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Scrappy's wild life

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My family moved

January 6th 2013 9:03 am
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well it looks like my family moved to a new place. It looks like a nice place from heaven. I hope that they have a fun time there and I will be watching them from heaven with momma. I see the rain came last night I never liked the rain it is so cold and wet. well I hope the kids like their new place and I am pulling strings that my human sisters get jobs. well I got to go. Hope all the dogs are having a GREAT day.


Happy New YEAR!

January 1st 2013 7:36 am
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Just wanted to stop by and say Hi and Happy New year! I hope 2013 brings everything they want and their wishes granted! At the bridge we are all having a very good time. I miss all my friends. I hope all you dogs, cats and families enjo the New year and wishes are granted! I will see ya around. I hope all survied the new year celebrations and had a very safe night. Here is to health and prosperity.


Happy New year from above

December 31st 2012 6:25 pm
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I just thought I would drop in to say Happy New year from the Bridge. I hope all you guys have a Happy, Lucky, Healthy and proseprous New year! My new years wish for my family is to get good paying jobs and NOT to miss me so much! I hope Lucy, Nikita and Abbey stay healthy and around. Happy New year to all My friends! I hope 2013 brings You everything you could wish for~


Happy Sunday

August 26th 2012 3:06 pm
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What a nice surprise both Abbey and I are DDP. Lucy are cat sister is Cat of the Day. Well, I am enjoying the day just floating on a cloud. Thanks all those who congratulated me


Name change

August 17th 2012 8:05 am
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well they changed my name. I hope I am an angel. I do look out for my family. I just wish I could help them get jobs. I know that they miss me very much. I had a wonderful life for 6 months we had lots of fun together before I got sick! Iknow that I was LOVED and I was spoiled. I just wish I could repy them and help get them decent jobs, they deserve it. Well I have freinds to play with and things to do. see ya later. have fun in life furs-- Life is way to short!! Oh My Name is My special Angel SCRAPPY!!!


My Gotcha Day

August 16th 2012 7:49 am
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well today wuld have been my first anniversary with my very nice humans. I wish I could have stayed alittle longer with them. I know that they miss me very much, but Rest assured I am doing ok up here and I am very happy and have no brain problems. I had a wonderful 6 months with them and enjoyed every minnutes. I know I made their life better. I am their little angel watching out over them. I hope they understand I am happy and wish things would go their way and I am working on it.



August 2nd 2012 8:31 am
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I just go a some surpsies in my e-mail box. So I want to Thank Everyfur for thinking of me and giving me cake.
so Thanks you goes to the following furs it is so kind of you to think Of me!!!!!!!!!
Nala Sue
La La
Kelly Ann
Plus anyother fur I might have forgot
Thanks a Bunch!
Hope you are all staying cool in the heat, Take care of the Earth, and I hope my family gets jobs. I will run on over and write again. Take Care and be Safe!!


congrats to my family members

July 30th 2012 11:06 am
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i just wanted to drop by and say Congrats to my cat sisters Lucy and Nikita for all their DDP's on Catster and to Nikita for being chosen Cat of the day. Congrats to Abbey for being DDp on Dogster and for being it 6 times. I miss you guys and Love you and momma is fine and we are having fun and so is Sophie. Hope you do not melt in the heat. Enjoy the olympics and election and hope President Obama wins- Love the man(Hope I did not offend anyone! Very Very sorry if I did!!;() Trying to use devien intervention on the job thing but I am new up here and do not hae much clout.
Love to all my friends and thanks so much for being them!


4 months

July 29th 2012 8:57 am
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well I thought I would drop by and leave a note. I am doing fine up in heaven and having fun. I still miss my family and know they still miss me so much and think about me. It has been 4 months since I left earth. i wish I was there with them and could have meet Sammy the dog. I am still working on my devine intervention and have brought them some luck the job thing is just a little harder. I watch over them from heaven with Momma and their dad. It will be almost ayear since I mett them on August 9 2011. ell I am practing my running I just love to run. I hoped that ove r time they would have gotten over me- but I still know that they miss me so much and their momma. The last 6 months on Earth were the best I had, and I hope some day their saddness goes away. I am taking care of their mom up here and she is looking out after them everyday. well I will write soon Now I have to go and play. I hope everyone is having a GREAT Summer and THank you so much for being my friend.



April 12th 2012 9:22 am
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Hi well it seems that my family is getting alot of rain. I am glad I am in heaven with sun and fun. If I was at home I could not play with my dog toys and that would make me very sad! I am having a nice time up here with momma. I do miss my family and I know they miss me very much. I loved them so much. I hope they do not get flooded. I hope they get jobs soon, I was one loved little dog. I am happy up here, I just wish that they were happy on Earth and would get some good Luck! I will try and get them soem devien intervention for them and bring them Luck. I keep my eys on them from heaven. I hope they do not flood! I will write again. Take care all my little friends. It was fun! I miss everybody and was a GREAT little dog and I knwo I am missed and loved very much. This computer does not work very good! Have a great day where ever you are!

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