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The Life Of A Chihuahua Named Tinkerbell

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January 4th 2013 6:42 pm
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Woah! I haven't been on here in a super long time!:O Happy New Years! 2013! WOW! Haha you silly Mayans! Anyways, did you guys have a nice holiday? I haven't been able to go on the laptop because mommy was busy with work and stuff like that! I tried making a short blog in the middle of the night, supposedly that wasn't an option. I guess it isn't polite to start scratching at the laptop at 3am... Well now I am on, BOL! I better start working out a little more to burn off all the turkey, hehe. Don't worry I didn't have any turkey skin or dressing because that's super bad for dogs! But begging at the table for 10 minutes straight really gets at family that comes over, puppy eyes are a deal breaker! Once you bring out those big, sad eyes they just give in! BOL, I guess that wasn't the best idea because mommy is making me take longer walks now:/ *sigh* Well It's about time for my evening stroll around town! I'll talk to you later pals!
A whole bunch of doggie kisses,



November 3rd 2012 8:39 am
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HELLO PALS! I'm feeling a lot better now! I went to a very nice vet and she checked to make sure I was healthy! And I was! All she prescribed was a nice cozy nap in a quiet room so I could regain my strength! I got to eat yummy boiled chicken and rice that my mommy cooked up:) Thank you all for the help:) By the way, did you have a fun Halloween? I sure did! I got LOTS of treats!!!! No chocolate or other icky people food of course! I got to munch on a yummy pumpkin treat! YUMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! hehe I really like them as you can see! Talk about NOM NOMS! Did anyone dress up??? I did! I wore a comfy and cute black dress with white polka dots, it has a skull wearing an orange bow in the middle of the dress! I also got to "greet" the tricker treaters! Just kidding! I wasn't very happy with all these people coming to MY door! They better not touch my yum yums! I am currently bundled up under a bunch of blankets:) I sure am cozy! I feel a million times better, I'm back to my normal self again! Well I wouldn't say "normal" more like crazy self! :D Well I'm about to go on a trip to the dog park to meet up with some of my favorite pup pals:) bark to you later!
A bunch of doggie kisses and butt wiggles,


How many days till Halloween?

October 7th 2012 2:09 pm
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Hello dogster pals!
How are you all doing? I'm doing great and I hope you are too! I had a really fun day today, first my mom woke up early and bundled me up in a sweater and coat! It's pretty cold where we live! Then she bundled up to and we walked to the park! It was a lot of fun I saw two of my dog friends on the way there:) I got tired from playing fetch so my mommy put me inside her coat and we walked back home. I got a Rachel Ray Soup Bone- yummy! It's chicken and veggies flavor and it's REALLY good! It's going to take me a looonnnggg time to finish it! After I nibbled on my treat for awhile I decided to go take a little nap in my fluffy bed, I was still cold from being outside! Luckily mommy has the heat on in the house so we stay nice and warm! I'm about to eat some dinner that mommy's cutting up right now, it's Fresh Pet Select if you are wondering. It tastes really good and is good for you! Tomorrow i'm going to Petsmart to pick up treats and toys for me and my siblings! It's going to be fun to taste some treats! And I can't wait to find a new toy for Halloween for Ashley, Onyx and Starlight! Maybe I can get one for myself too! :) I still smell yummy from my last bath but I'm going to get another one in a couple of days. Well I have to go for now! Bark to you later!
Doggie Kisses,


Bath Time!!:)

September 29th 2012 8:09 am
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Hey doggie pals :) It's time for a bath :) I really don't enjoy baths that much, but there not THAT bad! They sure are RELAXING!!! Mommy gives me a bath every month so I stay nice and clean! My doggie shampoo smells SOOOOOO yummy!!! It's mango peach! It conditions my fur, cleans, and moisturizes :) It's really nice, mommy first removes my collar and gives me a quick brushing then puts me in the tub with a mat on the bottom so I don't slip. Mommy makes sure the water is just right:) Then she sprays the water down my back and on my tummy after that mommy washes me with my shampoo! Like I said it's not that bad because once she rinses me off and cleans my eyes, ears, teeth, and clips my nails she dries me off! That's not the best part because once I'm dried off I get TREATS!!!! I don't like getting wet but I get really happy when I get some yummy and healthy treats! Mommy makes sure I don't get soap in my eyes and she checks my fur to see if I have any mats, fleas or ticks-all the bad stuff! Not that I ever get those things but just to make sure:) My toothpaste is for dogs and is peanut butter flavor! I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!! She puts a little bit of the absolutely delicious peanut butter flavored substance on my toothbrush and then opens my mouth and brush brush brush! I don't LOVE getting my teeth clean but at least it doesn't taste bad! I'm a little scared when it comes to clipping my nails but mommy talks calmly and holds me in her lap as she cuts them :) So its not that scary! Ear and eye cleaning are a breeze! Mommy cleans under my eyes and then inside my ears which isn't scary at all! Well now I'm all clean and once I'm completely dry I get to go to the park! I'm going to make sure I don't get dirty so I don't have to get another bath! Hmmm maybe I should get dirty so I get some more delicious treats and another relaxing bath!
Doggie kisses and butt wiggles,
TInkerbell :)


Hey Pup Pals! :)

September 20th 2012 10:34 am
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Wow I haven't been on in a loooooong time! How are all of you doing? I'm doing great! I'm 2 years old now! I had a really fun birthday party, my mommy invited some of my doggie pals! I got some treats and bones and even a new toy! It was sooooooo much fun! It's almost Halloween! I can't believe it! Last year I had a lot of fun on halloween, of course no candy! But I did get to dress up :) I got to stay home and great everyone that came to the door with my grandma and aunt! I wonder what I'm going to be this year... any ideas? Mom was thinking maybe a cute witch outfit or a bee costume! Sounds fun! Mommy picked the cutest outfit for me last year and it was soooo warm and comfortable! I just love dressing up! But it's getting a little chilly outside so mommy's has to bundle me up before we go for walks. I get to wear my cute pink sweater! Sometimes I wear my red puffy jacket but I think it's a little to warm for that! Well I have to go now talk to you later puppy pals! Do you dress up for halloween? If so what are you going to be? :)
Doggie kisses,
Tinkerbell :)



June 27th 2012 9:58 am
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Hey doggie friends, wow I haven't written a entry in a loooooonngggg time! Well it's almost Fourth of July! I don't exactly know what that is but my siblings have told me that everyone dresses in red, white and blue, well that's what they heard. They also told me that people shoot strange and colorful things into the sky. Ashley said that they make a loud noise! My mommy called them "fireworks" wow they sound cool! Mommy also said that fireworks make a loud noise and that most dogs are afraid of them. Well I have never heard or seen these strange "fireworks" so do you guys get scared of the noise? I'm really curious. Anyway mommy is bringing 2 special friends home today, their called hamsters. Wow what a weird name right? Mommy said that I can't chase after the hamsters because I could hurt them easily, but I wouldn't hurt them! Well I do like chasing squirrels... Anyway, I can't wait to meet them! Have you ever seen a hamster?

Doggie Kisses,


I Is Very Tired!

February 19th 2012 12:05 pm
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Hello Doggie Friends,
I am very tired today. And you know why? Because yesterday was a long, long day. First I went to the dog park with my friends, then one of my best friends came to my house to have a play date, her name is Mocha, we played in my huge backyard for a long time! We had sooo much fun, we played catch with our favorite toys, ate lot's of yummy treats, and went on a long walk afterwards. Then Mocha left to go home. Afterwards mommy gave me a nice warm bath, because I got a little muddy from the park, okay very muddy. Mommy scrubbed my feet and got me really clean! I was happy because I smelled very good afterwards and my fur felt really soft and looked shiny! And that wasn't the end of my long day! My auntie came over to visit my family, she said that I looked very nice in my pink bandanna. She even play fetch with me! Afterwards I was tired and took a well needed nap on her lap. Even today i'm tired, I guess next time I shouldn't go without a nap in the afternoon! Anyway mommy is letting me catch up on some extra z's today!

Doggie Kisses and tail wiggles,


Bath Time!!!

December 30th 2011 6:01 pm
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Hello everyone! Hope that you all had a great holiday!!! I sure did my mommy got me lots of treats, toys and bones!!!!!!! Yumm, my cousin got me a rain coat and a new collar and leash, and my auntie got me a big bone! I'm so grateful! Anyway today I got a nice long bath r e l a x i n g!!! Now I smell nice and flowery and my coat is shiny and soft! Yay, it was a good time for a bath because it was raining outside :( no more snow but soon we will get more! I really love the snow how about you? It's late to ask this but i haven't been able to use the laptop thanks mommy I wanted to ask what you got for Christmas and how you spent your holiday!?! Happy New Year!


Christmas is coming!

December 10th 2011 12:40 pm
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Hello fellow doggie friends
I just wanted to say that it is almost Christmas EVE!!! Only 14 days wow, my first Christmas with my owners! Yay!! We already started decorating for the holiday! We put up a big christmas tree and put the lights up and all the shiny ornaments and stockings! WOW this seems like a fun holiday! My family put up a manger and mistletoe!!! There so many pretty ornaments and tinsel on the tree, I better be careful when I walk by it! I even started to write my Christmas list and so have my siblings! We have all been good this year, and were hoping Santa Paws will leave everyone good animal a great Christmas and lot's of presents! Have a great holiday! Goodbye!



December 10th 2011 12:32 pm
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Hey Everyone Guess What!!
Yesterday when I woke up at 5:30 it was SNOWING! Wow for the first time ever I actually saw snow. Wow it was so cool! My mommy was so nice to first bundle me up in a sweater and then a coat and dog booties because it was FREEZING! I was so happy to walk outside in snow, even though it was only a 1/2 inch. I ran around and spun and sniffed the chilly air! I was having so much fun, but mom reminded me that I couldn't stay out too long because I could get sick! So I say goodbye to the snow and went inside. I was kind of gland because I was getting cold. When I went inside my mommy washed my paws with a warm towel and dried me off with a fuzzy blanket. I even got to lay in front of the fireplace. It was really WARM AND COZYYYYY!!! Today there isn't much snow but mom says soon it will snow a lot! I mean like more than 2 feet! WOW I better go potty inside on my piddle pads! Well I have to go it's time for a stroll around the neighborhood! Hope you all have a great day and keep warm! BYEEE!

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