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Mika The Ferocious!

I'm getting so big!

April 9th 2012 4:10 pm
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I'm officially 27 weeks old. It's so crazy how time flies! My humans have been busy with me - and don't you worry, I'm keeping them on their toes.

They have registered me with the brand new dog park literally down the road from here, I've been going there often, and have met all kinds of new dogs. My humans are very glad they found that dog park, because my behavior at home just keeps getting better and better because of all the exercise!

My trick list is: sit, stay, lay down, roll over, play dead, kisses, and shake.

My humans also got me a walking harness and my leash walking has gotten so much better!

They also bought me this new brush -_- called a furminator, and they brush me weekly and give me baths biweekly.

Did i mention i LOVE car rides? I'll just sit there with my little nose sticking out the window and won't bother anyone...that is until we arrive at our destination.

Well, i think I'm going to let my youngest human go out and play with her friends tonight, so I'm going to go sleep in the kitchen till she gets home!

Talk to ya'll dogs later!




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