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Angel, My Inspiration

Hi Friends.......ohhh I'm a spoiled one! BOL!

December 22nd 2011 7:04 am
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Hey Friends,
Angel here and hey mom is going to have to go back at some point and fill in all of what happened to get me better and where I am at today! Mom is writing this for me in a hurry cuz I miss my friends and want you all to know I am doing just fine! Yesterday mom took me to her regular vet to get my stitches taken out...oh how he loved me...everyone does I am finding out because I am sooo nice and patient. :) Sooo the stitches are OUT! Yeah me! My doggie Dr. saw the pictures of me when I was all tore up and it made him sad....but you know what he said to me..."You sure have had a rough life doggie but you have a GREAT owner now!" That made my mom feel sooo special. She needs to hear that cuz she knocks herself out for each of us every day..and she never feels it's good enough! Yesterday she didn't eat lunch till after 3:30 doing for me, my sisters, and brother. I really like my doggie Dr.....he checked me all over and said to mom,"Did anyone tell you this is an OLD dog?" Mamma told him the story of how I went from 5 or 6 to 10 1/2 in 24 hours...he said,"Well anyone could see she is older, she has some serious cateracts in her "good eye." He checked my "good eye" out and here I had an infection in my now I take oral antibiotic for the other problems I had and eye drops for a sick eye. Mamma and I both had to"an old dog??" gotta be kiddin...I act like a youngster! Even some people came in and called me a puppy....oh and a cute one at that! Friends, I don't feel "old" or act "old" at all...I am LIVIN LIFE! Do you know what I do now and have been doing for awhile??? When I feel like I want more attention I bark at mom or dad...and they come runnin....BOL! The other night mamma was sooo happy I even ventured down the longggg hallway to follow my mom.......a long hallway is a big feat when you are "blind in one eye and can't see outta the other one." Thats me and moms personal joke...of course it isn't really funny but if ya don't laugh, you cry mamma says and no cryin here...been enough of that! And now you wanna know what else??? Now when mamma or daddy or one of my sis's come around the cornor or what ever I jump up to see them and demand to get petted......*I follow mom and dad around and wag my tail off! But that baby he ticked me off one day..he pounced on my back and I GROWLED at him!Mamma pulled him away and said,"No no Mikey." So anyway friends, I AM HAPPY!! Mamma put my tune on her facebook page, it's the theme song to Rocky.....BOL! Maybe you know Rocky Balboa??? He was a fighter like me!
Christmas is going to be wonderful. I have never known Christmas before and to me every day here is like Christmas...I could have never imagined being out of a cage and in a home and LOVED sooo much! I would have never believed in that cage that one day I'd have my own page here at Dogster and many many loving caring friends..or that with only one eye mom shows me off all over like I'm her little beauty queen...and oh warning...don't try to tell her different...BOL! I know you won't. One time Lexi told me a secret and she woofed in my ear..."Our mom is a little nuts but ya gotta love her!"....and we sure do! Well friends incase we don't get back any time soon...we wish you all a VERY MERRY Christmas!!.......check with ya later.
4 Ever Loved,
"Your" Angel


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Barked by: Turner - Gone Too Soon (Dogster Member)

December 22nd 2011 at 1:26 pm

Angel this is such great news! And at Christmas time!! :) Don't worry - my mom is very nuts but we love her just the same!!
Barked by: Fitzcairn (Dogster Member)

December 22nd 2011 at 5:33 pm

Hey, Angel! Ma was readin' the other day and we don't know if you've heard of this for dogs who have trouble seeing, but you can put different scents on objects, etc., so the dog knows what and where it is. Like put one kind of scent on each side of a doorway, a different scent at the bottom of the stairs and a different one for the top, etc. I think you use a drop of various essential oils.
Barked by: Angel (Dogster Member)

December 26th 2011 at 5:52 am

TURNER....WOOF your mom is a little nuts too...ya I get cha, I think alot of them are! it was great news and at Christmas me and my whole family were very thanksful!

Fitzcarin.....ohhhh those are very good tips! Thank you so much for taking the time to share them! Mom says she will try a few of them and see how it house here is pretty much open...that is the kitchen, dining room ,a nd living room and I have mastered the kitchen and dining area..infact mom and dad call it my own special apartment...BOL...the living room is sunken and I haven't tried going down the steps...I have tried going up them but only one step...then I get scared and mom has me by then.

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