
My furbro Eddie went to heavan today and I
Had to say goodbye :(

He was the best brudder I could Eva ask for
I love him and miss him so much

Eddie is on catstewr 1267195

I love you big brofur, Always in my heart
- SophiaHope-

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