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August 4th 2008 7:49 pm
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ARRRROOOOOO! I go swimm'n & boating every weekend at the lake. Mom bought me a life jacket so I would feel more comfortable. I love it! I even go in the water by myself now! I keep watch at the bow of the boat and let the wind blow though my fur. If it gets too hot I stowe away in the rope pit to stay cool!



March 22nd 2008 5:36 pm
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I am the Easter Bunny - Hooray, Hooray!



May 7th 2006 10:45 am
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OK, here we go again. I spend my whole day telling everyone to get out of MY yard! Birds, deer, a big black lab, cat and now a stinking rabbit! The nerve! I am NOT happy!


Hide the Bone

June 29th 2005 10:52 pm
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Well, I'm getting very excited because my Mom's are having a 4th of July BBQ and I will get to see my cousin Sambuca and her stinking baby sister Isabella!

I don't want that baby stealing my bone again, so I'm on a mission to find a really good hidng spot! Mom refuses to let me outside to bury it because I'm supossed to eat them, not waste them. She just doesn't understand. Then she gets mad because I keep walking around the house whining (see my pic?). Mom's, what are you supossed to do with them sometimes? ARRRWOOOOOO!

Anyway, last time they were up Sambuca and I ran around like mad women and ended up so full of mud we BOTH had to have immediate baths! YIKES! Don't want that to happen again! (I think I was showing off in front of that baby sister). No rain in the forecast this time though so we should have some nice clean fun!

Mom says two new friends, Tinky and Sophie, may be coming too! Oh boy! It's gonna be some pawty! My Mom's and Ti's are going to need a drink or two!

I'll tell you all about it next time! Till then, Happy 4th!



Sambuca's Baby Sister

June 3rd 2005 10:35 am
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Whew! I'm exhausted! My bestest friend, and cousin, Sambuca came over the other day to show me her new baby sister Isabella Martini! She was so tiny and quiet that I didn't even notice her at first. I was too busy being happy to see Sambuca! After all the running died down, I got to meet her. She's very cute and ended up giving me a run for my greenie! I don't think I want a baby sister of my own just yet! LOL!


Is it Spring Yet?

March 2nd 2005 7:49 am
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Well, there is a ton of snow in my yard but Mom won't really let me play in it 'cause it's almost over my head, and she says that won't stop me from escaping. She's such a party pooper! Everytime I do go out I have to put on a stinking coat, and when I come back in I have to have my feet wiped, or somtimes even a bath! Jeezzzz! Give me a break Ma! I'm just a kid!

Well, hopefully Spring will be here soon, so we can get to planting some yummies in the garden. I love my garden, it's so much fun! If Mom is digging, I'm digging! If she's planting, I'm unplanting! You should see us with the garlic! Mom says she's surprised anything grows! But somthing always does and in the summer I run out to see and Mom always feeds me fresh snow peas! I can't wait!



February 28th 2005 9:43 pm
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WOOOO WOOOO! It's snowing an awful lot here in New York. I'm hoping I can escape while my Mom is out there shoveling (like I did last week!), but I think she wised up to that trick! Besides, I had to have a bath when I came back to take all the "snow balls" off my fur! I hate baths! Well, let it snow! I'll just snuggle up by the fire place in my jammies!

Stay Warm!


My First Web Page!

February 27th 2005 5:21 pm
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I can't believe I have my own web page! My cousin Sambuca has had one for a while now and kept telling me to to get one! My Mom put up a few pictures of me and now I am exhausted! I think I have to take a nap! See ya!

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