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My New Forever Home

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One whole year in my forever home!

January 10th 2013 4:33 pm
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It's been a year since I came to live with Kenny, mom and dad in my new forever home. I have loved living with them. I have the most wonderful food here. Today I had chicken and tuna for breakfast, with yogurt and special vitamin stuff too. I have a terrific yard where I can chase squirrels, watch the birds, and chase butterflies. I love chasing butterflies. I have a soft and warm bed in every room of the house. My mom made them for me. I get lots of hugs and kisses from my mom and dad too. My dad takes me for a walk every night. Sometimes I see Mr. Fox, or even deer! Sometimes I can hear the owls at night when we are walking and a few times I have seen bats! Some of the humans in my neighborhood have bat houses. I have a porch where I can sit with mom on nice days and watch the birds at their feeders or chase the grass hoppers in the grass. And even though I don't like it very much, my mom takes me to the dog doctor and I get 2 exams a year, I have flea and tic protection, and when I get really dirty my mom gives me a bath. Plus I go to the groomer about every other month. At night, after my walk, when I'm tired and least likely to be 'fussy' my mom brushes my fur. If I'm quiet and let her brush without biting the brush, she gives some snacks. Really good snacks too! She always hugs me and kisses me too. And then I have my little girl Kenny too. She's very sweet and beautiful. She's a silver lady and so she doesn't like it when I try to show her how much I like her by trying to get up on her, but I love having her around and going for walks with her. She comes out to the porch with me too and we bark at the neighborhood kids who get off the school bus. When Cinnamon, the neighborhood cat comes down our sidewalk, we are quiet and respectful because he deserves our respect. He's been here in this neighborhood longer than even mom and dad. Yes, I really love my new forever home. I'm a lucky little pup! xoxox


Dooli discovers dental floss and more deer

December 18th 2012 9:10 pm
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Last night was an interesting night for me. I watched my dad 'floss' his teeth. He took this weird smelling string stuff and put it in between his teeth to get the 'plaque' and other stuff caught in there. And then he didn't EAT it, but he threw it away in the 'trash'! I don't know why my humans have that bin filled with all kinds of yummy stuff that they never eat! They take it out to the other bin in the alley where some men take it away in a big monster that I always bark at. Do your humans engage in this strange string behavior? After that I went for my nightly walk with my dad and Kenny. It was late, and it was a very quiet night. We went by the park where we have seen the deer before. And GUESS what? They were there again! Me and Kenny crouched down and we were really quiet. I watched them. I really wanted to chase them, but I decided to just sniff the air and smell them. Then, all of a sudden, they took off! They were like lightening! So beautiful. Well, I hope some of you get to see some deer tonight, but if you don't, I know you will have a good dinner. xoxoxo



December 1st 2012 3:35 pm
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My humans are acting weird. They brought in a pine tree and put some stuff on it. My fur sib Kenny loves to sleep underneath it in her little bed. Dad hung lights on the tree and put some lights outside on our porch. I guess I like that 'cuz now I can stay out longer and see stuff when it's dark out there. We keep getting cards and other packages in the mail too. Some it has been for me and Kenny. I hope some one sends us some Zukes' snacks. Those are my favorites and they are good for me too. Mom says she's making us some things for Christmas. I know I saw her put something into our stockings that are hanging on the mantle. And she put some jerky treats into dad's stocking. I know, 'cuz I can smell them. Also we sent off some packages to our friends from all over the world. I hope that this Christmas stuff means there will be extra treats for us pups!


I saw 7 deer!

November 20th 2012 10:36 pm
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I was out on my night walk with my dad and suddenly I noticed that he wasn't walking any more. He was looking off into the night somewhere. So I looked too. And then out stepped a group of 7 deer. They just stepped out into the street and they stood there lookin' at us. I was real quiet. I put my head down and crouched. I thought to myself "I'm sure my mom would much rather have venison for Thanksgiving than turkey..." I was sure I could catch one of em'. But then they saw me and they took off running! They were beautiful and fast as lightening. I decided I'd much rather watch them run, than eat em'!


I tried to eat a pin cushion

November 16th 2012 9:40 am
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My mom has been sewing a lot lately and the other day she accidentally left her pin cushion on her night stand where I found it. It smelled so good, and maybe there might have been some Cheeto crumbs on it, I don't know. I carefully removed most of the pins and was getting ready to really dig in to the cushion when my mom discovered me. She freaked out and took the pin cushion away, picked up all the pins she could find. Then for the next week everyone watched me like a hawk to make sure I wasn't injured internally. Luckily it doesn't appear that I have swallowed any pins so mom and dad are relieved. My mom hopes that anyone reading this diary entry will be moved to make sure this doesn't happen to them! xoxo


Halloween Night

November 3rd 2012 6:55 pm
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It was my first Halloween night with my new mom and dad. I was excited. Dad hung purple lights on the porch while mom made a fun Halloween tree with orange, green and purple lights on it. She put it out on the porch where everyone could see it. Dad carved a pumpkin with a scarey face, and mom put some cinnamon inside it and lit the candle. It smelled really good. Later dad took it out to the front porch and put it where all our neighbors could see it. Then, the really exciting part came. Kids and grown ups began coming up to our house! Like they were walking on our sidewalk and coming right up to our fence. They were dressed up like zombies, skeletons and other freaky monsters! And they wanted candy! I barked and barked at them. I hoped dad wouldn't give them any candy, 'cuz I knew that would only encourage more of them to come and demand my dad's candy. I barked at him not to give up the candy, but he didn't listen to me, oh no, and the monsters kept coming. All night! I barked and barked, but to no avail. Then I noticed that my dad had something different on his head. It looked like a brain, with lights all over it. Dad said it was a "Mad scientist's brain." What ever. It was weird, and I didn't like it. So I barked at dad to take it off. But he didn't listen to me. In fact he made go inside and I had to stay behind the baby gate. How humiliating.Finally, the zombies and skeletons stopped coming by and it was quiet again. My mom gave me some treats for 'being such a good boy and protecting the house from all the crazies' which I liked. And I got some extra pets and cuddles too. And there was still some candy left for my dad and mom! xoxoxo


One Hundred Degrees

June 30th 2012 3:16 pm
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It's terribly hot here and there's no end in sight to the heat. I can't even go out for 20 minutes at a time, it's so hot. The humidity is awful. So I'm just hanging out with my dad. It's rare that he's even home on the weekend, so he's taking a nap. I'm taking one with him under our ceiling fan which is keeping us cool. Maybe later we can go for a walk around the neighborhood when it's dark. I like that. I usually see a lot of cats and I like barking at them. Sometimes we see other neighborhood dogs and their humans out walking too. I'm going to have my dinner soon. It's canned salmon and chicken hearts with chicken livers and gizzards too. Maybe mom will put some blueberries in there too. Doesn't that sound great? I get super awesome chow here...


Coming home

June 24th 2012 3:32 pm
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Well, I've been in my new Forever Home now since January. I love it here! I get great chow, I get to sleep anywhere I want, and I have my own backyard to chase squirrels and bunnies. What could be better? There's even a sweet little girl Sheltie named Kilkenny, but we call her Kenny. She's older than me so I have to watch my manners, but I like having her around when mom and dad are gone. One of my favorite things about this place, is mom and dad. Dad's rough and ready to rumble whenever I want to play, but then when I'm tired and need a good brushing mom's there to cuddle with me and keep me calm. Mom takes good care of us pups. She makes all our food for us, takes us to the groomer (that's just part of life, man) and to the vet for our check ups. Sometimes she gives us our shots. The ones she can anyway. I like it better when she gives me a shot rather than the vet. It's less stressful. Anyway, that's all for now. More later!

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