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Angel, My Inspiration

Saying Goodbye

February 7th 2013 12:49 pm
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Woof Woof to all my Dogster Friends and their Families,
I am having mamma help me write this letter to you...I need to tell you all good bye and what fun I have had running with the pack! First let me bring you up to date on me...6-8 weeks ago I started having these "spells" of shivering....bit huge shivering...and at first we thought maybe I was just cold and it was my age..I'mm 11 1/2 ya know....well then I started having what looked like siezures but they lasted much too long....Sunday a.m.mamma came out to the dining room where I has always been my space..BOL! Anyway I had my head down ( I always have my head up) and I was walking around aimlessly..mamma said it looked like I was walking in a square around the maybe trying to follow the was obvious I couldn't see either...then I would try to walk and be all wobbly and shaky..mamma thought sure I was going to fall over on the floor. This went on for hours...mamma has tried to pick me up 2 or 3 times to hold me and I have yiped and bit at her....I never bite! I never even think about anyway about noon this spell stopped and I was pretty much me again....I had trouble finding the food and water bowls..mamma helped me...I had trouble getting in my crate that has always been my solace from the other fur kids in the house when I wanted to be alone....I had trouble looked like I was in pain...I was restless....well finally it stopped but only to return that evening. Monday and Tuesday went by uneventful....then Wed. night I did it again...not near as bad or for as long but still no fun. I pant and pant during these episodes mom and dad had "The talk" last night about me and it was decided I would go to the vet this a.m. and be evaluated....after being there for an hour from start to finish it was determined I have dementia for sure and possibly some as a last attempt for me being on this planet the dawgy Dr. gave my mom some is supposed to help with my cognitive abilities and the other for panic. Mamma told the Dr. I am not a nervous doggie but he pointed out things to her that NOW with my condition I am nervous. She agreed. I get so disoriented I don't know where I am, where my things are, who mamma and daddy's kinda scary, for me and my family. The Dr. told mamma that I will only get worse, there is no getting better. He did however prescribe me 20 days of the pills to see if they will help. He says they have helped one doggie he knew of but that even if they do help it is only a matter of time for me..he said if they don't work or I get alot worse WITH IN these next 20 days that he feels the best thing to do is to help me to the bridge. My mom goes between almost fits of panic to include chest pains to feeling resolved. I know my mom and dad are sad..I know they HATE it that I spent 10 years as a breeder dog and then was attacked and left for dead..what I want her to remember and maybe you can help her remember is...yes for 10 years I had a life of hell BUT I have been with my family...the ONLY family I have ever known and in this last year and 3 months I have had more LIFE poured into me then ever! I have been on car rides and I always get to sit on moms lap so I don't get too nervous and if daddy is driving I sit in a bed in moms lap..I have had Christmas parties and a birthday party..I know what its like to be dressed up, I know what it's like to go to beautiful Sheldon Park and run free...I know what it's like to have a yard that I can play in...mamma needs to remember how I loved to go outside but not for long even with her with me.....after I had my fun I had my signal for mom to take me in and she always did. I wish I could stay longer but thats not going to happen..I love my mom, dad, and family. I greet them every day with my tail wagging and these little jumps I do to try to jump right in their laps..they pick me up. Mamma said there was this man named Ronald Reagen and when he found out he had Dementia/Alzhiemers he went on tv and said good bye to his people and thats what I want to do now. PleaSE take care of my mom...I know her hgeart is breaking ..and daddys us all to be strong during my journey home.
Thanks for all your love and prayers.
4Ever Loved,
Your Angel


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Barked by: Tessa (Dogster Member)

February 7th 2013 at 5:39 pm

Hugs, Angel's mama...our mama knows how hard this is going to be for you...
Little Angel will certainly cross the Rainbow Bridge with a heart filled with love for you and with your love for her.
Barked by: Angel (Dogster Member)

February 7th 2013 at 6:25 pm

Thank you Tessa!
Barked by: Abbie (Dogster Member)

February 7th 2013 at 8:44 pm

You will be forever in our hearts Angel.
Barked by: PEEK A BOO (Dogster Member)

February 8th 2013 at 3:15 am

I am so sorry but you will leave behind a trace of love and loyalty never to be forgotten
God bless you in your journey and we say our prayers to your family
hugs from all of us
Peek a Boo and family
Barked by: Angel (Dogster Member)

February 8th 2013 at 8:29 am

Thanks Abbie and Peek a boo..mamma is going to try to leave a diary behind here of what will be my last days...just so she can refer to it later..and maybe help someone along the way who has to go through this...thanks for your love, prayers, hugs, ALL the many things you have been for us! Love you all!

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