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Angel, My Inspiration

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The First Day Of The Rest of MY Life!

November 3rd 2011 2:07 pm
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Hi Friends,
I arrived at my "foster home" about 1 p.m....I have a new bed, my very first things called "toys", and life here is all new to me! But I am lovin it and I act like I have always been here. Everyone says I'm sweet. I have four sisters and so far they ALL like me. I love being outside and I am outside every chance I get. My "mamma" was FLOORED that I even went to the back door to go outside! Probably just lady luck shining down on me but hey why not? Guess what my mom got so upset over me coming to live with them that she has worn herself out and probably won't be able to write long. She told our friend that she was near tears or in tears all day...tears of joy....and then's been an emotional roller coaster for my mom. I am eating and drinking right from the very start. I got my stitches out today too, that sure feels better!My mom keeps telling me how beautiful I am....she hugs me and hugs me..she kisses my forehead! She keeps singing this song..." I wanna know what love is...I'm going to show you".....I know she changed some of the words!
Well I better go I feel like whining now so mamma is going to hold me!
P.S. Mom is going to post later tonight or tomorrow the pictures of me when she fell in love with me...I was all torn up! But now I am beautiful!


Is This Heaven???

November 3rd 2011 7:53 pm
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Hi Friends,
Well you are NOT gonna believe what just happened to me! "Mamma" came to my doggie bed and kissed me on the head and said "Goodnight Angel, I love you!" Not only that but I am in this nice dining room with an open kitchen and me and my sisters are in that room for bed tonight, we all have beds and snuggly toys.....and know what else....she LEFT MY CRATE DOOR OPEN!!! What is this?? Not locked in?? Not the deafening sounds of barking dogs???? There is food and fresh water left out for us.They left a light on just for me and a radio. Did I die?? Did I lose the fight after all??? This must be Heaven....but no...mamma said,"This is LOVE Angel." They LOVE me, they really LOVE ME! I have never been loved before! I'm gonna like it here!
Oh and mamma said if I get scared and whine or cry in the night then she will come and get me and I will sleep with her. I hope I can sleep tonight, I have never slept like this before!


My First Nights Sleep

November 4th 2011 5:59 am
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Goodmorning Friends,
Well I slept GREAT last night...I howled about 4 times and my mom came to me and pet me and said,"Ssshhhhhh Angel, it's ok." After that I slept like a ROCK and so did my whole family!
Mom and dad were AMAZED that when they woke up I hadn't made messes all over....while I was at Kimi's place she let me out alot and taught me about wee pads and I am a MALTESE afterall and we like to be anyway I had gone on the wee pads....this a.m. mamma took me to the wee pads and I went again for her!! She praised me and praised me and pet me and gave me and my sisters treats!
We have a very busy day ahead so I might not get back to you all till later but I am just fine...and I have the most special friends EVER!!!!


The Announcement!!!

November 4th 2011 10:51 am
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My Dear Angel,
I have loved you from the moment I saw you...actually the moment I heard about you from our friend, Kimi. Kimi and I saved your life and it was so strange the way it happened. Kimi rescues dogs all the time, well first of all she had closed the rescue for awhile and then she found you....when she found you she called ME! Now Kimi and I have been friends for years but I cannot remember a time when she called me so quickly after finding a dog she wanted to rescue. Due to confidentiality that I promised Kimi I can't go into all the details here but you know lived them...anyway I told Kimi to do what ever she could to get you and save your life and she did! She had warned me that you were in terrible shape and you might not even make it, that the vet may have to put you down....I begged Kimi to beg them not do all they could to save you and I would pay the bill...she did, they did, and I did! I never once questioned myself as to why I was doing this, I just was. This was all sight unseen on my part. I "thought" I was just helping "the rescue" in general...little did I know....God literally had sent me my Angel...whose name was Angel!!
When you came into my life I wasn't looking for a dog, infact a week before all of this daddy and I put a deposit down on our Shihtzu I had wanted for a long time.
So anyway you had to have surgery...several surguries and Kimi told me she knew of a couple who adopted special needs doggies so I felt like they would get you...I still never thought about you being MINE. I called Kimi this morning and said,"I don't think I can let Angel go!" and she said,"Then you'll be happy to know they don't want another rescue dog." I just
found this out today and it was the HUGEST relief so Miss Angel you were ADOPTED today by me and daddy. Welcome HOME Angel where you will never again know anything but LOVE!We will walk through this life together, you will never be alone again!


I am adopted today!!!!! Plus BUSY day!

November 4th 2011 11:49 am
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Hi Friends,
I was adopted today...I have my own family now and a promise of forever love. friend and angel who saved MY life..wanted to give me a really good bath today and just a regular spa treatment. Plus I have medicine for my ears and eyes so she showed mom how to do that stuff....after my bath and blow dry...I have the shortest hair known to dogs and man so it dosen't take long to dry my hair..BOL..then Kimi put MY VERY FIRST EVER pretty in my hair! She took pictures of me and says she will send them to mom soon. She gave me some clothes and some special stuff to put on my skin while we wait for my hair to grow out. I like being a girl! All this special fuss over me is just fine with me!TTYL


It's The Little Things.......................

November 4th 2011 8:22 pm
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Well friends it is just about time to call it a night. Whew I have been soooo busy working into this new family life but it's the greatest! Mamma brags about me all the's almost getting embarrassing...she tells people how smart I am and how pretty I am and what beautiful hair I am going to have when it grows out and just all kinds of stuff!
36 hours ago about ..when I came here to live I was afraid when my mom would pick me up. I tried to be brave and not shake but I did shake a I don't shake at all...I already trust her! She thinks that is amazing....I am also learning..or have learned my name.....cuz mamma claps her hands and gets down to the ground where I can see her and calls my name and I come running to her! She LOVES that! Last night was the first time mamma saw me REALLY wag my tail for her or about living here...when mom goes to the refrigerator ..all of us or most of us follow her....and I did too..tail wagging...she tells me thats a happy puppy! :) So you see I am making all kinds of UNBELIEVABLE progress!! mamma was afraid when I came here after being attacked and in that fight that I would be aggressive and want to bite every dog and person but I don't want to fight....I don't have a mean bone in my body and now mamma being my mom is really predjuidice about the fact that she just "knows" I wasn't part of a fight but rather attacked!
When I came here mamma didn't know my she gave me hers...we will have our birthdays together. Mamma said she always did need something very positive on her birthday rather then a snow storm....BOL! mamma and Kimi don't even know how old I am for sure...I may be 5 ..or maybe 6....mamma asked Kimi today if she could try to find out the year I was born in. Kimi says she will try , she did find out that I was sold at an auction to the last breeder. That made my mom really sad for a minute but Kimi keeps reminding her that I am HAPPY NOW....and I am. I live in the moment and these moments have been VERY SPECIAL! Well I better go and get some rest so I will be ready for a fun day tomorrow.
Love to all from Angel!!


My Third Day at Home!

November 5th 2011 8:03 pm
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I woke up this morning with my sisters (all but Nati)...we had a slumber party..we will again tonight too....infact this is probably how we will sleep for a long time so I can be with my sisters. My day started out with a run and play in MY yard with my sisters. I LOVE it outside, I never want to come in but mom calls me and I come to her as soon as I can see her. You outta see my ears perk up when I hear her voice. I really LOVE her already.Then mom put the eye drops in my "good eye". I'm kinds "high maintainence"(sp) cuz I also have to have an ear washed out daily, then cleaned, then wait at least 20 minutes and then ear drops...I don't like the ear stuff too well but I am a good girl and tolerate it as best I can. Of course I had my "gourmet breakfast" and then me and my little sisters just hung out while mom took Nati and Lexi for a walk. I guess a big dog came after them and mom got really mad at the owner. My sister Lexi was with me all day and night and she is VERY good to me...she looks after me, she is my protector! :)
Mom held me for awhile on the couch today, that made me kind of nervous so then mom took me back to the area in the house where I am more familiar.So we went in and out all day and night tonight playing in the yard...Nati spent some time with me too but she is so intense...and not careful of me so after a long time and her not listening mom had to put her in her xpen. She didn't try to hurt me though and mom didn't think she would.
Mom didn't feel real great today and both she and daddy were tired so we didn't do as much as they would have lliked but it is still wonderful to me! Now I want to be with mom almost all the time and when I hear her voice I start walking to her right away and my tail starts wagging and that makes her very happy! Hey I didn't make any messes in the house ALL DAY and not over night either!I am learning what treats are...hey they are pretty good!
Mom uploaded some new pics of me and my sisters if ya wanna see.
Well friends it is past my bedtime so I better go....ttyl...
Angel....P.S. My mom is pretty sad tonight....I think she worked so hard to help keep me alive and then the adoption thing was in the air and now we are all settled in and it seems to have really HIT her what I have been through. If you are reading this, say a prayer for my mom tonight will ya? Thanks!



November 6th 2011 3:31 pm
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My mom is ESTATIC and says we have to share with you! I have been here 4 days, it is 5:25 at night...mamma just took me and my sis's outside for a potty break at which time I follow her around I am stuck to glue...she pets me and talks to me, loves on me...we come in the house and mamma taps her fingers omn the floor and I went into the PLAY BOW..and darted after my moms fingers!!!! Friends I am PLAYING!!!! Mamma has the "goosey bumps" as she writes this!!!!!! She tried then rolling the tiniest ball towards me but I don't know what that is...YET...I have had a great day with my family and it is gonna be a great life! Just wanted to share!!
Love and hugs to all,
Angel...oh and P.S. I go to my mom to be petted now and held and she can even kiss me on the top of my head and I don't flinch or pull away...mamma wants to cry with joy that I'm not "shut down"...what ever that is! Oh no I AM ANGEL, I am a survivor!!!!!!


Just about ready to call it a night!

November 6th 2011 6:23 pm
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Dear Friends,
Well I have now had myself fluffed, moisturizer put on my dry skin and owwies, ears cleaned and ear drops in and eye drops and my sisters are beautiful! TTYL


New adventures

November 8th 2011 5:54 am
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Goodmorning Friends,
I am having mom write this for me as she eats her breakfast then she says we gotto GO....lots to do today!
Yesterday a.m.Mamma went to this special store and bought me my very own xpen! She is so afraid the other "girls" might accidentally hurt me in theirs. As mom watches me and gets to know me better she realizes that SOMEHOW I am a social girl BUT...if my sisters want my toy or ANYTHING I just let them have it, I won't eat or drink around them...I just turn and walk away so mom makes sure she feeds me seperately...they usually get fed seperately too but these last few days I was here mom was free feeding...she is betting I was attacked over food. Kimi told mom that I also ate my own poo...disgusting! I have never done that since I came HOME but mom picks it up right away even in the yard but mom wonders if maybe where I was most of my life we didn't have enough food and thats why I did the store mom bought me some high quality soft dog food to mix with my hard dog food so she knows I get enough.
Last night I had a real nice evening with my WHOLE family...we all ended up in the living room together....I explored and explored that room and when I got tired mom was sitting on the floor and she had this big comfy doggie bed by her just for me so I went to that and curled up in it.
Last night mom did my ear and eye routine, then moisturized my body then ever so gently she combed the few hairs I have. I have the hair on my head but the rest was gone and is growing back. I like being with my sisters, I just avoid confrontation at all costs....and I LOVE my mom! I follow here every where she goes every chance I can and where I can't down steps...she picks me up and carries me. She loves me too very much....and it is such a good feeling for ALL of us!
Better go....

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