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My Life as a Dog

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Foggy Soggy Monday 3/11/13

March 11th 2013 7:12 am
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Good Morning Fur Friends!

This time change has really gotten me confused and in a funk! I didn't feel like getting up at all! It's just so dreary again today and I know I won't get to run in the dog park. Mom said it's just too messy. We'll have to go on more walks!!

I've played with Mom, eaten most of my breakfast (I just don't seem as hungry on these type of days) and now am going to go lay on my mom and dad's bed to see if the squirrels are out and about yet! I haven't seen any from our deck, so maybe they are being smart and staying in today, too!!

I hope all my friends have a tail wagging day!!



And a rainy Saturday 3/9/13

March 9th 2013 7:24 am
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Hi Everyone!!

It's Saturday and I have both Mom and Dad home! How lucky can a dog be? I don't think we have much planned for today since it's a cold, rainy day, but that's ok. I certainly can go for some nice long snuggle sessions! Mom already broke the news to me that there will be no dog park for me today, but after Dad took me out for our first walk, I had already figured that out! I'm one smart, little guy!! :)

The elusive black squirrel is no where to be seen this morning, but I bet even he doesn't like getting wet either! I wonder if his momma tells him he smells "like a wet squirrel"?? HA HA

Well, time for some extra cuddles and maybe some squeeky toy play time!!

Hope you all have a great day today and have fun!!



The sun is out....The sun is out....3/7/13

March 7th 2013 6:23 am
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Good Morning FurFriends!!

What a beautiful morning this is here near Chicago! The sun is brighly shining and it's even warmed up a little bit. Yes, all the snow is still on the ground and in huge piles all over the place, but it's still an improvment from Tuesday when the snow just poured out of the sky!

We all got up early today (5 AM) because my dad had to go into his office. After Dad left, Mom and I got busy doing our cleaning. I always help Mom by wagging my tail all over the the furniture getting dust off. Mom smiles, hugs me and tells me over and over what a good helper I truly am!

After dusting, Mom turned on that noisy machine that she runs back and forth. I'm still not sure what that really does, but she has a smile on her face when she turns it off, and if she is happy, I'm happy!

Mom has already had me out 3 times....2 walks and a trip to the dog park! My great friend, Kona, came right after I did, and we had a fun romp in the snow. She is a sweet girl and is so fun to play with! Tired, with snowballs clinging to all 4 legs, we walked home!

I'm on squirrel patrol today and have been keeping my eyes on the pesky big black one who's only goal in life (or so I think) is to tease me all day long! Someday.........

Hope you all have a tail wagging day like I'm having!!!



Let the Thaw Begin 3/6/13

March 6th 2013 9:05 am
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HI Friends!

Well, our huge snowstorm of yesterday seems to be over! We got about a foot of snow! My mom has gotten smart and (during the day) only walked me over to the dog park all day long. That saved us from being on snowcoverd icey sidewalks!

I'm actually been over to the dog park twice this morning. The first time, none of my friends were there, so I just hopped around (opposite of being able to walk in the deep snow)! The 2nd time, my friend, Kippy, was there and we ran around like crazy. When Mom brought me home, I had snow balls stuck to my legs and belly. We've gotten those off now and I am getting ready to go take a nap! I'm exhasuted!

I hope all my fur friends out there are having as great of a day as I am!!



Another Snow Storm 3/5/13

March 5th 2013 5:44 am
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Hi Everyone!

How are all my fur friends today? My paws are crossed for the safety of all my friends in the path of this awful snow storm that is just starting here!

Yesterday was not a good day at our house. Mom subbed at the middle school again and was gone all day. I was sick again yesterday, but as I was told by Mom and Dad,it was mainly my fault. While walking with Mom on Sunday, I spotted something outside and scarfed it up before Mom could tell me to "leave it". So........the sickness on Monday. Dad took really good care of me and I stayed close to him. But, then I got really scared when something happened to my dad and he passed out. I wasn't sure what to do, so I just put my head on his lap and that's how he found me when he woke up. He told Mom last night that his blood sugar crashed. I'm not sure what that means, but I was on scared little boy!

Later in the afternoon, Dad told me that Mom was going to get home a little early. A little while later, I had a really bad feeling, so I jumped up and ran to the door. It was at that time that Dad got a message from Mom saying her car wouldn't start! My tail was not wagging at all with that news. I wanted her home! About 2 hours later, she finally arrived, and we were all cozy and safely back together for the night. I'm at my best when both my parents are with me, as I'm sure you are all, too!

So, today is another huge snow storm. Mom said they are saying it will be our biggest of the winter. It's hard for me to imagine that it will be bigger then last Tuesday. But, Mom and I just got back from the dog park and it's really coming down. Oh least all of us are in together for the day!

Again, please all my friends in the path of this bad storm, stay safe and warm.



Lazy Sunday 3/3/13

March 3rd 2013 12:49 pm
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Hi To All of My Fur Friends!!

How is everyone doing today? It's been a nice day for me. One reason for that is that I haven't been left alone at all! Dad has been out a couple times on errands, but Mom stayed home with me! She and I did a lot of cleaning and we're still doing laundry. I follow her around and help her out as much as possible. My tail really helped out with the dusting! HA HA!

We just got done watching the hockey game. I had to go out near the end of it, so my mom took me on a nice walk. I got to see some of my friends and meet a new little boy! He was cute and my tail wagged when he offered me his hand to sniff. I could tell right away he was the friendly type!

Dad told me today that we're grilling out tonight. I know I won't get anything, but, oh do I LOVE the smells!!!

Have a great day!!!

Love, Cody


It's the Weekend!! 3/2/13

March 2nd 2013 10:43 am
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Hi Everyone!

It's been a hectic Saturday morning today with Mom going out shopping and then Dad leaving once she was home. I stayed in the kitchen to keep Mom company while she was putting things away. Ok, truthfully, I was really hoping she would drop something and I could scoop it up)!! But, I didn't get that lucky and just had to watch!

Dad came home loaded with things for me from the Pet store. I was a little confused as to why he didn't take me with him like he usually does, but oh well. I still got some nice treats, a new bag of dog food and a few bones! I certainly love my Mom and Dad!!

I've heard Mom and Dad talking and I think they are leaving me again tonight to go out for dinner. I HATE it when I'm alone, but they leave lights on for me and some James Taylor and Carole King music. (one of my favorites!!)

I hope all my furfriends have a good day. I'll spend my night guarding the house for Mom and Dad! I love the responsibility!!



Iffy kind of Day 2/28/13

February 28th 2013 5:58 am
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Hi Friends!

I hope all my furfriends out there are beginning their day on the right paw! And also hoping that your weather is good today (or better then mine)!

After over 2 weeks of feeling really good, the old "rumbly tummy" hit me again last night. Mom took me out around midnight, and we went back to bed. A short while later, I jumped off the bed with the impending doom of the runs. I didn't make it very far before I had a small accident. I hung my head in shame, but Mom scooped me up and gave me a gentle hug and kiss and told me I was a brave boy and everything was going to be ok! I was unable to sleep for the biggest part of the night due to the fact that I can't tell whether I have to go or not. Mom said it was something called "gas" and it can be confusing to us 4 legged friends. I'm able to drink water but really don't feel like eating much. Maybe that will change later on in the day. For now, all I want is to be by my mom's side and feel her hand gently pet me. I am crossing my paws that this doesn't last more then a day!!!

The snow has stopped up here for now. I had so much fun running around the dog park in the snow (maybe that's why I don't feel well today)! Mom has already told me that there will be no dog park for me today, only nice, calm walks!

Everyone have a great day out there today!!



Still Snowy 2/27/13

February 27th 2013 7:35 am
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Hello To All My FurFriends!!

Well, the big storm hit our area yesteday and last night! We have 10 inches of the white stuff right now and it's still coming down. It is very hard for me to find a place to "do my business"! I feel embarrassed even admitting this (because I am a big boy now), but I had an accdient in the house this morning. Mom had me out at 5:30 and it was hard to even walk. My mom and dad were so undersanding and let me know it was not my fault, but I still feel bad! Mom even took me over to the dog park to run for a little bit early this morning, but, my running is more like a bunny hopping!

We had such a nice day and evening last night and I thank everyone for their kind birthday wishes for my dad! They really made his day!

I have finally gotten all of the snow licked and melted off my legs and I'm not even THINKING of going back out any time soon. Mom's warm, cozy WVU blanket is making me feel quite comfortable right now. Spring can't come fast enough for me!

I hope all of you have a great day and be careful out there!!



Snowy, Snowy Tuesday (and Dad's BD)!! 2/26/13

February 26th 2013 2:18 pm
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Hi Everyone!

Mom and I have been so busy today doing things for my dad's BD today! (well Mom has been busy. I've been her little helper)! We made him his favorite cookies and have dinner ready to go in the oven! I stayed very close to Mom while she was preparing everything JUST IN CASE something was dropped and I could be of some help in picking it up (or grabbing it up and running like the wind)!!

Mom had me out for a couple of walks this morning and after lunch. While we were out after lunch, the Heavens seemed to open up with the predicted snow storm for today. The wind was whipping both of us around and my ears were going in every possible direction. We hustled back to our warm house and snuggled up with a blanket. Nothing better then laying on a warm blanket in between my mom and dad and watching this storm from the inside. Because it's so bad out, I haven't seen my nemisis, the big black squirrel today. Even though he annoys and teases me on a daily basis, I hope he's found cover some where!

I really dread having to go back out tonight in this stuff and wish that I knew how to use that round thing that humans use. I bet my parents wish I could use it, too!

Well, my mom is going back into the kitchen to get the party started for Dad's BD dinner, so I think I need to hop down and go help her!

I was so excited to be named DDPD today!!! My tail wagged very hard!!!

Everyone have a Furtastick night with your families!!


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