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I went to my First Party!

April 15th 2012 8:11 pm
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Guess what Pals? I went to a Rockin Party tonight over at Rotties Rule! They were celebrating their Five Year Anniversary! I met so many nice doggies, and made so many new friends! They just Rock!

During the party, I had to break and go outside for a minute. Mom came outside to bring me in, and I came in limping. She checked my paws to make sure nothing was stuck on them, and there wasn't. It is my right front leg, which is also deformed somewhat. I can't even get on my couch! So Mama scoot over, I am getting on the bed.

I love Mama's bed!!!!!!

Love Max



April 16th 2012 1:38 pm
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As I mentioned yesterday, I hurt my deformed right leg somehow. Mama has checked to make sure there is nothing in my paw, checked my nails and pads, and all is ok there. Today, I am wimpering and winning alot. Follow Mama where ever she goes in the house, telling her, fix it MAMA!

Yesterday I would not tolerate, ice, or a heating pad. She called the Vet today, and they said, she couldn't even give me asprin. So Mama tried moist heat, and that felt pretty good actually. I am laying on her bed right now on my back. If I am not better by tomorrow, she will take me into the vet.

Please pray for me, Mama is not sure what the problem is, no sign's of any bites, scratches etc., so she feels I did something internally to my leg/shoulder.





April 29th 2012 2:39 pm
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I am doing so much better! I was just moping around, someone said to me, awww, you poor pitiful thing. I really was. I didn't feel good at all. Mama gave me some Asprin for a few days, then started to walk me around the yard, and noticed I started to use my leg. Then all of a sudden I would take off running! BOL! Sometimes I still limp a little, but nothing like before. I am even back to barking when I come in the house! Letting everyone know... MAX is in the HOUSE! BOL!




Mama took me to the Vet

January 12th 2013 5:08 pm
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Mama was worried about me, for I have had breathing problems, so she took me to the Vet yesterday here in Ohio where we live now. I got a full check up; the Vet checked my heart, lungs, ears and eyes. Nothing seemed to stand out. He then did a blood test for Heart Worms, and I tested positive. Which brought tears to Mama. He said he wanted to do another blood test to send to the lab, to make sure the first test was correct, and he would let Mama know today.

The Vet called Mama today to tell her the Lab results were the same, that I tested Positive for Heart Worms. They also did another test which showed they had reproduced. Both my Mama's; Heather and Lisa, are so shaken up about this news. They love me so much. The good news, there is treatment for it, but it is very expensive. Which is an injection, two days in a row. We have to wait for the vet to call us next week, for the medication is not avaabable in the United States. He needs to call London where he has gotten it before.. Please pray for us!





January 16th 2013 10:58 am
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Mama found out some good news about my medicine. The Vet will not have to order it from London, even though it is only made in Europe. There is a company in Florida, that the Bush's told us about, that has it in stock! It is not as expensive there as it would be in England. Still about $250.00, but Mama wants what is best for me! Mama will see the Vet today, with one of our kitties, and will ask him more details when he can get it.




Started on my Treatment!

January 19th 2013 1:08 pm
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I am now beginning my Heart Worm Treatment, since I tested Positive. The Vet explained to Mama there were two ways to deals with my case. We decided to go the aggressive approach, to kill the Heart Worms quicker. I am on Antibiotics, which is 4 pills a day for a month, plus I also started the prevented heart worm Tablet. In a couple of weeks I go back for an x-ray and then an injection of the medicine. Then 30 days later I go back for two more injections. Please pray for me that I don't have to bad of side effects.




Update on my Treatment!

May 4th 2013 10:05 pm
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Well I wanted to let you know how the treatments have been going. After having, sever x-rays, blood work, and my 3 injections which was herd on me, I am now on the road to recovery!!! Yippy! The Vet told my Mama I still needed to stay calm and relaxed, no running, playing ball, taking walks until after the summer when I have a recheck to make sure the treatment worked and I am free of heart worms!

Please keep your paws crossed for me!




I took my Journey to the Bridge

June 20th 2015 12:18 am
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Hello My Friends,

I took my journey to the bridge Wednesday, June 17th, 2015 in the afternoon. I know my family misses me very much especially my Mama Heather. She is having a very hard time with me being gone. I love and miss you to Mama. I did find Dakota like you told me to, she is so pretty, we get along great! Please don't cry, you were so good to me and taught me so much and spoiled me! You saved me and brought me into your home and gave me the best life! I love you for that. Friends can you please take care of my Moms for me, this has so hard on them.


Angel Max


A letter from Mama!

June 20th 2015 9:47 am
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Dear Maxie Boy,

I sure do miss you boy, your smiling face, your Elvis lip, your silly barks, rolling on your back begging me to rub your belly. The house is not the same without you! It is going to take me some time to heal. I love you sweetie! Having fun up there at the bridge? Give Dakota, Ralph and Ollie kisses for me!



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