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Well Hhi there!!


July 15th 2013 5:22 am
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Thought it was about time I did a small update, I see that Milly Moo has done so already so here is mine!
I am now 2 years old, I love my family, my new toy Rocky Gizmo still hasn't broken, I am still having great fun playing with him, also sometimes I do something naughty, and he gets in to trouble for it, so things couldn't be much better!!
I have been going to training classes and even gained a 'good citizens' award, what an achievement, my human went mad praising me, telling me how clever I was, giving me cuddles and sweets!! I don't know what the fuss was about, it was really easy!!
Moo still has a huge place in my heart, she is one special lady, she still tells me off sometimes when we are out and about at the beach or the woods and I 'dive bomb' her to try to get her to play, I guess she is quite old now, so maybe she doesn't want to play?

We have a new small human living with us at the moment, and so its nice to see another face, she doesn't seem that interested in us though, and I don't really understand why, but again, my human has been saying how pleased she is that we have been so calm.

I am still sleeping in the kitchen and still managing to forage a bit of a midnight snack every now and then which is cool, I also like to stand on my back legs and look out the kitchen window, I can really tease and scare the cats that way, especially if I go really quietly and then BOOM!! im there!! funny watching them jump!!
Anyway, weather is too hot for me, so im off for a lay down on the cool kitchen floor!



March 4th 2012 12:45 pm
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Hey!!! I must have been a really good boy recently cos my human has bought me the best toy in the world.....she says that he is called Rocky Gizmo (he looks like a gremlin) and he is a pug x. Im not bothered about any of that, i am just so excited with my new toy, its much better then any i have had before, it doesnt just sit still doing nothing, it moves by itself, and it makes also has quite good food, that i manage to steal every now and then!!

My human is giving me so many cuddles and telling me what a good boy i am for being so gentle (i jsut dont wanna break this toy, i like this one!!).

Life is good, I got bored with frustrating my human on walks by never coming back when she called me, and have decided its much better to keep her on her toes, you know, lull her into a false sense of security, and come back, but only the majority of times, i like to throw in on the odd occassion a time where i just pretend that i cant hear her!! i have found that this means she finds even nicer and tastier treats to tempt me back!!

I love my moo moo still, really loads, but now i have this new toy, im leaving her alone a bit more, just going for cuddles when my new toy gets put away for a while!!

Life is fab, im enjoying myself very much indeed, long may it continue!!



February 15th 2012 2:43 am
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Well today I am 1!!
I have had my birthday breakfast, and been given new toys!!
Milly was given new toys as well, which I wasnt really happy about cos its my day....not hers!!
when my human wasnt looking, I stole Millys toy from her, I got caught though, cos I was a bit over excited and have chewed it to death, and milly is walking round looking really depressed, so my human know it was me and not Milly....

Im expecting to get away with lots of mischief today, and am looking forward to my walk later.

Right now, Im snuggled up on the sofa chewing on a new toy with a smile on my face, and my human next to me giving me lovely cuddles......Oh its a good life!!


here i am...................

January 20th 2012 7:54 am
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Hallo, my name is Barnaby, but i get called Barnaby Bear quite alot, which i think is plain weird, its clear i am a dog, not a bear, anyway........My human came to the place i was born, and chose to take me home with her...
On the way home she spoke about a Milly Moo, i wasnt sure what one of these was, but as soon as i arrived 'home' i found was another dog!!! Yay....Result!!!

I have been pampered and loved so so much since my arrival here at 9 weeks old (i am nearly one now!), Milly is a fab sister, and has taught me lots, although, there have also been times where she has got me into trouble too......Grrrr!!

I love my home, its the best, I get loved, cuddled, played with fed walked oh my, its so good.

I was kept in a crate for quite a while just overnight or when my humans went out, but i have graduated to a 'big boys bed' now, i love it so much, i can get up in the middle of the night, stretch my legs, have a drink of water and a midnight snack if i want.....i have found that as long as i clear up properlly no one knows, and so that is what i intend to do!!!

My human gets cross with me sometimes when we are out, i am a very good dog, but when i see something interesting, i jsut have to go and investigate it, and it doesnt matter that my human is calling my name or offereing me sweets, i wanna do what i wanna do.......however, as my human is quite clever, she has found an extending lead when she sees another dog for example, she tricks me with my ball and a sweet, i go to get these treats, and she puts the extending lead on me, which means although i can go play with the other dog, i havve to leave when my human says........its a little unfair, cos im not always ready to leave at that point!!!

i have grown loads, and my human is always calling me handsome or beautiful and she says it in a nice way, so i guess that these are good things to be......right now as my human is taking a rest after our walk, im laying across her lap typing this.........i understand that i only got to come here because a big dog they had before went off to puppy heaven, im sad i never met Rodney, and he looks like a fab chap in all the photos round the house, but i am thankful i am here, because LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!

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