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Angel, My Inspiration

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From bad to worse

December 19th 2011 2:50 am
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My Sweet Angel,
Honey I got up at 3 to check on you and there was the tar black watery stools and small pools of blood again too!I will be calling the vet at 7 tell him I'm bringing you in....I am beside myself.....I am sooo afraid if I get you to the vet hospital that you will never come out..had this happen once before...I try to talk to my frinds about it and they tell me not to talk like this but i am only trying to face did drink just a tiny bit of water this refusing can't go on like this!!! You didn't want me near you at first, jerked away....and would go in
your crate to get away from me... a first ever!!!!!!!!!!! I take that as either a sign of you leaving me OR you are too uncomfortable and either makes me feel sooo bad! Around here I don't think we have a real emergency vet or hospital so we wait...your vet opens at 8 but I am calling him at since you wanted nothing to do with me it did look like you enjoyed just watching me sooo I started to disinfect your dishes and things and after a bit you did come up to me and let me pet you like we always do....and you wagged your tail just like always!
I'm tired Angel and I'm mostly TIRED of all this for you! Haven't you suffered enough..why this? Why can't wonde4rful doggies like you just go to Heaven peacefully in their it will mean more needles and .....well I just hope they can fix you up and get you out of discomfort and pain....I love you soo much! Your sisters and baby brother are being sooo good about all the extra time I spend wih you....I called on a dogster friend of ours so I am going to go and see if we heard from her.


Black watery poo

December 18th 2011 6:56 pm
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Well Angel you made it through the night and at times today even acted a little strong ...remember your loud barks a couple times??? Sooo now you are not pooing blood near as I can tell but black watery stuff..I am calling YOUR Dr. in the morning and they are going to have to do something....IV's maybe?? something...tomorrow will be the 5th day of can't keep losing fluids like that. Hang in there sweetie...we'll get some help tomorrow.....I am not putting off helping you but the vet on call gave me guide lines to go by and we are still with in those guide lines...Love you baby!


Are you making your journey???

December 18th 2011 3:33 am
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My Sweet Angel,
Mamma here...writing in tears..for the past three days you have been having diahreeiah...a word mommy never could spell....just had the doggie doctor on the phone again last night because significant amount of blood in your waste and some droplets of just blood...checked your stitches, they are ok.....bless you are still getting up and going on the papers! Such an accomplishment for any sick dog let alone one who has lived almost all her life in a cage or kennel....the vet told me what to do for you to try to comfort you and slow it I ran immediately to HyVee to get you some Pepto Bismol.....some chicken baby food and chicken broth....eeewhhhhh you didn't like the taste of the Pepto....but I mixed it in your food and you ate pretty good all things considered.....I was up at 4 a.m. worried about you...went out to check on you and no messes.....looks like you haven't gotton up to go...I looked and looked at your body...I can hardly see you first I thought you were gone....I wonder if you aren't making the are all curled up and looking sooo peaceful that I am just leaving you alone.....if you pass to the Bridge right here at home comfortably I would be sooo grateful whether it is today or another day...night...I have been looking at urns for you...I tried to look for your sisters too when their day comes but I just can't look at them any longer....ya know I was thinkin...there I go thinking again..but it would be just like you to wait till I got Mikey home before you know I'd need him....and your sisters but a new little puppy brings "new life" to a laughs and giggles and smiles....last night the last time you were awake the last thing you remember of me before you fell asleep is me petting you and telling you how much I love you...nothin new we do that every night right??? But last night I almost didn't bother you with it ...but then I thought I had better just incase....and bless you sick as you were every time BUT the last time you would get up and come to me your tail wagging...except for the last time. When ever you leave Angel....I can never rescue again...forgive me for that k??? I KNOW you are glad we rescued you and I am SOO GLAD we did too!
Can't see the keys for the tears honey so I am gonna go for you! Mamma


No Cancer!!!!!

December 16th 2011 6:14 pm
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hi Friends,
We are absolutely JUBULANT at our house tonight! My pathology report came back and my lump was begnine!!!!!! The Dr. said the path report said he got it all and it was non cancerous!!!! Such music to our ears! We feel like we are celebrating Christmas tonight!!!!! The Dr. also said things like "It's ALL GOOD!"....mamma was so happy she couldn't even sit down to write about it till right now. It is after 8 at night here and we knew about 11:30 this a.m.!!! Mamma was soooo exhausted from worry that she slept THREE hours!!! So we are partying tonight at our house like it's 1999!! BOL!! The girls are all doing zoomies around the house and mom and dad don't even care!
We want to thank everyone who ever said a prayer...thank you sooo much! mamma has hope now......and me I am acting younger then I ever is hard to keep me down!
We are still having trouble keeping our thoughts together because we are so over joyed and we know you are over joyed with us!! My baby brother comes tomorrow so mom has lots to do so I better let you go for now.....
4 Ever Loved,


Bleeding from the incision site

December 14th 2011 4:58 pm
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Hi Friends,
Boy am I keepin my family on their mom left me in the best safest place possible while she took care of the grandson notice...just boom and she was at work...anywho..she comes home tonight to find me bleeding at the incision doctor told mom that if that happened she was to get a hold of him right away...she did...he was gone so another Dr. on call tonight..she told mom it isn't an emergency deal and just to apply gentle pressure for 5 minutes..she did and the bleeding stopped...if it happens again she is to try to get ahold of my real doctor...the one that did the sirgery...she said he might be home later tonight. Well we gotta go cuz mom has lots to do with us girls for the evening...byee friends.
4 Ever Loved,


We have some catching up to do....

December 13th 2011 8:07 pm
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Ok so mom took me in for my surgery Monday morning at 8:30...she remembered to tell them to give me as much pain med as I needed, she didn't care the cost but wanted me as comfortable as possible. Because of my "questionable" history the vet said he wanted to do some blood work and mom nodded yes and said,"Yep we may as well know what we are dealing with." Mom told them to check for a micro chip because she wanted me to have one of those too and the dental.....the vet was very nice to mamma and said he would call her after surgery to let mom know I was about 11:30 that day they called mom to tell her I was doing inquired about the blood work and the Dr. said I had an elevated liver enzyme but that they were just going to 'watch it" and as long as I was eating, drinking, and all the normal stuff we wouldn't later that day about 4 p.m. mom came to get me...they had me all bundled up in my blanket..mamma said I looked like a little papoose and a dead one at that! I never moved a muscle all the ride home, I never opened my eyes nothing..I was faking mom and dad out! BOL! Mom was holding me in her arms in one of my beds so when we got home she gently lowered me in the xpen they had waiting for me...I laid there ....still...then all of a sudden I POPPED up...Angel style, started wagging my tail and barking....I wanted some attention and I got it!! BOL! I didn't eat alot but mom told people she had her Angel back! I rested good and all was well...that brings us to this morning, Tuesday poor mamma got the SHOCK of her life...a couple times.....this morning EARLY mamma was looking over my paper work from this vet and my previous vet and this vet had written that I was 8 years old, not 5 or 6 like mamma first was told....she was a little let down over that but not shocked...she blew that one off pretty well...she spent her day watching me and playing with my sisters esp while I just watched...I'm not into "playing" per say but I like to be with the day was going along ok and about 3:30 Kimi called my mom...remember Kimi is the first person to rescue me....mamma could tell by her voice that something was Kimi proceeds to tell mom she has something shocking to tell mom...she asked the breeder for my birthday....I was born June 22, 2001...I am 10 1/2 years old! Right away mamma wanted to get upset for alot of reasons but mostly because that shortens our time together...that makes my chances for Cancer or anything much higher...Kimi actually said I was 11...but I won't be till June..anyway mamma;s brain kept saying over and over 11....11....11.....mamma said she could even SEE the number 11 in her mind....but mamma grabbed herself by her boot straps and told Kimi..."It's alright...I have already asked myself the hard questions like when I thought she was 8...would I have still gotton Angel??" Answer.."You betcha!"...would I have still done this stuff at the vet?? Yep!"
Mamma believes things happen for a reason and like she told Kimi..."whether 8 or 11 Angel is supposed to be here and now it means less days but we will make them sweeter.... mamma said we are gonna party till it's 1999!!"...but now friends, you wanna know what I did to mamma and daddy tonight...well I laid down about 3 p.m....I snuggled all curled up in a ball on one of my favorite beds in a crate...thats my most comfy place...and I didn't MOVE till about 8:30 p.m.....BOL....I'm a jokester...mamma and daddy both kept looking over at my body to see if they could see me breathe....I heard mamma say,"Maybe this is it, maybe this last surgery was too much." I peeked out of my eye and saw the sadness on daddys face too.......mamma said,"Well look at her, she is so comfortable, so content...if she is going toleave us..let her go like that!"...and then guess what happened...I POPPED UP AGAIN! BOL BOL!!! Ph how happy they were to see Their Angel again....tonight I am sleeping in the dining room with my sister Demi...mamma thinks she is the nicest and will be the most careful with me and yet I'll have company! I LOVE it here, I hope it goes on forever...because now I REALLY DO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS....even my auntie said tonight that it must have been meant for me to live out my last days here and that I AM LIVING!!!!
Merry Christmas Everyone!
4Ever Loved,


My Tiny Miracle

December 12th 2011 5:03 am
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Hey Angel...this is your mamma ....some thoughts today as you lay are all curled up in your cute and comfortable little ball...and I think of you and how far you have come in 8 weeks...I think of how far I have come in this life in 8 have taught me sooo much!I don't think I have ever grown sooo much in my life as I have these past 8 weeks. I think people tend to think you need to know a person esp. for a longgggg time before you can fall in love with them...I used to think this was true, even of people/animal relationships...but with you it has been different from minute one...I think of a person I once knew for only 5 months and yet this person left such an impact on life in 5 short have done that and even more in 8 short weeks......I LOVED it last night when we slept together on the couch..I think you knew I needed that closeness with you right now and maybe you needed it from me too. I sure will be glad when this day is over..or at least after I pick you up....I keep trying to be brave Angel...I keep telling myself not to think the worst till I actually hear it...that I am wasting good energy worrying about something that might not even brain is sayingit but my heart is...............I am so confused, bewildered, frustrated ...just lots of emotions going on...I'm glad you are sleeping as much as you can till we have to go...sleep is good for you and it will mean less time for you to want a drink of water or to eat....the Dr. called me Sat. and was explaining all the charges to me right down to a $20 shot for pain...I have to remember to tell them Idon't care what it costs but I don't want you in any pain.
The good LOrd has made the weather do able today plus daddy has today off so he is going to drive us...guess the nasty weather is now moved up to tomorrow.
I keep seeing you in my minds eye 8 weeks ago just content to lay in a pen and now how thats NOT for you jump and wag your tail all the time...esp. when any of us enter a room....I have to go now baby and get u tons!


Well today is the day......

December 12th 2011 2:39 am
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Hi Friends,
In a few short hours I will be sleeping and "under the knife" as daddy says...BOL! The Dr. will remove my lump and clean my teeth while I am asleep and then later today I'll get to come home! The pathology report won't be in till Thursday...please don't forget me today, I NEED your prayers!
Now to some fun stuff....2 nights ago I decided I wanted to be on that scary thing called a couch...with my mom and sisters...they were all on the couch with mom lifted me up and held me but like always I got real antsy so mom put me got up to do something and behind her she heard this was ME...BOL....I fell off the couch...which means I first got up there all by myself and then fell off! I was kinda stunned for a minute and mom was worried for a minute but I shook it off and went on. Thank goodness most of me landed on a dog bed..we were in the family room and thats a hard tile floor...but just goes to show I want to be like my sisters and be with mamma!
Then last night auntie came over to try to take some pictures of us with mom...daddy didn't want to be in the pics this time...there were only a couple fairly good ones. You should see esp. me and Lexi strut our stuff in our dresses..we could wear them forever!
THEN....lo and behold....and just as tiny miracles do...guess what I did last night??? I SLEPT ON THE COUCH with my mamma ALL night! Oh it was so snuggly!I want to do that again....maybe tonight.
Well I better go, mamma has lots to do..she will keep you posted on my surgery..thanks always for your love and prayers!
4Ever Loved,


Diary Pick of the Day 2 times in 2 days!!!!

December 11th 2011 4:35 am
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Hi Friends,
Hey I forgot to mention that I was a Diary Pick of the Day both Dec. 9th and 11th...I want to thank Dogster for that mom is sorry she didn't help me write this sooner but to be honest it is taking all she has inside her to stay happy for us girls...she is on an emotional roller coaster right now...she tries to be strong but the tears are never far away! And yet..mamma has faith that the Master will let me live..mostly because she dosen't want to think of having to let me go one day too soon. My special friends, Nina and Forrest and their families made me BEAUTIFUL pictures to celebrate my Diary Days and mom has copied off Nina's and today will do Forrests and they hang in her home office. She has pictures of us girls all over, it's crazy...crazy good! I had a fun time last night but will have to write about it later..mamma is tired so we are gonna go back to bed.
Love you all,


My New Baby Brother!!!!

December 10th 2011 4:11 am
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Hi Friends,
Well mamma says I get to tell the story of the baby brother...usually Lexi is the spokes person for our family but you'll see why I get to announce this one.....ONE WEEK before mamma ever knew I even existed she put a deposit down on her last pup...he was to have fullfilled her "bucket list of dreams for dogs" for her.....well then I came into her life and she fell head over heels in love with me and wouldn't allow the powers that be to put me to sleep just cuz I only had one she worried about getting the baby brother...after all he was to be number 5 and IT....she knew she could afford and take care of all 6 of us but she kept saying..."6!! I never dreamt of having 6 dogs!!" She worried about what the neighbors would think...a little...she even thought very seriously about not getting the "baby." BUT then some friends and relatives told her a few things and one of them was what IF I have Cancer and what IF I am not here long...then she would have given up her baby boy cuz of after lots of thought mamma and dadday thought.."What the we didn't count on 6...we are getting him anyway!" mamma raised her voice at this one person and said,"I WANT ANGEL HERE A LONGGGG TIME, I CAN'T ANTICIPATE HER LEAVING US!"
So heres the news....his name is Prince Michael.....and no he isn't named after Michael Jacksons son but if he had been it would have been ok....he is a SHIH tZU AND HE IS ADORABLE...WAIT TILL YOU SEE! Mamma is going to create his page now...we call him Mikey! Get ready for a cuteness attack!!
Love and Peace,

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